Legwand finally Re-ups with Preds

According to numerous sources, nhl.com, yahoo sports, and The Boston Globe. David Legwand has finally signed with the Preds. Terms of the deal not disclosed. He was offered a qualifying offer of $1.2 million, which is a 10% raise over last year.I’m not sure how many are interested in this, I am however, as a Preds fan. It’s what needed to be done and it’s out of the way just before camp starts. The Preds are making quiet, but quality moves. I like the addition of Jaime Allison to a very very young defense-core and it should help, and Darche, who played last year with the Syracuse Crunch of the AHL, their leading scorer with 64 points (32 g- 32 a) is another ok move. More could be done, by hopefully bringing in a guy like Cliff Ronning before the season starts. Hopefully they won’t have another so-called “oreo” season as espn.com called it last year. We’ll see how things work out I guess…

Just keep an eye out for their rookies this year. I know people are going to be impressed with Tootoo and Upshall, I’m banking on them making the team as I’m sure the franchise is. Another good player hopefully that will make it is Dan Hamhuis. He’s an offensive d-man with no experience, but well, they say they’re going young, so why not just throw him out there and let him learn? Hopefully I didnt add too much, I wasn’t going for an article about the Preds I just wanted to report the signing, oh well, they have a good shot at the 8th seed, in my opinion that is, and i’m sure there’s plenty who disagree, and so be it. Go Preds.

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  1. distance7 says:

    Well *I* thought it was interesting at least…

  2. jon95616 says:

    yeah i hope Hamhuis makes the team too.

  3. tj_hooker says:

    I found it extremely interesting….downright fascinating…=)

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