Lightning denies report that New York Rangers contacted team about acquiring Vin

Joe Smith, Times Staff Writer

The Vinny Lecavalier trade rumors seemingly never end, and the latest one fittingly included the Rangers, whom the Lightning plays tonight at Madison Square Garden.

The Ottawa Sun reported Sunday that Rangers GM Glen Sather contacted Tampa Bay GM Brian Lawton in an effort to spark trade talks for Lecavalier.

That report, according to Lawton, is “completely false.” Lawton said Monday that he hasn’t even spoken to Sather in weeks.

“He hasn’t contacted me to inquire about that,” Lawton said. “That absolutely did not happen.”

Lawton said before Monday’s game that he has seen some positives in his team, but after losing two straight to Florida and falling to 13th in the 15-team Eastern Conference, it’s “getting to crunch time,” and how players respond in the next stretch of games will not only affect playoff hopes but personnel decisions for next year.

“The reality is, as a management team, these are critical times for decisionmaking, and how we do this week, in a lot of ways, it’ll determine whether people continue on,” Lawton said. “Hopefully the players recognize that, because that’s what’s at stake.”

Big push?: Speaking of Lecavalier, Lawton said he expects a big finish from the captain, who has just 12 goals (but six points in his past four games, including a goal Monday). “The fact of the matter is, he hasn’t scored as much as he would like to from a goal standpoint,” Lawton said. “But I still think it’s going to happen for him. I still think he gets 30-plus goals; it will take a big push for him to get that.”

2 Responses to Lightning denies report that New York Rangers contacted team about acquiring Vin

  1. pj1199 says:

    Vinny is a great player but that contract is NUTS!!! Does anyone realize that halfway through the contract Vinny will be 35 and in the final year he will be 40? That means where ever Vinny lands, that team will be paying a 40 year-old hockey players $7.5 million. At that point its pretty safe to say that Vinny will be lucky to get 10 goals. Worth it? I dont think so. Plus the fact that you would break up the core on the Rangers that has a bright future. Gilroy, Callahan and Dubinsky need to be Rangers for the next 6-7 years.

  2. paulieplatypus says:

    For what it's worth, I agree completely!

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