Making Sence out of the Chaos of these last few days!

WOW!! It’s been an amazing couple of days hasn’t it? Holik, Cujo, Kaspar so on and so forth…

What I’m gonna try and do is make some sence out of these last few days.

1. The Rangers sign Bobby Holik and Darius Kasparitus to huge exorbinant contracts. Hockey fans explode in an uproar over what these moves will do to the NHL. Will they shatter the NHL pay scale. What effects will this have on the CBA in a few years. Will the Rangers make the playoffs now? Well who cares? It makes for a more interesting Hockey season, and far more things to argue with Ranger fans about, and thats good!

(P.S. rumor has it the Rangers are on the verge of signing God to a 5 year/ 55 million dollar deal with a no trade clause.

2. Cujo goes to Hockeytown, while Crazy Eddie heads to Toronto. Well this just about guarantees the Wings win another cup don’t it? The Wings are not falling apart as many had predicted. In fact it’s reported that they just re-signed Chelios. To me Cujo is every bit as good as the Dominator and will fit in seamlessly in Detroit.

As for Belfour…Oh boy are Leafs fans gonna eat him up! The Leafs took a huge step backwards. Belfour is done!! Cujo was the reason the Leafs succeeded last year. Belfour can’t carry teams anymore, especially like Cujo did.

3. The Anaheim Mighty Ducks sign Adam Oates. Both Ducks fans were reportedly very happy upon hearing the news. Nobody else even realized there was an NHL team in Anaheim.

4. The Capitals sign Robert Lang to a 5 year 25 million dollar contract. Everyone got in such an uproar over the Holik signing this one kinda slipped bye. Let me ask you, is Robert Lang worth 25 million over five years?

5. The Flyers do nothing! Thats right, while every free agent under the sun is being snapped up Bobby Clarke is practicing his golf swing. I guess he figures the Power Play will fix itself. WHATS GOING ON WITH THE FLYERS?? Were they just caught napping? Do they have a big move up their sleeves? What? Can someone please enlighten me?

Well there you have it! Let me know what you think about these first few days of Free Agency. Let me know what you think will happen. Let me know what a jerk you think I am.



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  1. jammer21 says:

    while it is true i had it out for hasek for shunning the blues, sour grapes is not the case on cujo. i wouldn’t want him back here at that price tag, or 2 million close to it. i don’t think cujo is a winner and with the boatloads of talent in detroit there is a chance he could succeed there, but i think osgood would be better in the pipes. remember, ozzie has more cups than cujo………

    BTW i like the dive comment, b/c if the blues and wings face each other in the playoffs, the note will come up on the short end of the stick AGAIN!! i can’t wait till this team bows out in the second round of the playoffs again next year so they fire everybody and tear the whole stinkin thing down!

  2. jammer21 says:

    that was a titanic rant! kudos!

  3. NYRfan78 says:

    Hey I remember the Tony Amonte trade, and we all knew that he was going to blow up with the Blackhawks,but still without that trade ,there would not have been the game winner against the devils and we may not have won the cup, and thats what matters most in 94 we won the cup and it made all the trades look good.And at first I was pissed off that we traded Gartner for Glen Anderson but even that worked out fine.

  4. NYRfan78 says:

    Then they will really be singing the Blues!!

    But anyway, if the Blues fire there coach it would not be hard for him to find a job someplace else.

  5. big_booty says:

    “Belfour’s face does piss me off. With all the money he has he looks like my town’s homeless.”

    What the hell is it with you? Just because a guy LOOKS homeless it angers you? What an egotistical and condescending attitude to have towards another human being.

    Comments like this make me think that you’re just another elitist asshole.

    How dare you rely on Belfour’s appearance to make assumptions. That is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever heard you say. The belief that just because a person has a lot of money means he should do everything in his power to improve his appearance is just plain asinine.

    Did it ever occur to you that he looks the way he looks because he wants to? You see, that’s the beautiful thing about living in North America – we can actually do that without fear of reprisal or persecution.

    Do us a favor and shut the hell up when it comes to this. It is not your place to say what a person’s appearance SHOULD be based upon how rich or poor that person may be. What a fascist ideology to subscribe to.

    Titans is absolutely right when he calls you “Little Mussolini.”

  6. ManillaKilla says:

    Furthermore, not only are peolpe misspelling words, but sometimes they are leaving them out entirely. For instance, instead of saying, “And one more thing,” they say, “And more thing.” What is wrong with people?

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