Mad Mike: A man with an itch and… NO CORTIZONE!!!

Well last season was nice, The isles break the long playoff draught, start to sell out games again. The old barn haden’t been so loud in years and years. This year these virtually same Isles are skating to vastly diffrent results in the standings and the cheers of a year ago have become a cascade of boo’s raining down from the disgruntled fans.

Now don’t start giving me crap talk that it’s too early in the season to compare this years team with last years team. It doesn’t take a frick’n brain genious to see that this team doesn’t have the heart and seeminly not the talent to even come close to last years marks. Before last nights loss vs. the Flames The isles tried to shake things up by sending down rookies Raffi Torres and Justin Mapletoft (who were playing better than most other islanders) and recalled Trent Hunter, Eric Manlow and Mattias Weinhandl. The latter of the three showed some spark but all to the same awful result of a Loss instead of a Win.

The fact that the isles sent the rookies down and didn’t sit out the veterans that continued to make mistakes and selfish penalties caused one to think that the vets might be being put on display. Newsday reported that scouts from at least “14 teams were present, including Florida Gm Rick Dudley who tried to remain inconspicuous by sitting amongst the fans in attendance.”

Newsday also reported other team scouts of note present were from San Jose, Nashville and Atlanta and no scouts from Boston.

No specific rumors other than speculation was cited in the article as to what players could be involved in deals. Florida obviously has Valeri Bure on the block, San Jose has Brad Stuart that I’m sure interests the isles but not sure if the sharks are willing to part with the future All-Star. Atlanta has nothing the isles want really unless they would part with one of there dynamic duo. I suppose Shawn Mceachern might be of interest as the isles lost out on him during the summer. Nashville? No idea who would be of interest to this team.

The bottom line is this team shouldn’t be blowing these games just beacuse Peca’s out. St.Louis is not an incredibly deep team, Demitra has hardly scored in this young Season (except Vs. The Isles) and have worse injury problems, yet they win because they have heart and they battle. This mottly crew is not getting the job done, Changes will be made. Mad Mike is Itching…

Personal speculation on deals:

D Roman Hamrlik, C Jason Weimer, pick: To Sharks

D Brad Stuart, W Todd Harvey: To Islanders

C Dave Scatchard: To Panthers

W Valeri Bure: To Islanders

Just thoughts, Please don’t yell at me 🙂

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  1. big_booty says:

    I fail to see how Valeri (I’m important because I’m Pavel’s brother) Bure would help the Islanders. Scatchard hasn’t played well, but I would take him over Bure in a heartbeat.

    Hamrlik is over-rated and Weimer sucks, so if they could get Stuart and Harvey for them I would be shocked. That would be a major step backwards for San Jose, not something a team that some people think has a chance at the Cup should do.

  2. Glen says:

    What’s a brain genius?

  3. mikster says:

    Well, Harvey’s not worth much either…he misses his checks and hits the boards.

    I think Val Bure with Yashin could create scoring, but that’s just about it.

    Stuart won’t go anywhere, unless Lombardi will make the horrible trade that every GM does in his career.

  4. pantherboy says:

    Val for Scathard? Well, I dunno about that one, kinda even. Val is slumping, but he can produce. Scathard, well he has been slumping even more so. But he does provide a checking game that is needed. I would rather see Wiemer come back along with a youger player.

  5. cwhockey says:

    Every single team has at least one non-superstar player that other teams would like to have or might be willing to trade for. For whatever reason the Isles are struggling right now (and it’s tough to believe that given their play this year that the return of Peca will magically solve their problems). They have holes to fill and that’s not gonna be done by trying to trade for the best possible players on any one team. Role players can be found on every team, it’s just a matter of finding the right one for your situation and your team.

    The Isles management knows this. They’re probably just searching for the best fit. Remember, they know more about this than any of us (even if it doesn’t seem so at times).

  6. big_booty says:

    I agree, but Harvey’s just a throw-in.

    Bure and Yashin on the same line is a recipe for disaster. They would literally fight for for the puck. It would negate whatever collective talent they have.

    If Stuart is moved, Lombardi ought to be canned.

  7. MossRocks says:

    Doesn’t the Czerkawski move look even dumber now than when it was made this offseason? Say anything you want about his heart and grit, but I guarantee you that he and Yashin would at least be putting some pucks in the net if he were still there now.

    Hamrlik and Scatchard might be enough for Stuart and Harvey; if, and only if, the Sharks have given up on signing Stuart for some reason. (I don’t know what the problem is – he asked for a little less than Brewer got, which is about what he deserves)

    I disagree with booty on Hamrlik only because I don’t know anybody who over-rates Hamrlik. He is what he is. He’ll give you 25-30min of ice time because he is a horse, and you can’t argue that because he has always played a lot of minutes. He has a big gun from the point, but he rarely hits the net so he only gets 10-12 goals a year. He has a pretty good first pass, plays the body and skates well. He’s a good solid #2 d-man in the NHL. No more, no less. I don’t know anybody who tries to pass him off as a #1 or a Norris candidate and therefore I don’t think he’s over-rated.

  8. nskerr says:

    It’s time for a move to be made. But as a reader in Newsday put it, everytime the Isles NEED to make a move, Milbury seems to end up with the Oleg Kvasha’s of the world. I like Scatchard, but having him and Isbister is redundant. Isbister seems to have more natural talent, but doesn’t seem to work as hard as Scatchard. However if the Isles can get a sniper like Bure straight up for Scatchard, I think combining him with Yashin would outweigh the defensive liabilities that would be caused by combining two players who don’t backcheck. If that doesn’t work, then Isbister to Edmonton for Carter is the other option but I wouldn’t give up much more than that.

  9. TrojanMan says:

    MAD Mike might as well change his to PRETTY DAMN DUMB Mike. He traded away Czerkawski and let Dick Tarnstrom and knew he would be without PECA for at least the 1st 15 games or so. He aatempted to replace skill with dullards (Aaron Asham and Jason Weimer) and he thought that would do it? Damn, hes as dumb as the Mr. MoneyBags running the Rangers.

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