Lecavailer trade talks heating up again?

Tampa Bay Online is reporting that the off again on again Lecavailer trade rumors appear to be once again … on again.

It is noted in the article that the Canadiens dream to find the next great French superstar such as “Maurice “Rocket” Richard, Jean Beliveau or Guy Lafleur.” The article states that Bob Gainey has had a goal to land such as player since he took over as GM in 2003.

HTR believes that such a trade is a possibility due to the instability in terms of ownership in Tampa. One of the main problems in a trade of this caliber is who the Canadiens would have to give up in order to land him. World Canadiens fans really be happy if they had to give up 3 or 4 roster players, draft choices and prospects? Let us know what you think Canadiens fans.

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47 Responses to Lecavailer trade talks heating up again?

  1. blaze says:

    As a Leafs fan I would despise seeing Vinny in a Habs uniform.  I'm sure most Habs fans might disagree but I'd say Vinny is definately worth it.  With Vinny I would consider Monntreal a true contender.

    The cap hit would be a hindrance especially in the later years and it would take a significant package to land him.  That considered the package would likely be free of any elite talents save possibly McDonagh and since Habs have such prospect depth anyways why not take a gamble on a superstar.  The contending window always seems to close before you know it, just ask a Sens fan.

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     I would love Vinny to be in a Habs uniform, but not with the contract he has nevermind even what we would have to give up to get him. So I have to say no to Vinny in Montreal.

  3. Benstheman says:

    You forget that Kovalev and Koivu are gone in two years max. So the cap is not a real problem. And its kinda change of the guard.

    The question is: Whats better between aging Koivu and Kovalev or Vinny and good young prospect ala Pacioretty??

  4. Fromage_Blanc says:

    They should give somethin' hot. I think that Plekanec will be part of the deal. Tampa needs a speedy and creative center, but they also need a strong defenseman. O'Byrne might be part of this deal. He's still young, but he could be a great asset in the near future to this team. McDonagh may be another one who could be traded.

    Plekanec + O'Byrne (if he plays well in the next games) + McDonagh.

    That is still isn't worth Vinny. Tampa will surely ask more. Still, I don't know what they would want. A talented young player? or a roster player like Higgins?

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Can somebody find an example of a rumor that was denied by BOTH the player and management, that actually happened??? I can't.

    If It were to happen, I can't see the bolts doing this without Markov in the deal. And the habs cant afford to lose markov, so this deal likely aint going to happen.

  6. Benstheman says:

    It would be awesome to get Lecavalier in Montreal. But for the right price and what i am hearing right now (for example the trade rumors with Edmonton) is far from being a right price.

    I mean 3 roster players (probably not the worst ones), 2 good prospects and two 1st round choice is wayyyyyyy too much for Vinny and it doesnt make sense for a team to give that, even for the Habs who have one of the best farm in the league.

    Instead, i'd rather wait and see if Pacioretty can become a real powerforward.

  7. hockey_lover says:

    If you look at the Hossa deal from last year, it was "roster player, prospect, 1st rounder."

    You have got to figure that Vinny will get at LEAST that and probably more.


    2 roster players
    1 prospect
    1 first rounder


    1 roster player
    2 prospects
    1 first rounder

    or, which would be shocking:

    2 roster players
    2 first rounders

  8. Benstheman says:

    Exactly!! Im sure the talk will end automatically if the Bolts ask for Markov or Komisarek.

    But the Bolts can ask for a player who might have a good potential of becoming a futur Markov, ala Subban.

    I think a fair deal would include:

    Plekanec, Higgins, O'Byrne, Halak, Subban, 1st pic and 2nd pic.

    I would agreed to switch the Kost. bros instead of Plekanec and Higgins.

    I think it would be a pretty fair package. You have to remember that Plekanec and Higgins combine goals almost reach the 60 mark last year.

    As far as the salary cap is concern, Gainey would have to get rid of Dandenault or Bégin to make it work.

  9. Benstheman says:

    Hossa was UFA and is a little bit under Vinny in term of capacities.

    For Vinny, make it:

    2 roster players
    2 prospects
    2 pics

  10. habswinthecup-again says:

     No way, Andrei is soon to be a 40-50 goal scorer regularily in the NHL.

  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    They will get better offers for vinny I assure you. By better I mean, including more top end players. Komo or Markov has to be in the deal minimum. This is not some guy, this is one of the top players in the NHL.

  12. hockey_lover says:

    Wait .. what?

    He is 23, hasnt hit 30 goals yet and is already playing on a team that many Habs fans think will win the cup.

    I watch a lot of Montreal games and while I do think Andrei is a good player, I dont see 50 goal potential in him.

    Im curious to know what makes you think that he will reach 50.

  13. Bure96 says:

    My offer.

    To Montreal: Vinny Lecavailier
    To Tampa Bay: Konstitsyn's, O'Bryne, Subban, 1st rounder

  14. habswinthecup-again says:

     All he needs is consistency , look what he has done the last 15-20 games, he has been Montreal's top goal scorer. I believe 10 of his 16 goals have come in the last 15 games or so and if he can stay consistent he can even get 35-40 goals this season.

  15. goose says:

    to toronto: Lecavalier, and smith


    to tampa bay: toskala, antropov, ponikarovsky, vorobiev, and mitchell/boyce, and a 2nd

  16. goose says:

    to toronto: Lecavalier, and smith


    to tampa bay: toskala, antropov, ponikarovsky, vorobiev, and mitchell/boyce, and a 2nd

  17. Plekanec says:

     Vinny makes too much money to make a team a contender, Vinny's making 10 million/year after this season which means we would have to trade 10 millions in salary to get someone like Vinny, So we couldn't afford Kovalev, Plekanec, Higgins, Latendresse and Komisarek, right now all those guys combine make less than Vinny alone!

     I don't care how good Vinny can be, he CAN'T bring to a team what Komo, Kovy, Higgins, Plek and Latendresse brings to the Habs or any other team in that mather!

     If Vinny gets traded, the team aquiring him wont be a contender as they wont have enough cap space to afford dept.

     It is already hard to afford 7 million dollars players with todays salary cap, let alone a 10 Million dollar player!

     If I'm Bob Gainey I wouldn't want Vinny but I would try to get Boowmeester!

  18. Habroller says:


  19. nychabfan says:

    last couple of games let all clearly see that Habs as they are right now  not going anywhere.They need a gamebraker,and Winny is the best there is.They have a number of good and not so good players,but not a great ones.So if there is a chance of lifetime to land a great player like Vinnie,Habs should sell a farm,give away whatever it takes, and not worry about who they give up for him{exept for Lapierre and Latendresse who are young,cheap and have a great potential}.Without a player like Winnie this team is no more as a pretender at best.With him Habs  also will finally attract good French players and eventually became a perennial contender.like in the 70's .So let's not be bothered with why will be traded as long as Winnie is a Hab.

  20. redlight2424 says:

    Vinny's cap hit is 6.875 million not 10 million the cap hit is the average yearly $.I think they're gonna go after Jay Bouwmeester then include markov in a deal to get vinny.

  21. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    logic!!! common sense!!!! I thought those had left HTR for good!!!

    The habs do not need vinny, but they need Markov and Komo. so why trade what you need for what you dont???

  22. SK74 says:

    no way is gainey gonna give up the kostitsyns AND subban, and i doubt he'd give them up regardless, Andrei has been very consistent in the last 15-20 games, and probably scored around 10-12 goals in that span. and sergei has be showing more and more flashes of his outstanding talent, hes very fast, very agile and shity, passes like not many people can and he hits too! though, he rarely puts all these components into one game, when he finally does he'll be a great palyer

  23. SK74 says:

    he'll be a consistent 35 goal scorer and the odd year he might peak at 45-50 goals, given that he would be palying with other top talents. right now, playing with lang and his brother, he's not gonna score 40. but say we got lecavalier, I can see the line being  andrei-lecavalier-sergei, in which case, if they all have a GREAT season ak46 might peak at 45-50 goals, thinkk cheechoo or  blake, except a lot more raw talent

  24. ThunderFan74 says:

    i would trade dan hamhuis to montreal for a young prospect or maybe chris higgins what yall think about that..

  25. Redford says:

    What do you think?

    Lecavalier and Smith to MTL
    Price , Higgins and 1 & 3 round pick in 2009 TB

    My buddy who is a MTL fan loves this trade, what do you think?
    Halak moves in to the # 1 spot for MTL.

  26. K-Mill says:

    i like it but one problem Smith is better than Halak way better. I think he is better than Price to he just does not have any help.

  27. cam7777 says:


    To Toronto:

    To Tampa:
    Grabovski, Stajan, Stempniak, Tlusty, Stralman, Poni and 2 first round picks

    they would ask for kaberle, and we would have to back out because he wouldn't waive to go there.  it's a moot point really.

  28. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I'm sorry, but I have to step in and ask where you get this from.

    he's never hit 30 goals, isn't on pace to do so this season, and has never hit 30 goals a season in the AHL or RSL either. To say he'll hit 35 consistently is pretty biased dont you think? even with a guy like vinny on his wing. He hasn't exacly been playing with bums his whole career….

  29. cam7777 says:

    His cap hit will be 7.72 million per year for the next 11 years after this season.  It's big, but it's not unmanageable.  Lidstrom's is 7.45, and they still managed to surround him with a lot of decent talent.  Montreal has a very similar setup with all the young talent stacked in the wings.

    The problem with the whole Lecavalier situation is that Gainey and the whole Habs fanbase/organization is very anxious to win the cup now, this year, in their centennial season.  Things could work out a lot better for the Habs and Vinny if everyone was willing to be patient. 

    If I were Gainey I would put the Lecavalier stuff on ice for this year, try to acquire some strong role playing vets to help in the playoffs, and take a run at the Cup with what they've got.  Then, in the summer, Markov could become expendable. 

    1.) Markov, Plekanec, Higgins, Subban and 2 1st round picks to TBL
    Vincent Lecavalier and Evgeni Artyukin to MTL

    2.) Sign Jay Bouwmeester on July 1st

    Tampa gets their all star defensemen included in the deal, Montreal avoids the headache of renewing contracts for plekanec and higgins, and tampa still gets their highly touted prospect and 2 first round picks.  Then, Bouwmeester takes over for Markov, leaving the habs with a defensive core of Komisarek/Bouwmeester/Hamrlik/Gorges/Mcdonagh.  It also should allow for 2 of Koivu, Tanguay and Kovalev to be comfortably resigned.

  30. Clarkie17 says:

    Vinny will not be traded to MTL especially for these horrible rumours I've been hearing.

    check out rumourroot.com for better rumours its got all sports too.

  31. cam7777 says:

    it's not nearly enough to give up for Lecavalier.  The deal originally mentioned was Plekanec, Higgins, Subban, Gorges, 2 1sts and a 3rd for Lecavalier alone.  I think both teams are pretty happy with their goalies, and probably don't want to risk that swap.  Also, Tampa will clearly want to address the loss of Lecavalier's scoring in any trade, while also supplementing their extremely weak defense. 

    Price isn't Patrick Roy just yet.  And that's not a knock against him, I'm just saying, he's not yet big enough to be the key piece in a trade for one of the league's most elite talents.

  32. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    dan Fritsche has been placed on waivers by the Rangers.

    Lets hope Burke takes this guy, as I think he could do better if given a chance to play more.

  33. SK74 says:

    im not saying he will score 35 goals this year, but i think he will break 30, and next year 35, im saying based on what ive seen and what his potential looks like

  34. SK74 says:

    I am still doubting this a bit, but not as much as i used to, especially since the all-sar weekend, Pierre McGuire stated on CJAD,( a montreal radio station) that while here in montrteal, vinny took a tour of not only the bell centre, but the entire practice facilities and training camp facilities, Sure this is merely the habs trtying to get him to favor, i guess, montreal and show him what he'd have availble to him. my point being, this is something that has NEVER been done before, and in order for this to have happened( time alone between vinny gainey and carbonneau) im pretty sure it would have had to gone through the gm of tampa. which definately shows something. If im wrong and it didn't have to be authorized be their gm, then it definately shows how willing gainey is to part wirth some major assets for vinny

  35. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Players dont slowly increase their production, they break out and then either follow it up stronger or weaker. A.,Kost broke out with 26 goals, a 35 goal season would be a one time affair.

  36. nordiques100 says:

    "hes very fast, very agile and shity,"

    indeed he is LOL.

    but seriously, they may have shown flashes and been consistent the last dozen games, but lets face it, Lecavalier has been a beast for the last decade and should have 5-7 excellent seasons left in him.

  37. nordiques100 says:

    there is some merit to this. he has good size, willing to play physical. i think this kid needs a position (flipped from centre to wing) and a role and a team that can let him run with that.

  38. barahir says:

    Or it stays closed if your a Leafs fan!

  39. Benstheman says:

    He certainly have the talent to make 30-40 goals. But does he have the hart??

    I dont think so.

  40. Benstheman says:

    I slightly agree on Andrei but i completely disagree on Sergei. Based on his play, he deserves nothing else than being shipped to Hamilton.

    He is still here because of his brother. Sergei is playing like a player who is scared each and everytime he get the puck and obviously make him make bad mistakes.

    I'm sorry but Sergei sucks this year, period.

  41. Benstheman says:

    You are mixing things up.

    You have to take a look a the salaries those players will get next year, not this year.

    The cap hit for Vinny will be 7 750 000$ next year.

    Kovalev will probably get 5,5 to 6M$. Higgins and Plekanec will get probably 2,5 to 3M$ each.

    So ask yourself, do you want say maybe Vinny and Paciorrety for 9M$ or aging Kovalev and injuryprone Higgins for the same amount.

  42. Benstheman says:

    Is Hamhuis a tough guy???

  43. barahir says:

    You pick apart a simple overstated comment and spend all that time arguing, you wish Toronto had the Kostitsyns and Markov. 

  44. Redford says:

    looks like rumourroot.com is using my trade above as suggested.


  45. SK74 says:

    he does "suck" this year, but he's not playing the way he should be, and yes, considering we have d'agostini and pattches fighting for a spot, he should be sent to hamilton. But you can't say he does show flashes of awesomeness

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