Looks Like Savard Is Busy!!

* Has André Savard made an offer for Nolan??? *

* Georges Larque Available? *

* Wings willing to include Zetterberg or Datsyuk in a deal? *

* What the hell was A.Savard looking at on the last trip?? *


According to The Gazette, André Savard has recently made an offer to San Jose in order to acquire RW Owen Nolan. Here’s what the offer was believed to be:

To San Jose:

M.Komisarek, R.Hainsey, J.Bulis, 1st Rounder.

To Montréal:


According to this same source, the deal was denied because the Sharks wanted to switch Bulis for Zednik in the.

PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE!! Someone tells me there’s no truth to this rumor. I know Savard is the one responsible for drafting Nolan back in the time when he was a scout in Québec but this deal would simply be AWFUL!!! Savard has recently stated that he doesen’t want to get rid of our young players but when it comes to a guy like Nolan, you never know what he might do. Hell, we could almost get Jarome Iginla for this package!


According to CKAC 550, he is. They said it has been confirmed by a member of the Oilers’ organization.

If he is available, expect André Savard to make a phone call to Kevin Lowe really soon. He is the type of guy we need in Montréal (add to that he’s a francophone!). BUT, Laraque has recently said to RDS.ca that he would not be interrested in coming in Montréal because of all the pressure surrounding the team and that he was fine with Edmonton and wanted to finish his career there. He even talked about retirement possibility if he was traded! Expect Edmonton to ask a huge price to pay to anybody that want to acquire Laraque. The guy is the most appreciated by the fans and can play hockey as well as he can fight.

What would be the price to pay? 2 Words: Mike Komisarek. Boy, is Kevin Lowe high on this guy! The last time Edmonton was in town, Lowe said in an interview how good the prospects of the Canadiens were, especially Komisarek. He stated the the guy was set to become a superstar in the league, and even compared him to a ”Adam Foote with more offensive talent”. He also said that the year when he was drafted, Komisarek was their guy, they interviewed him and were really impressed by the youngster. They were ready to draft him if he was still available.


Still according to CKAC 550, Ken Holland would ”Not have close the door on adding youngsters Datsyuk or Zetterberg in a deadline deal” Even though that would surprise me ALOT (considering Zetterberg has been named rookie of the month recently) I wish Montréal tries to land one of those. I don’t think we have what Detroit would be looking for except for Brisebois.


According to Yvon Pedneault of RDS, surprisingly André Savard made the trip Montréal-Los Angeles with the team this week. He even asked for a tv and a vcr and was looking at february 18 game against Florida in Montréal. It was one the worst game they played all season long and they lost 3-0.

It’s pretty obvious that Savard was looking at Florida roster, but who would he be interrested in???

K.Huselius is apparently available but wouldn’t really be what Montréal needs. Montréal has been rumored of going after Brad Ference a month ago, would it be him? Or what about Viktor Kozlov? Injury prone, but still is a big guy and record 1 point a game each season….

My take on all these rumors, is that Montréal might be the surprise come deadline day. They have so many options and yet, nobody knows in which direction André Savard is going to go….

What do you guys think?


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  1. amok says:

    Well… they have the Ring because they have a Wings jersey. It’s not like either of those two guys were in the running for Conn Smythe. I know you and the Wings are obviously high on those guys, but your comparison here is hyperbole in the true sense of the word.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Wings fan say they wouldn’t trade one of these guys for a 20 year old Mario Lemieux, a seventh player on the ice at all times and a ten goal lead to start every game.

  2. amok says:

    In defense of the Wings fans, they aren’t necessarily comparing them to Naslund, Bertuzzi, Iginla, etc, just saying they wouldn’t trade Zetterberg or Datsyuk for them. Maybe all that champagne has gone to their heads.

  3. Genius says:

    Hey its me from the future.Nolan went to the leafs 4 McCauley and Boyes and a pick.

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