Leafymcleafs forcasts and predictions

In the past few weeks I have been making forcasts and predictions over what will happen and they seem to spark argument so here are my predictions. They will not be completely acurate because that would mean making a forcast for all 1230 games played in the nhl season.

1. Tampa Bay – 110 pts

2. Philadelphia – 105 pts

3. Toronto – 105 pts

4. Ottawa – 102 pts

5. Montreal – 100 pts

6. Atlanta – 95 pts

7. New Jersey – 93 pts

8. Pittsburgh – 90 pts


9. Florida – 89 pts

10. Boston – 85 pts

11. New York Islanders – 83 pts

12. Buffallo – 80 pts

13. Carolina -75 pts

14. Washington – 73 pts

15. New York Rangers 40 pts (go figure)


1. San Jose – 107 pts

2. Colorado – 105 pts

3. Detroit – 95 pts (weak division)

4. Vancouver – 103 pts

5. Calgary – 101 pts

6. Phoenix – 97 pts

7. Anaheim – 95 pts

8. Edmonton – 94 pts


9. St. Louis – 93 pts

10. Minnesota – 89 pts

11. Dallas Stars – 85 pts

12. Los Angelas – 83 pts

13. Nashville – 79 pts

14. Columbus – 77 pts

15. Chicago 75 pts

TOP 10 goals (note I am optimistic about scoring)

1. Mario Lemieux (63)

2. Jarome Iginla (59)

3. Ilya Kovalchuck (56)

4. Rick Nash (53)

5. Joe Sakic (50)

6. Anson Carter (45) (a break out year is comming)

7. Martin St.Louis (43)

8. Mats Sundin (41)

9. Marian Hossa (40)

10. Vincent Lecavalier (35)


1.Mario Lemieux (130)

2. Jarome Iginal (125)

3. Martin St. Louis (120)

4. Joe Sakic (117)

5. Ilya Kovalchuck (115)

6. Vinny Lecavalier (110)

7. Joe Nieuwendyk (100) (if healthy is still a force)

8. Marian Hossa ( 95)

9. Joe Thornton (90)

10. Anson Carter (85)

Shut outs

1. Martin Brodeur (15)

2. Ed Belfour (13)

3. Roberto Luongo (12)

4. Nikolai Khabibulen (10)

5. Mikka Kiprussof (9)

6. Jose Theodore (8)

7. Evgeni Nabokov (6)

8. Dominik Hassek (5)

9. Curtis Joseph (5)

10. Andrew Raycroft (3)

So please comment and I am not gonna defend my self. That ussually starts more arguments.

81 Responses to Leafymcleafs forcasts and predictions

  1. 19Yzerman says:

    How does one come to a prediction here with the B’s. Its 2004-2005 roster is yet to be seen. Its been speculated that this team could have situated its self to be able to sign UFA’s left and right once the new CBA is written. Leafymcleaf must have a Crystal Ball.

  2. 19Yzerman says:

    He had to put Nashville where he did to support his prediction of our division being weak. He has the wings droping from the presidents cup top of NHL over all to tied in points with the 7th seed in the west but, getting the 3rd seed as a division leader. Also the Blues not making the playoffs.

  3. cgolding says:


    not THAT much free-time…

  4. cgolding says:

    In the event that Philly was the ONLY team to make it to the playoffs out of the Atlantic… they would almost definitely win the conference just because.

    Jersey is going to make the playoffs… their goaltending will get them there if no one else does…

    Florida is going to be good, but personally think they are at least a year away from getting through.

  5. NYRrule says:

    The most retarded posting I have ever seen. Mario Lemiux? Are you kidding??? He’s lucky if he will get through 10 games before he goes down. Your other rankings and numbers are even more retarded than that one.

  6. nj814 says:

    yeah, and heatley will hopefully be back so that will give him more. also mellanby

  7. d0rd says:

    Predictions for team standings is cool, but there’s no depth to it.

    I believe NYRebuild27 put it best with the PS2 comment, because honestly, it looks like you just posted the saved stats from your most recent NHL season or something.

    How does this garb get accepted as news??? where are the mods at? leave the news submissions and go play NHL.

  8. ranger_fan says:

    Did you notice that Marty stuggled without Stevens? And how about if there is no red line and tag up offsides, that will ruin the trap. The Devs don’t have the depth they once did. Scott Niedermayer also might not want back. He is an offensive defenseman, playing in Pat Burns system.

  9. Flyer_Fan says:

    i would like to throw in a disclaimer,

    “Seriously, no offense to “smart Leafers”

  10. distance7 says:

    I suppose so. I don’t see how anyone can say the Central is weak. Nashville is improving, St. Louis is still going to make it, Detroit is…Detroit, and then Columbus has nowhere to go but up, and Chicago is always a question mark. Either way. Quality division either way.

  11. dkball7 says:

    Although the devils are a trap team, they are not a “no talent” trap team like many people think they are.

    In 5 years the devils will be in the top 5 in goals for AGAIN. You can quote me on that.

  12. simplyhabby says:

    It is a safe bet Boston will not be as competitve as they were last year. They have lost a lot of their core group of players already. Lets assume they go nuts with UFA’s. (We know O’Connell is not that type of guy) They will still need to gel as a team and require lots of leadership who is not sure about staying in Boston.

    An unbiased opinion of the B’s is that they should of kept the team they had because they were great. Another year under their belts would have put them over the top but they failed to do so.

  13. ravage35 says:

    Calgary 101 points????


    the shames will be lucky to make the playoffs

    they are a 1 man team which relies heavily on goaltending.

  14. ravage35 says:

    You left Naslund off the point leaders and goal leaders. In the past 4 years he has been the most consistant player, except last year. even though he had 35 he would have had more if he wasnt gooned up by Moore and Gauthier

    Carter??? lol idiot he wont do shit

  15. ranger_fan says:

    The only thing that the Devils has is Marty who is if anything overrated. The games that I watch him in, he averages about 20, yes 20 shots a game.

    Now what will save this team is Lou’s drafting skills. NJ is a young team that will struggle for a couple. Now they have some good defensive prospects, but offensively…idk. I’d say 7-8 years, this team will once again be a contender.

  16. ranger_fan says:


    the lames won’t make the playoffs

    and they are a THREE player team that relies on the TRAP.

  17. ranger_fan says:

    I know Moore. But I think that Bertuzzi gave him what he deserved, right?

    I also assure you that Anson will have a better year.

  18. qsilver31 says:

    I honestly doubt that Vinny can rack up 75 assists despite the fact that he has St. Louis on his line. Nieuwendyk? If you wanna look for suprises, honestly, stop with the Leafs. And Carter… why him?

    The fact that you left out Naslund and Heatley out of the top scorers goes to show how much attention you actually paid to this article. And Nash? Really 50 something? Doubt it. I see 40 something goals with 20-30 assists. I’m sorry, but just cuz he plays on the jackets doesn’t mean he’ll do ALL the goal scoring from them.

    And Anahiem… 97 points and Jiggy doesn’t have more than 3 shutouts? Come on man. The ducks are border line playoff team. Same with Montreal. Nice young look but 7-10 is where they belong. I would honestly put Florida as a suprise team.

    I disagree with TONS of your predictions, but everybody’s got an opinion.

  19. dkball7 says:

    Nah its more like 10 shots per game because the games you watch him in is when he plays the RANGERS hahahahaha!!!

    Watch as your franchise continues to decline while the franchise across the river begins to flourish both on the ice and economically.

  20. STARS_FAN9 says:

    I dont mean to sound like a biased stars fan but you look at the roster and you tell me how a team like that will place in 11th. I say they will finish in 4th

  21. robster11 says:

    Mr. McLeaf

    Coming from a Pittsburgh fan, ain’t no way Mario gets those points. (He’ll never make it)

    Thanks for the generous predictions though. As far as the stats, you left you’re PS2 running.

  22. N25philly says:

    According to my copy of NHL 2004, Daze is going to lead the league in goals with 69, while the Blackhawks end up in last of all the teams. The rest of that team must really suck.

  23. big_booty says:

    Rangers at 40 points? They aren’t THAT bad. No team is 40 points bad. The Rangers will do what they’ve always done – hover around 8th place for a while, make it a little interesting, and then fall apart.

    I don’t see Montreal being a 100-pt. team, they haven’t really improved themselves – Garon for Bonk was not a deal they should have made.

    Pittsburgh is not a playoff team, and Atlanta is only on the verge of becoming one.

    San Jose at the top of the west? This team made no significant improvement, lost its best character player (Ricci), and still has yet to re-sign a key component in Damphousse. Third or fourth maybe, but not at the top.

    There’s no way Phoenix makes a 29-point turnaround. The don’t have the defense OR the goaltending to do so, despite their gaudy acquisitions.

    Picking the Blues to finish out of the playoffs is like betting against the Yankees in the World Series – absolutely moronic.

    Your scoring numbers are all out of whack. You expect Lemieux to play the way he hasn’t in a full decade. You expect Anson Carter, whose career has tailspun into checking line-status, to score almost twice as many goals as he ever has in one season. You expect Nieuwendyk to break the century mark, something he couldn’t do when he was in his prime and on a better team. You expect Belfour to post more shutouts than in any other season with a bad back and a suspect defense.

    Puff, puff, give.

  24. ranger_fan says:

    That is why ESPN NHL 2005 is by far the best game out there.

  25. ranger_fan says:

    Is there one on this site?

  26. ranger_fan says:

    It was 13 and 16…get it right lol…that was pathetic

  27. d0rd says:

    ESPN can’t hold a candle to EA Sports with ANY game.

    in my season, Brandon Reid is leading all scorers for the time being.

  28. ranger_fan says:

    Ha, have you even tried the ESPN series. I have bought 3 of each, MVP, ESPN baseball, and ESPN wins. I have Madden 2005 and ESPN NFL 2005, and i love the gameplay more for ESPN, but franchise needs tweeking. And NHL 2K3 BEAT THE HELL OUT OF NHL 2004. NHL 2004 is a joke. I’d rather play Blades of Steel.

  29. ranger_fan says:

    can’t be biased

  30. dkball7 says:

    lol good stuff man.

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