Let the Excuses Begin

Well for those who saw the Leafs/Sens game on Thursday night you were probably witness to one of the most wackiest games of the season.

This game was exhausting to watch. Leafs fans were furious at their team in the first and middle of the second. And of course the Sens fans must be furious with the teams inability to hang on to a lead once again.
What I can’t wait for should this be posted is the lists of excuses made by both teams after this one.

Even though the leafs won, you could easily say that they could have lost it quiet easily. If that was the case here are some of the excuses we would have heard if they did.

1. Kidd just plain stinks (and he does).

2.The leafs power play again was horrible, too inconsistent.

3. The leafs were without their best face off man, Joe Niewendyk.

4. Belfour gone (see number one)

5. McCabe with his broken nose.

6. The leafs were once again really stupid with the penalties

7. Hell they got scored on in the first 13 seconds.

The best though will be the excuses made by the Sens fans…

1. The most important fact that half of the team left the game with the FLU.

2. Their best defenseman (Chara) gone.

3. Hossa gets knocked out with the puck in the first.

4. Lalime was left out to dry again.

The only problem with this post is that I kind of feel that the Sens excuses are good ones. If the leafs lost their best scorer during the game (Hossa). If they lost their best defenceman (Mcabe had four points tonight) And had only two lines out for the third, the leaf fans would be arguing with everyone with those excuses.

You could say though that the leafs were without their best sniper (mogilny). And they never really had a stud defenceman like Chara anyway. Lastly, most of thier players are call ups anyway.

So do you feel that the leafs just plain beat the Sens again, or did all those excuses mentioned above beat the Sens.

I would just have to say, if your up by two or three goals, just ice the puck the whole game, and never leave your zone and the neutral zone. It could be a bit of both