Line 'Em Up

Just a Sens fans bored with the lack of seeing his team play trying to generate some intelligent discussion.
Just for fun, I thought I’d play coach for a minute and put together the roster/lines I would like to see the 6 Canadian teams sport.

Now, I’m not going to introduce any ridiculous trades or anything.

My conditions for a player having a roster spot are: The player must have played at least 1 NHL game for the team in question this year.

Also note that sometimes the roster and lines may be similar or identical to current ones. That’s just because they work, and I don’t think they should be changed.

Anyway, from West to East:

Vancouver Canucks:

(Played well together last year. Let’s hope Pyatt can find his form and be physical. He should be there clearing space for the Twins, as well as being a pest in front of the net.)
(Shannon had 2 goals in 3 games, thought he had a horrible +/-, he was the worst on the team defensively, but the team defence hasn’t improved since he was sent out, so give him another shot)
(Too good to break up)
(Decent fourth line)

(solid all-around defenseman with some scoring upside)
(solid shut-down pairing)
(all around pairing, with an offensive guy and a defensive guy)

(Can’t go wrong there, though maybe Luongo shouldn’t be ridden so hard. Give him 60-65 games. More then 70 is just overkill)

Calgary Flames:

(Good mix of speed, talent and grit. Lombardi isn’t a true Number 1 center, but look what he did with a power-forward like Nash in last years World Championships, plus, he has more points than Conroy, who I believe currently holds that spot)
(Probably the best 2nd line in the game already, Huselius and Langkow have good chemistry, and should not be broken up. I considered putting Conroy on their right, because Nolan hasn’t exactly been scoring, but he seems to be providing a physical element that may be beneficial to the line)
(Not a bad third line. Can check and provide a bit of scoring at times.)
(Even when Primeau comes back, I would keep Godard. He doesn’t score often, but his toughness is hard to replace)

(A hard-hitting defensive tandem with some scoring upside from Phaneuf)
(Again, a good mix of offense and defense)
(I don’t see why Eriksson is getting a bum rap. He’s a +2 with 2 assists. His replacement, Hale is pointless and a -1)

Any one of their young goalies
(Too many young goalies to pick from. Hopefully one of them can play 15-20 games, because I really think 70 games or more is too much for a goalie)

Edmonton Oilers:

(I had actually thought of this this morning, without having seen or heard about last nights game. Then I checked last nights scores and saw that this line was awesome last night. Should be kept together)
(Gagner and Cogliano play well together, and Nilsson and Schremp deserve a spot on the roster more then Stortini, Pouliot or Jacques.)
(Not the best, but not a bad checking line eh?)
(the U line, U standing for Underachievers. I’m not saying they deserve 4th line minutes, but they havn’r made a case for themselves being top 6 forwards. I would try out Nilsson/Schremp and see if they can get something going. If not, it would be a waste, and I would send one down to Springfield to get some top line minutes and bring in Pouliot for this line, another underachiever)

(Could be a recipe for disaster defensively, but to be effective Staios needs some to set him up for a one-timer, plus at least the two defensive liabilities will be out for the same 20 minutes, cutting the chance of one of them screwing up by half)
(The stay at home pairing)
(All-around pairing with good measures of offence and defence)

(Neither has claimed the spot of true number 1, so they should be given equal minutes)

Toronto Maple Leafs:

(Has played well so far)
(Have all made a case for themselves to be included in the top 6)
(For now, I would give these young rookies (well….Gamanche isn’t that young..) a chance to see what they can too. So far Gamance and Tlusty have played a solid two-way game)
(Of these three, Pohl has played the best. That’s kind of sad.)

(Leafs best all around defencemen)
(Have both put up some points while staying on the plus side)
(Wozniewski is getting a bad rap, but he’s a plus-3. Maybe it’s because Leafs fans are tired or trying to say and spell his name. Stralman should be given a chance.)

(Definitely a platoon situation. Neither of these guys can say they’re Number 1 guys.)

Ottawa Senators:

(It’s hard to break those guys up)
(A checking line that also provides decent secondary scoring. The Kelly-Vermette tandem has been impressive, providing solid defence with the second best scoring upside on the team. Fisher has played well but doesn’t have the line-mates to be successful. He can play the same role Neil plays on that line now, only with more offensive talent)
(A line that SHOULD be able to score)
(Just a total hard-hitting monster fore checking line)

Note, once McAmmond returns, I would switch he lines to:

(An all around line with equal doses grit, speed and some scoring upside.)
Eaves-McAmmond Donovan
(Same model as 3rd line. McAmmond and Eaves played relatively well together last year, and McAmmond and Donovan played together in Calgary, so this line should have chemistry)
I envision these lines playing equal minutes.)

(Offensive pairing)
(Defensive pairing)
(All-around pairing)
(I would take advantage of the option to dress 7 defenseman. Richardson is handy to have in the dressing room, and can fill in if there’s an injury.)

(Gerber has proven he deserves a shot to be Number 1, but Emery hasn’t done anything to lose his shot at being Number 1. So, I say give them equal playing time)

Montreal Canadians:

(Koivu and Kovalev have been the best forwards, Kostitsyn has been a healthy scratch, but I think he could do well on this line)
(I believe Higgins and Plekanec play well together)
(Mostly a checking line..)
(A real strong fore checking line)

(No changes really, they’ve played well enough)

(Give Huet 30 games, and let Price and Halak play 16 each.)

Anyway, that’s how I see it. I’m not saying these lines are the best or they would work. Just that I would like to see them.

If you have any changes to my lines, or completely different lines, please post them.

And if you’re a fan of one of the American teams, and have an idea for lines that you like, also, please post them.