Leafs Rookies

The leafs might not be the best team in the NHL right now, but the future is looking pretty good. Right now I’m going to show you what tomorrow’s Leafs have in store. (1st being the best)

10.G: James Reimer: A good stellar goaltender. Native of Winnipeg. Put up good numbers in Red Deer (WHL). One of the Leafs best Goalie prospects.
9.LW: Robbie Earl: named Most Outstanding Player of Frozen Four Tournament and selected to All-Tournament Team. Fast, scoring forward. Amazing potential, just will take a while to make the trip to the NHL.
8.D: Staffan Kronwall: Brother plays for Detroit. Great you talent. Bitter sweet passing. Knows his role defensively.
7:RW: Brent Aubin: Fast, young scorer. Sturdy on his feet. Captained the Remparts. Isn’t afraid to bring the puck into corners.
6:D:Jay Harrison: Big strong defensman. Can over power his opposition. Could be ready to play ext year.
5.C: Jiri Tlutsy: Fast, scoring forward. Has already had NHL type experience. Amazing potential. Look for Jiri took impress some people at training camp.
4.LW: Nikolai Kulemin: A surprisingly amazing talent. One of the best players in the Russian league. Played with Evgeni Malkin . Plays on team Russia.
3:RW:Jeremy Williams: 2 NHL games. 2 NHL goals…says it all. Except the leafs think he is still too young, and frail to compete at an NHL level. He has amazing talent, and is like a bullet on ice.
2.G: Justin Pogge: Proved himself at the Canadian Juniors. Had a slow year last year with the Marlies but is still considered to be one of the best Goalie prospects in the league.
1. Anton Stralman: Amazing talented defensman. Some think may play this year. Surely the best Leafs prospect, and with great potential. Anton already has NHL type experience. Had some of the most ice time in the Swedish league.

We’ve got the prospects, lets just hope JFJ doesn’t trade them like all of our other rookies.

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  1. aneesh2K7 says:

    I great sum up of the leafs prospects and makes me proud to know that these will be future leafs.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i love how a year removed from the 06 draft our #2 pick has surpassed the #1 pick(round wise)

    1. Stralman-7th round in 2005, a year later he leads the SEL in ice time
    2. Pogge- 3rd round in 2004, a year later he is the WHL's best goalie
    3. Williams- 7th round 2003, 2 goals in 2 NHL games
    4. Kulemin- 2nd round 2006, the following year he leads RSL in goals

    late round picks that look genius, many of which only a few years ago. It'll be intersting to see how Dale Mitchel turns out too.

  3. leafmeister says:

    Just Imagine a power play in the future throwing these 5 guys out.

    That would undoubtable be one of the best PPs in the league.

    I think that Tlusty would be 3rd after Pogge however.

  4. the_word says:

    Not all that impressive, a lot of long shots, hopefully one or two will pan out (my guess is Stralman and Kulemin). No should get too excited about any prospects chosen outside of the five pick in any given draft. Its always a gamble, don't tell that to Habs fans though.

  5. riseagainst says:

    its actually not all that impressive.  If you look at most teams prospect list they have at least one that will most likelly turn into a 1/2 line player, leafs meh.  Stralman might turn into a good player but before this year I don't think most of us have heard of him, and he didn't exactly dominant the Swedish league so why do people think he'll come here and be a franchise player.  Pogge while still young had a weak year last year and I don't think you can just blame it on a weak marlies team because he wasn't that good playing in the spangler cup. 

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Stralman did dominate the SEL. and played damn good in the WHC

  7. KingCanada says:

    Yes they will be good but to say they will be one of the best PP lines in the league, common guy.. ur jumping the gun too quickly

    Pittsburg – Crosby/Malkin/Staal/Letang/Whitney
    Ottawa – Spezza/Heatley/winger/Mezsaros/Lee
    Anaheim – Getzlaf/Perry/Bobby Ryan/Beachemin/defenceman
    Buffalo – Vanek/Pominville/Roy/2 defencemen
    Washington – Ovechkin/Semin/Backstrom/Alzner/defenceman
    San Jose -Bernier/Michalek/Logan Couture/Carle/Vlasic
    Los Angeles – Kopitar/Cammalerri/Frolov/Jack Johnson/Hickey
    Chicago – Kane/Toews/Ruutu/Barker/Seabrook
    Philidelphia – VanRiemsdyk/Carter/Richards/Coburn/defenceman
    Boston – Kessel/Bergeron/Hamill/2 defencemen
    Edmonton – Gagner/Cogliano/Schremp/Pitkanen/defenceman

    I could keep going but i wont, i think ive made my point. YES we have good prospects but so do other teams haha.

  8. KingCanada says:

    Most of those players wont make the team ever. 

    -Stralman is hit or miss i think, we have yet to see if his game can carry over here in North America. 

    -Kulemin will most likely make the team alot of most young players who lead or do well in the RLS tend to do well in the NHL ala Ovechkin, Malkin, Kovalchuk, Cherepanov (yet to be proven), Bure, ect

    -Pogge i believe will be a good goalie but not an amasing one, yes he is a big goalie but with a crap AHL team in front of him he was not able to steal games meaning he will never be a Brodeur or a Luongo.

    -Tlusty will undoubtly make the team eventually and be a good complimentary scorer, i believe he will be a mainstay on the second line.

    -Williams i dont think will be very good, he is about a PPG player on the farm but at the same time so were Pohl, Battaglia and David Ling.  The only difference is that they have size.  I dont think Williams has Wellwood's skills so i dont see him having a big impact on the team.

    The rest i doubt will have much of a future, maybe Kronvall as a dept defenceman.

    Oh and u forgot Phil Oreskovich, he lead the OHL in hits and is a very big and punishing defenceman, i think he has a better shot at the big league then some of the guys u mentioned.

  9. KingCanada says:

    Basically we have JFJ to thank for, he put in a good scouting system and he understands how it works becose he used to be one himself.  JFJ altho not the best GM in the league, he has developped some players with the picks at his disposal, so i have to respect him for that.

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    true about stralman, but he's young, most young players can adjust.

    Kulemin actually posted better RSL stats when malkin left

    Pogge was never expected to be a loungo. He'll be an average starter

    Tlustly, yeah top 6 forward but not superstar.

    Williams has the one thing tht will make him a roster player on any team when he's older… speed

    The one guy you're missing is Aubin. I think he has really good potential. speedy, confident, natural goal scorer.

  11. KingCanada says:

    I think Williams has a better chance then Aubin actually.  Aubin is another one of those tiny skilled forwards.  Yes they succeed with high numbers in the minors, but even with those numbers he made he STILL didnt get drafted, im sure there was a reason for that.  I dont see him as the next Martin St.Louis so until he actually proves me wrong i dont think hell ever make the NHL.

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    he's got the raw skill. speed, shot, he's a clutch player, shows leadership. he may never be able to adapt to the pro game(see Rob Earl) but if he does he'll be very good.

  13. wadeaminute says:

    ..i put Aubin…

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