Leafs Training camp Questions

Questions Leaf fans are asking about the 2007-2008 season.The first questions that need to be asked involve opening day rosters.

1. Barring injuries, Toskala and Raycroft will be the 2 dressed goaltenders, but who will be the opening night Starter??
My Guess is Toskala. Although they may share the starting Role, Toskala will start the year off.

2. We should consider McCabe, Kaberle, Kubina, Colaiacovo, Gill, and White all locks for the top 6 defenseman. However Colaiacovo may be injured, and there is a roster spot for a 7th defenseman. Who will it be?
Woz, Kronwall, Harrison, Belak all have one way contracts, so if one of them starts the season on the roster, it will be hard to bring him back down. Walser and Stralman have a shot as well.
My guess is Wozniewski. Maurice likes him.

3. The Leafs forward group has 13 returning forwards, with one spot open for anybody. The list of suiters is endless. Belak, Nawebury, Ondrus, Williams, Salmelainen, Gamache will all have a chance.
It has to be Williams spot to lose. This guy is ready for the Bigs, providing he can stay healthy.

4. Will Paul Maurice opt to have an enforcer? Belak has a one way contract, and Newbury and Ondrus are good enforcers as well.
I’d have to go with no enforcer. This team has more scoring depth than the last 2 seasons. And its not like the Leafs are pushovers without an Enforcer. Tucker, Bell, Gill will all share the job.

The next bunch of questions involves the season.

5. If Toskala takes the starting role, and one of Pogge or Clemmenson plays well in the AHL, could Raycroft be dealt at the deadline??
I would guess NO. If he’s playing poorly, nobody will want him. If he’s playing well, we’ll want him.

6. Will any prospects like Pogge, Tlusty, Stralman, Kulemin and others get a shot in the NHL this season?
My guess is also NO. This is a much deeper team, and Stralman, Tlusty need to adjust to the Pro style game in the AHL first.

7. There are a fair few older forwards in the minors. Ling, Gamache, Salmelainen to name a few. Will they have an impact this season.
I would have to say YES. In a similiar way Devereaux had an impact last season. Salmelainen would be my guess to have a decent late season impact.

8. The Leafs have no 2nd round pick in the 08 entry draft. What will we use as bargaining chips at the deadline?
I expect this years deadline to be 2 things: Less active, and cheaper. However i expect our depth in NHL ready Defensemen will be the biggest bargaining chip.

There are also, MANY questions on how the season will go.
9. Who will be the Starter?
10. Will Injuries be a big factor?
11. Will White and Colaiacovo improve, or hit a sophomore jinx?
12. Will we see the dependable 06/07 Gill, or the disastrous 05/06 Gill?
13. Will Steen and Stajan move past 3rd liners and become quality scorers.
14. Will Blake score like he did last year?
15. Is Sundin out of Gas.

These I cannot answer. I’d like to see how you answer all these questions Leaf nation, and what other questions ypou have about the upcoming season.