Let the Leaf speculation begin!!

I know the playoffs haven’t even begun yet, but for Leaf fans all we have to look at is the future. This article is not so much about who the Leafs should get, but more about the current players in the organization.

First off, i think the team needs to deal with the leadership of this team. When i say that i don’t mean Sundin, i mean the poisons on this team which are Tucker, McCabe, Blake and Raycroft. I think Steen, Stajan, Antropov, and Toskala are proving these guys replaceable. This team also needs to get grittier, bigger, meaner and more Canadian.

The Leafs need to do whatever they can to move some players at the draft to either move up, or obtain more picks. Whoever can’t be moved on draft day can be bought out or moved later.

The players on the current team that i would keep are:

Sundin Kaberle
Antropov Kubina
Tlusty Stralman
Steen Colaiacovo
Stajan Kronwall
Ponik. (maybe)

players to move

Tucker McCabe
Blake White
Wellwood (only if you get what he is worth)
Bell (maybe)


replace these guys with young guys (draft day guys) and power forwards (for example. Ryan Malone) and your team looks something like this moving forward.

Antropov Sundin Tlusty
? Steen Kulemin
Moore Stajan Devereaux
? ? ?

Kaberle Kubina
Stralman Colaiacovo
Kronwall Vorobiev??


There will be a lot of speculation from Leaf fans and media about what the Leafs will do, but i’m not about to guess unrealisticly about it, these are moves i think should be done before any new G.M. comes in. This wouldn’t be a bad scenario moving forward for any incoming G.M.

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  1. 08-09 says:

    McKenzie has said that the 'consensus' top-7 at the draft will be: Stamkos, Doughty, Pietrangelo, Bogosian, Beach, Schenn, and Filatov (with Wilson and Hodgson on the outside looking in – but both are solid picks).

    So, really, the top-9 in the draft are pretty well-defined its just a matter of who is selected where. ideally, the leafs are picking 5th or 6th to have a shot at solid defenceman.

  2. Rico420 says:

    What's really funny is how everyone thought that Murray totally blindsided Karmanos in this deal.

    The problem lies with the fact that the Sens signed the wrong D-man when they let Lurch go to Boston and kept Redden.

    I think we might have seen the Sens win last year if Lurch had been back on the blueline.

    Or atleast more then one game.

  3. 08-09 says:

    again, cox is bang on in his article today.

    the fact that peddie and company have not interviewed anyone so far is a joke.

    there are a lot of GMs out there who are not 'current' GMs right now. why not interview as many people as you can with names like Holland, Nill, and Burke in the back of your mind … then talk to them when their teams are eliminated or win the cup in May and June?

    why oh why does Peddie and MLSE INSIST on being dysfunctional and taking the HARD ROAD every time?!?!

    does common sense ever enter the equation with them?

    – buying out players, especially with the lacklustre free agent crop out there, makes no sense whatsoever. to me, the whole buyout song and dance screams of an inclination to try to win next year. why in the world do we need to free up so much cap space via buyout – which is damaging down the road – when this team isn't looking – supposedly – to compete for a couple of years?

    why not try to trade Kubina and then later on the likes of McCabe and Tucker and Blake – as untradeable as they are – or AT LEAST let the next GM make that decision!

  4. Habs_pm says:

    Leafs should keep:

    Toskala>>>Bring in Pogge as backup

    Get rid of everyone except those players.

    Leafs have nothing in their farm team. This will be a LONG rebuild process for the Leafs. I'll enjoy it as they don't make the playoffs for a while:)

    But in all seriousness JFJ f*cked this franchise for a good 3-4 years atleast.

  5. flamingsenator says:

    see leaf fans….this topic is KILLED!……

    i jsut stated the obvious things that will happen….and i got no argument………theres no specuation..CUZ NOTHING HAS CHANGED

    the only discussion happening is the leaf vs everyone else fight

    can we stop posting pointless articles now….lets wait for dliff fletcher to at least say something to suggest someone is leaving…but as of now….we just jumping through hoops

    haha i know i can just ignore the articles….but i like this site and id really like it to have some credibility

  6. TML51 says:

    While there is no question in my mind that a massive housecleaning is coming this summer…I wonder just how much they are able to do. Even if they buy players out…I believe that a portion of it still counts against the salary cap.  The hurdle for the Leafs will be the same as it was at the deadline…contracts. 

    One thing I'm fairly certain of, is that Maruice will be gone.  I've been watching him closely, and it appears he cannot get the job done.  At least Pat Quinn was able to motivate the team, through great adversity at that.  I still remember the 2002 playoffs, with a decimated Leaf line up…they still got to the final four…and Quinn was a large part of that.  I just don't see the same from Maurice.  Now…one could argue that it was Maurice that coached his team past Quinn, however, I think that had more to do with the team, and the fact that the Leafs were so beat up by that point, they had nothing left in the tank.

    As for the GM position, I'd love for it to be Brian Burk…who wouldn't?  But whoever it is, has one hell of a job cut out for them.

    The Leafs haven't missed 3 playoffs in a row since the 1920's.  This is pretty much the worst they have been…EVEN SINCE THE BALLARD ERA!!  It stands to reason that if drastic changes aren't made this year, the team will face economic hardship.  Sponsors start pulling out, CBC starts airing other games on Saturdays, and Leafs TV will be forced to pick up more  and more programing as the other stations begin to cut Leafs braodcasts.  A bit of a gloomy predeiction, but believe me, I was at the game where they lost 8-0 to Florida…the ACC was half empty by mid second period.  And speaking of which…how much of a financial hit is MSLE taking after 3 years of no playoffs…maybe that will be a bit of a helper in making these oafs realize that they need ot build a competitior…starting this year.

    I've said it a couple of times, but I firmly think that it will be a few rough sesons for Leafs fans…it'll take at least that long to fix they mess that JFJ left.

  7. CanadianbornPlaya says:

    I'm not sure that I would build my team around Hossa. He does not seem to be the team guy that I would want at my core. His numbers are down significantly this year (last year he finished with 43g & 57a this year most likely will end with 30 or so goals and 70 or so points). I think if I was in the final year of my contract and was looking for a new one I would have done whatever it takes to match my career point totals. Also, he is a -11 in the +/- category. Not a threat on defence. I want to build around someone who can play well both ways. I know Leaf fans don't want to hear it but Kovalev has been a model of leadership this year. It even sounds foolish when I say it myself. He's one of MTL's top penalty killers and a +17 with 81 pts and plays well over 20 mins a game. Sorry a little off topic but there is a connection between Kovalev and Hossa. They are both offensively gifted Euro players with minds of their own that have the potential to disappoint. This is Kovalev's first year in the league that he can be counted on to produce almost every night while providing leadership and staying committed to the coaching plan. Earlier in his career Kovalev had the talent but no leadership, I don't think he made players around him better. While things are different this year, we shall see if he continues next year(it should b/c it's his contract year). I think Hossa is the same type of player, he has less of a chip on his shoulder but it will still take some time for him to become a real leader. He is a player that compliments great players. He does not have the leadership abilities to be a great player that you build around.

  8. morrissey says:

    Hell if they make to the finals and lose to SJ or the Ducks, this year was a success, they weren't even in the playoffs last year. They need those big bodies in the lineup against those teams that's for sure – they can't adapt to playing bigger teams when missing their 2 biggest d-men, it just isn't going to happen.

  9. mojo19 says:

    Great article Hoondog2! Loved it as always, I'm with you 100% I don't know about Vorobiev coming up. If you wanna go the route of retaining Sundin and maybe making a push for next years playoffs I say sign Darius Kasparitus to fill in that last defensman spot for like 1.5 mil or something, 1 year deal, if you figure you can get him for that.

    Also I wouldn't go all out on guys like Malone on long term deals neccesarily. Maybe wait until next summer see if Rick Nash has inked an extension with Columbus (he probably will but w/e), or see if Gaborik wants to test the open market and use your Sundin cash and free space to land a younger franchise guy like that.

    But I love what you're going for.

  10. mojo19 says:

    Good post, I agree with the players you said to keep and I would add Jiri Tlusty to that list. And in regards to their farm system I would say that you're pretty much right except Kulemin looks promising from Russia.

  11. CanadianbornPlaya says:

    Since Murry asked Redden about being traded, the Sens have died. I don't know any details about what happened after that time but their record is terrible. They were showing this afternoon during the Pitts game who were the 5 worst teams since Jan and Ottawa is in there with LA St. Louis TBay and maybe Columbus. Hahahahahahahahaahahaha GO Habs GO!

  12. mojo19 says:

    The more I read about Beach the more unsure I get about the prospect of drafting him. He's supposed to be kind of a gamble putting up a point per game in the Western League, but plays like a "Sean Avery". I love to have those types of guys on my team.

    Beach could very well turn into what Steve Ott is for Dallas. Which wouldn't be bad at all. I think Ott is amazing, but I think I'd rather take a shot at one of those d-men or Filatov or Hodgson.

  13. Hoondog2 says:

    thanks mojo, one thing is for sure is this team needs to get tougher. If we can’t win most games we’ll at least make other teams afraid to win games.

  14. mojo19 says:

    haha, we should target Avery and Simon

  15. mojo19 says:

    The things you’re saying are very true Chanman. But hopefully the new GM is not a dummy and he’ll rebuild the right way and no the traditional Toronto way.

  16. mojo19 says:

    Good points guys. This site used to be riddled with Leafs and Sens fans. Now its riddled with Leafs and Habs fans.

  17. chanman says:

    Right – There is definatly hope, and the leafs have a good crop of strong youngsters. I like Tlustly, Wellwood(give him some time) coli, etc.

      it would be very bad to go out and burn more picks and $ on UFAs and add to the high cost goaltender collection lol/

  18. Hoondog2 says:

    i actually wouldn't hate that.

  19. careyprice31 says:

    lmaooooooo thats good

  20. careyprice31 says:

    No i dont but if u can find a penguins fan forum site so bru mangus can get out ofhere that would be nice:)

  21. lafleur10 says:


  22. careyprice31 says:


  23. HABSSTAR says:

    My new speculation for the Leafs is that MLSE somehow trys to cheat, and take a short cut to rebuilding of this team and ends up screwing the team for years to come.   

  24. HABSSTAR says:

    Hilarious!  You're right!  But then again we'll probably be able to sqeeze in another 4-5 Cups before you guys are back in the playoffs.  So I guess I'll just have content myself with that…drying my tears at night on the Championship Banners we get between now and the next time the Leafs deem the league good enough to be blessed by their appearance in the playoffs.  lol!

  25. lukeleim says:

    2008 NHL Entry Draft:

    6th-10th overall pick of 2008: Mikkel Boedker
    50th-60th overall pick of 2008: Jared Staal
    65th-70th overall pick of 2008: Michael Stone

    Trade Pavel Kubina and Kyle Wellwood to the San Jose Sharks for Patrick Marleau.

    Jason Blake, Alexei Ponikarovsky and Ian White to the Colorado Avalanche for Scott Hannan and Marek Svatos.

    buyout Andrew Raycroft and Mark Bell

    July 1st:

    Resign Matt Stajan three-year contract 4.5 million
    Resign Mats Sundin one-year contract 5 million
    Resign Dominic Moore two-year contract 1.6 million
    Resign Alex Foster three-year contract 2.4 million
    Resign Marek Svatos five-year contract 15 million
    Resign Scott Clemmensen one-year contract 550,000

    Sign Jordan Leopold one-year contract 2 million
    Sign David Hale two-year contract 1.6 million
    Sign Gary Roberts one-year contract 1 million

    2008-2009 lineup:

    Alexander Steen – Mats Sundin – Nik Antropov
    Nikolai Kulemin – Patrick Marleau – Marek Svatos
    Gary Roberts – Matt Stajan – Darcy Tucker
    Jiri Tlusty – Dominic Moore – Boyd Devereaux
    Kris Newbury

    Tomas Kaberle – Bryan McCabe
    Carlo Colaiacovo – Jordan Leopold
    Scott Hannan – Anton Stralman
    Staffan Kronwall – David Hale

    Vesa Toskala
    Scott Clemmensen

    Prospect Depth:

    Mikkel Boedker – Chris DiDomenico – Jared Staal
    Robbie Earl – John Mitchell – Dale Mitchell
    Alex Foster – Tyler Ruegsegger – Brent Aubin

    Dmitri Vorobiev – Michael Stone
    Phil Oreskovic – Juraj Mikus

    Justin Pogge
    James Reimer

  26. HABSSTAR says:

    We're not talking about one year here.  We're talking about 3 years running.  The problem is the Leafs are never bad enough to get better.  They are mediocre, and will remain so for a looooooooooong time.

  27. 42wellwood42 says:



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