Lindros Contract to Count Against Cap

If the Toronto Maple Leafs want to seal fate and bring in Eric Lindros, it is going to cost them money and cap room.


According to the Toronto Star, Lindros will not qualify for the special injury bonus that pertains to players 35 or over or with 400 games experience and who were injured for over 100 days in the last season of play. Lindros does not qualify because he did not have enough time off. According to the article he was 18 days short. He would have qualified had the Rangers made the playoffs.

Now, Lindros and the Leafs will have to come up with a deal that will eventually eat up cap space. The talk was a deal for 1.6 Million with the special “Allison” bonuses but since now he does not qualify, negotiations will have to change. This is why there is rumoured to be other teams now interested in the services of Lindros and who have significantly more cap room than the 7.25 million they currently have (post Khavanov numbers).

Lindros has made it no secret his desire to play at “home” in front of family and friends. Toronto would offer him the big stage that would allow him to showcase a big comeback. It will be interesting to see how things work out. If he doesnt sign now with Toronto, he will never play for the Leafs. But he probably still wants to be paid a pretty penny. That is where it becomes a problem. The Leafs cannot afford to pay him alot based on risk. nor can they afford to lock him up long term and put a noose around the salary cap. With 8 concussions it surely seems he is one hit away from retirement.

Everything will depend on what is most important to Eric. His desire to fulfill his dream to be a Leaf or more money.

With the signing of Alex Khavanov, the Leafs shape up like this:


Payroll: 31.9 Million for 19 Players.


Ed Belfour ($4.6 million),

Mikael Tellqvist ($450,000).


Bryan McCabe ($3.5 million)

Tomas Kaberle ($2.28 million)

Ken Klee ($1.9 million)

Aki Berg* ($1.1 million)

Karel Pilar* ($450,000)

Alex Khavanov ($1.25 Million)


Mats Sundin (earning $6.8 million; $6.3 million against cap)

Darcy Tucker ($1.6 million)

Jeff O’Neill ($1.5 million)

Nik Antropov* ($1 million)

Tie Domi ($1.25 million)

Jason Allison, ($1.5 million)

Matt Stajan ($805,000)

Wade Belak* ($798,000)

Chad Kilger ($475,000)

Alex Ponikarovsky ($450,000)

Nathan Perrott* ($450,000)

The possibility of youngsters Carlo Coliacovo (800K) and/or Kyle Wellwood (700K) and/or Alex Steen (720K) making the club along with any of their other prospects will bump the payroll up and eliminate the remaining 4 roster spots that are open. Getting Lindros would fill a huge need of another top 6 forward but they better not hinder themselves in terms of cap space for future seasons. The same goes for Anson Carter who would fill a need but should only be had for a certain price and for 1 year for that matter. the leafs cannot take up cap room and hurt their chances when the free agent age falls to 29, 28 and eventually 27 over the next few years.

This is going to be very interesting to see how it plays out. As a Leaf fan, I am rooting for them to get Eric as I think it would be great for the team, the fans, and the League.

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  1. bartsch says:

    Noting seems likely for the leafs anymore at this point. Unless Lindros would take something low like 1.5 mil or so, he wont be a leaf. I would like it, but it probably wont happen. This will be a long season it seems. But it gives other players a chance to break out of their shell, hopefully someone can pick up some slack lost from the once good Nolan and the departing Mogilny.

  2. wingerxxx says:

    I have to wonder sometimes, if Leafs fans want Lindros more for his value as a player, or because he is a big name and Toronto is his hometown team. Here is a radical idea: Don’t acquire him. Be safe. Look somewhere else. Get Carter, at least he can play right wing next to Allison. He has good history with Allison, even though I don’t really like him much as a hockey player. And that’s the name of a damn good 70’s movie I might add. In fact, I think that Lindros is a much better player overall than Carter. Unless you pretty much want Sundin to play wing all the time, acquiring Lindros just makes little sense to me. You have Sundin, Allison and Stajan at center. Lindros doesn’t fit. He’s not particularly good on the wing. He’s not responsible enough defensively to be a third line center, plus his point totals would plummet. He’s just a better fit with other teams than the Leafs. Toronto would have to be insane to pay him guaranteed money. Teams that could really, really use a top line center. Columbus comes to mind.

  3. Aetherial says:

    Did not know Wellwood was 700K. yuck.

    Also, last I heard about Antropov, they were talking about 1.5million Double yuck.

    I am starting to think that getting Lindros OR Carter is out of the question.

  4. Ace_Bailey says:

    Like it or not, Wellwood is a top prospect. Probably the 3rd or 4th behind Rask, Steen and Stajan. $700k IMO is worth Wellwood at the time being. He has a lot of potential, he just needs a chance like Coloaicovo.

  5. Aetherial says:

    If they have to pay Antropov 1.5 and they sign their other FA’s for the qualifying amount…

    I am figuring they need 3 forwards andhave about 3.8 to spend if they want to stay around 36… 4.8 if they want to strecth it to 37.

    I am guessing they will lose a bidding war for Lindros at that rate.

  6. Aetherial says:

    I am not convinced either of them are bona fide future stars.

  7. nordiques100 says:

    it’s too bad. i feel Eric would have a huge year with toronto.

    i love it how a 13 goal scorer thinks he deserves more money even though he is already overpaid. if it wasnt for quinn and ley’s infactuation with large but untalented players perhaps the leafs would have had a much better farm system. antropov, pony, berg, belak, kilger. quinn and ley love these guys.

    they did the same darn thing in vancouver. remember stojanov? libor polasek? mike wilson?

  8. Tanglung says:

    I can’t believe he missed out on being bonus worthy by about 18 days, that sucks…What will suck even more is if the Leafs lose out on Lindy because of a 1/2 mill…i would offer him 2 mill and top out at 2.2 or 2.3..i can’t see anybody offering more than 2.5, cap room or not..If he’ll play in Columbus for 2.5, i’m sure he’d play in T.O. for 2.0 or 2.1..If not, then he is a liar.

  9. DTucker_16 says:

    lol, you know…for a guy that apparently is “DIEING” to be a leaf, Lindros is not trying very hard to become one. I think JFJ is smarter than people give him credit for…I bet that JFJ let’s Lindros go to another team like Columbus, who will likely overpay him 3 million dollars or so.

  10. Aetherial says:


    He was my favorite player ever since I spent an evening up in the press box at some junior game and my TSN friend and I were joking about him…

  11. Aetherial says:

    You can’t offer him that much. In order to stay under the cap by a couple million AND sign your last couple guys… you would have to find players at the league minimum…

    which means farm hands, which you would rather not bring up right now for the most part.

    If they get him cheap, great, if they have to start going 2-2.5 or so, they really can’t do it… unless they can unload Belfour, which I doubt.

  12. WYflyerfan says:

    The only problem is the Leafs are offering around 1 mil. I think ownership doesn’t want him. You don’t just get him you get his father too. I believe eric is weighing everrthing out. He can sign with the Leafs as a roll playing for no money or go to a team like Columbus and be an impact player for twice the money. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t go to the leafs.

  13. shapter07 says:

    id just like to say i live in st johns and i watched kyle wellwood play last year. he will make the leafs becuase he is a dynamic offensive player and he is well worth the 700 k salary the leafs will have to pay him

  14. shapter07 says:

    wellwood outplayed stajan all year in the ahl… after watching him play the whole year it is hard to wonder how he is considered by many to be torontos top prospect.. he is good none the less but not as good as wellwood/coliacovo

  15. 92-93 says:


    perhaps this is the thing that will finally prevent the Leafs from signing Lindros. a move that they will most certainly regret. i, for one, am grateful for this news.

    not too pumped about the signing of Khavanov but things could be worse.

  16. 92-93 says:

    with this line-up, it is unlikely that JFJ will sign Steen, Wellwood, and maybe even Colliacovo to fill out the 23-man roster. He would rather see these guys get regular ice time in the AHL, wait for an injury on the Leafs – which will almost certainly happen – and bring up these guys to fill in the injury spots. not much depth, i know, but these young kids cannot be sitting on the bench or playing every third game.

  17. Nevyn says:

    I admit to not being an expert about this, but …

    As I understand it, each team is allowed a certain exception amount of these bonuses that they can give qualified players, and the leafs used their whole bonus alottment on the Allison deal.

    In which case this is good news for the leafs, because they would have had to count his whole salary towards the cap anyway. Now no teams can sign him low with big time bonuses.

  18. titans says:

    Ohhh I hope Erica signs with the Leafs…I so do! That half a sissy in Toronto Blue and White…oh the possibilities! The jokes that could be made, the insults that could be flung! The Toronto gay community that could be invigorated…oh the possibilities.

  19. kidcash says:

    Why would the maple leafs even think about going after Eric Lindros um the guy spends more time at the head clinic then on the ice he reminds me of those bobble head toys but his head is broken and cant be fixed

  20. CaptainInsano says:

    Excerpt from the first Google search result of “Eric Lindros” and “Gay”:

    I don’t know if Lindros is in fact gay. I have no first-hand evidence. I don’t even have any second-hand information. Just a hunch.

    Maybe it was the report about him sharing his mansion with a 42 y/o ex-lawyer, who “retired” from the practice of law to be Eric’s “personal assistant.” Maybe it was when he responded to a question about his favorite movie by naming “Priscilla Queen of the Desert,” followed by “Ooops. I guess I shouldn’t have said that.” There’s something about him that’s different from other players in the NHL. There’s something different about how he’s treated by other players. There’s seems to just be something more, something interesting, going on with him. Is he gay? I don’t know nor do I expect to ever find out.

    But the question of whether or not he’s gay I think is affecting his career. Whether or not he’s gay, I think Bobby Clarke and Flyers management thinks this sensitive bachelor superstar athlete is gay. And, if he is in fact gay, is that what drove him to get back onto the ice way too soon repeatedly throughout last season. Is that why he wouldn’t honesty report his concussion symptoms to the Flyers trainer, so that he could get back onto the ice to show tough he is? Is that why he came back prematurely in the play-offs? Is that why the Flyers were so quick to strip him of his captaincy when he was out hurt?

    The bottom line: Is Eric Lindros holding himself to a much higher standard either because he’s gay, or because he’s perceived as gay? And is Flyers management disrespectful of the most marketable player in the NHL because Bobby Clarke has branded him with the scarlet letter “H” for HOMO?”

    But this isn’t ammunition for Leaf haters …

  21. brashman says:

    4 scenarios if the Leafs sign Lindros:

    1) Miraculously every player on the Leafs stays healthy and has good to great seasons. The Leafs are near the top of the conference going into the playoffs. (highly unlikely)

    2) The Leafs are healthy throughout the season, have a mediocre record and sneak into the playoffs as a 6th to 8th seed. They start next year with $9 mil in contracts + whatever bonuses Allison earns counting against the cap. Not really a bad situation with the group of UFAs that will be available.

    3) Everyone stays healthy, but the Leafs finish out of the playoffs. What type of players are playoff teams looking for? Skilled Veterans in the last year of their contract. Most of the Leaf roster is older, and on 1 year contracts. They could trade away much of their roster and stockpile picks/prospects while still being able to afford good UFAs next offseason. Kind of the opposite of what they’ve done the past decade or so.

    4) The Leafs stink and everyone gets hurt. No bonuses are paid out so they start next year with only $9 mil counting against the cap.

    Could this be JFJs plan?

  22. titans says:

    In all honesty I don’t care one way or the other if he’s gay or not. I feel you only have a few years on this earth and you should live them however makes you the happiest. But I won’t let that stop me from goofing on Leaf fans about it if he becomes one, because I’m happiest when I’m making fun of Leaf fans.

  23. edmontonrules says:

    You must be happy all day because that’s all you do.

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