Malone and Bouwmeester rewarded

“Florida Panthers defenceman Jay Bouwmeester was awarded a $4.35-million US, two-year deal by an arbitrator on Wednesday.

“An arbitrator was very kind to Pittsburgh Penguins youngster Ryan Malone on Wednesday, awarded the forward a 85 per cent raise over the next two seasons.

Bouwmeester scored five goals with 41 assists in 82 games last year for the Panthers, when he earned $945,630.

He’ll more than double that in each of the next two seasons _ he’s slated to make $2.1 million in 2006-07 and $2.25 million in 2007-08.”

“An arbitrator was very kind to Pittsburgh Penguins youngster Ryan Malone on Wednesday, awarded the forward a 85 per cent raise over the next two seasons.

Malone now slated to earn $1.3 million in 2006/07 and $1.45 million in 2007/08. Pittsburgh is expected to accept the decision if a long-term deal is not worked out.

Malone scored 22 goals and added 22 assists in 77 games last season.”

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  1. BruMagnus says:

    That’s more than I expected Malone to get considering his numbers from last season were identical to the previous one. I had thought he’d get 850,000, $1 million at most. Regardless, he will be signed, since he’s got great potential. Or else be used as trade bait for a top-line winger.

  2. Kraftster says:

    I think the arbitrator was right on the mark for Malone. Given the other signings and the other salaries that have been awarded in arbitration, I will defintiely take it.

    Is Malone worth it?

    The second half of the season Malone is a bargain at this price, the first half — invisible — Ryan Malone would not be worth it at all.

    Which Malone will show up this season? I really think that the first half of the season last year was enough to tell Malone that he can’t approach a season like he did last year. Assuming that he really took this to heart, I wouldn’t be surprised to net him 25-35 goals this season, pitching in 4-6 shorthanded. He’lll likely see time with Malkin, and that can only help his productivity. Shero shouldn’t definilty sign the dotted line.

  3. kamullia says:

    Almost identical, you are right, he had one more assist last season and did it in 4 games less. He was slightly underpaid last season, and now he got a raise and it is about right (now he is slightly overpaid) if he gives another 22 + 22 season.

    Frankly considering all the awards I have seen up to this point, this one and Bowneesters were the most conservative. Most, if not all the other awards have leaned heavily in favor of the players, which is an obvious sign the NHLPA’s reps are doing a better job than the NHL side.

    I expect Malone to be signed, and being the award is not excessive maybe even work out a long term contract, since they apparently have until after Moore’s decision to make up their mind on both Moore and Malone.

  4. Brux87 says:

    I do agree with the arbitrator on Malone’s deal. I felt it is fair to Malone and to the Penguins. Malone has great potential, that is, if he cares and applies himself to this upcoming season. As someone said earlier, playing with Malkin will most certainly help his production. I do infact see im putting up a solid 30 goal season with at least 4 short-handed.

  5. SmileZ says:

    good for bouwmeester, he’s a good d-man!

  6. intelligentscorpio says:

    Ryan Malone is an integral part of the young offense that Pittsburgh has. I would definitely sign him for the two years or work out a long term deal to lock him up. With Malkin coming, Malone’s numbers can only go up.

    The arbitrator has been very kind to Gomez, Bowmeester, Malone and Briere. What’s up with that.

  7. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    Wow, I’m surprised about the price for Bouwmeester. I thought he’d get more than that. Good deal on behalf of the Panthers. And it’s also a good deal for Malone. He averages more than a point every other game and is a 20 goal scorer. And he is just a rookie. He had a similar rookie season to some other greats in the league. Both Patrick Elias and Patrice Bergeron had similar rookie seasos, only difference is they were a lot younger at their times.

  8. OldGoalie says:

    Given that Ales Hemsky just signed a 6 year deal at $4.1 million a year even though he’s never scored 20 goals…and that Malone broke 20 in both of his first two seasons…

    Malone’s not the playmaker that Hemsky is, but with Cosby and Malkin in town, he doesn’t have to be. At less than a third of Hemsky’s price, I regard this as a fairly major bargain. Take advantage of it and try to sign him longer term.

  9. OldGoalie says:

    Amen…I actually expected Malone’s award to be more. Moore should be fairly easy to re-sign at this point. Assuming that Fleury doesn’t want anything outlandish, I believe the Pens should still be below the league minimum after Moore and Fleury are taken care of. Too bad New Jersey’s in the same division…the Pens are actually one of the teams best situated to take advantage of their need to shed salary, but I cannot imagine Lamoriello would be dumb enough to let division rivals in on the fire sale (assuming there is one).

  10. JeffBurnz09 says:

    A Pens player getting a raise? Quick, someone trade him.

    Seriously though. They’ll trade him. No one’s going to live comfortably playing for the Penguins.

  11. PensinWpg says:

    Malone truly picked up his game as well in the 2nd half of last season with the rest of the team. His 1st year he had no supporting cast of mention, Tarnstrom of all people led that team in pts.

    If lined up with Malkin he should be expected in the 1st year to put at least 60 pts with goals being around the 30 marker. If they signed him to a 3 or 4 yr deal averaging 1.5mill a year, 60-70 pts a season will be quite return for that little salary. A 3yr deal should be dandy since all will know what he level he will reach by then. If he proves in those yrs that he can step it up and become a 70+ pt man then he will surely demand a much more premium salary…

  12. TheStryker says:

    I want to see Bouwmeester in a HABS jersey DAMNIT

  13. PensinWpg says:

    Yeah, Bouwmeester with the Habs would work nicely…better than Florida, another team dying a slow and agonizing death.

    Any Panther fans out there btw???

  14. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    bouwmeester rewarded? 2 million is rewarded? shit son ill pay 2 million for bouwmeester any day. heck ill do that with the devils salary cap as well.

  15. BruMagnus says:

    If he plays shorthanded with either Crosby or Malkin always, then he’ll get 7 or more short handers.

  16. dcz28 says:

    Good to know about Malone since Jason Williams of the Wings has similar numbers and is going to arbitration… i thought Williams was going to get 1.5 to 2 million but now i know it will be under 2 million for sure.

    Good price for the Pens on Malone since he did score 20 goals the last two NHL seasons and could get better with time…if the Pens don’t want him at that price send him to the Wings.

    Bouwmeester is also a good deal for the Panthers…same as Malone if the Panthers don’t want him send him to the Wings (i know both teams will accept those awards by the way since they would be stupid not to).

  17. kamullia says:

    I would be surprised if Moore actually does go to arbitration. Blue-collar players in the infant stage of their carreer sign up for arbitration with the sole intent of obtaining a one-way contract. I would be surprised if Shero lets it go all the way to arbitration considering that players are getting the best of the deals by far. Question is, if the Pens sign Moore before arbitration, does the deadline to sign Malone change? Although it is pointless, since they will sign him regardless of when they do it.

    As far as the cap, I wrote in another more elaborate post that I expect for Fleury to get a longer than he should contract and at a higher than he should get salary. At that point, and after signing Pivko (who in an extremely interesting interview in the czech Sport Daily revealed that he has already agreed verbally to a contract with Shero long ago, among other very interesting previously unknown insights about Nashville and Shero) who is set to either make the team or will not come back to the NHL, plus Malone (who could still get an even better paycheck in a longer term contract at this point), Malkin (regardless of the transfer agreement, I expect him in Pittsburgh if only because of his own resolve) and finally Moore…Shero should be right at the Cap minimum area give or take a couple of Million.

    As far as picking the fruit from the low branches (teams shedding cap), you are right that Lamoriello will hesitate to drop players to Pittsburgh, but not so much, considering that I strongly expect him to keep all his stellar players (i.e. Gomez, Gionta, Elias). His other players are good, but just expendable. As far as the Pens go, they have too many players in those molds, albeit inferior and younger, to be trading for Devils players that won’t be around when the Penguins should be a top contender, like say….John Madden. Curiosly, if Shero is still under the cap, Madden would be attractive because of his relatively big contract for his position. Lamoriello will certainly let players go, but I would not think of it as a fire-sale.

    Where Shero is with the cap minimum will play a roll. Regardless, with a team-imposed budget of $33M, Shero is in a position to take on almost any contract, but I do not expect any block buster players to be coming to Pittsburgh before the season. However, regardless of where the Penguins are in the standings, by the time March rolls around I expect some players moving to Pittsburgh that will surprise most.

  18. kamullia says:

    In your own best interest, you should verify information regarding teams financial positions, their rosters, and players intents before making commentaries like this, that show you are extremely misinformed.

    Educate yourself to the situation, then ponder it, and finally contribute a well thought-out insight.

    An Italian saying goes: “It is best to keep quiet and let everyone wonder if you are unintelligent, than open your mouth and take away all doubt that you are.”

  19. kamullia says:

    I would not be certain of your conclusion.

    Malone could be said was fairly priced, and the same with Bowmeester. But passed those two, all other restricted agents have been heavily rewarded. Which means the NHLPA representatives (who intercedes in these manners for the players) are doing a better job than their NHL counterparts (who intercede for the teams). But each case is different, basically. There is different arbitrators also, and that creates another variable.

    And even if the same arbitrator and same parts that interceded on both sides for Malone, are exactly the same parts for Williams, Williams has been generally viewed with a greater upside than Malone (another criteria used in making judgements), therefore I would expect the Williams to be awarded more heavily than Malone.

    In all, I think the chances are better that Williams is rewarded more than $2M, than he will get less than $2M. You just have to hope for the best.

  20. kamullia says:

    The line for people hoping that Bowmeester joins one of 29 teams started years ago. Please get to the back of the line. People get extremely angry if you try to jump in. If you start now, you should get to the back of the line around the time pre-season starts.

    Actually, the good news is that Mike Kennan is the GM in Florida and he has a long history of fewding with youngsters. It is rumored Bowmeester has not appreciated much some of the apparent comments Keenan has made about him in and around the locker room. Only a rumor, but a credible one considering his history.

  21. OldGoalie says:

    What’s the rationale behind the Fleury theory? I hadn’t seen the other post you mentioned, but I’m curious to see if you’re thinking like I am.

    My own feeling was originally that (a) he doesn’t appear to have a taste for being nasty in contract negotiations and (b) he hasn’t earned big money yet, so he might be willing to settle for something midrange in terms of $$ (although many would argue that even midrange money for him is overpaying at this point) but long(er) term.

    I had originally taken him not filing for arbitration as a sign of him not wanting to go through a nasty process. But even given the incredibly player-friendly arbitration rulings (that he obviously couldn’t have predicted before the filing deadline), I cannot imagine Fleury getting huge money in arbitration…and he’s also looking at a short term deal if he goes that route.

    But now I wonder if not filing for arbitration actually was the nasty thing to do in his case. Caron was bought out. Thibault, well, nothing needs to be said about him at this point. Chiodo is gone. Sabourin has never shown that he can be an NHL backup, let alone a starter. Fleury knew all of this before the arbitration filing deadline, so he knew he had the team basically at his mercy…if he doesn’t show up, they have no #1 goalie. So yes, I do tend to think that, unless Fleury is WAY more congenial than most players, the Pens will overpay, and for more years than a lot of people might expect.

  22. kamullia says:

    I did not include your assesment, but your point that Fleury is the #1 Goaltender and has yet to be signed is certainly valid. But Fleury would have to count on Thibault being as dismal as last year. Not an out of the question proposition, but then again Thibault was so terrible that you would have to guess that there is no way for him to change but by improving.

    My partial assessment was dealing more with sentiments and looking into the future. We all educated hockey enthusiast know that Recchi was grossly overpaid. Pause for an important note to all readers. If anyone does not believe that Recchi was overpaid, please do not bother arguing the point. I would have to start my rebuttal with “what is a puck made of?” since your knowledge of hockey must be at that level, and therefore I do not plan on getting into such a long explanation. End pause. We also know that Armstrong was strong-armed by Shero into the qualifying offer, after declining it. The offer to Colby was fair for many reasons, but the point remains that there were two different measuring sticks used between Armstrong and Recchi. If the same scale would have been used either Armstrong should have gotten a better deal or Recchi a lesser one. Armstrong by nature, like any human, can not be happy that Recchi was grossly overpaid just days after Shero forced him into a qualifying offer, because no one likes when someone else gets favorite treatment. And we also know that Fleury has been less than ecstatic with the juggling around that was done with him in order for him not to hit his bonuses in his rookie contract. Add to that the fact that Fleury and Armstrong have been teammates for a while and they get along, I am sure Fleury is not very happy for his friend.

    Now Shero can afford to have Armstrong mad at him because he is hardly essential to the Penguins. But can he afford to have Fleury mad at him? Regardless that he has yet to prove it beyond doubt, this is the goaltender that is widely considered as intricate to the stellar future of the franchise. Will Shero strong-arm Fleury into what should be a fair, 2-year contract with a moderate pay increase? Keep in mind that if Fleury proves he is in fact the goaltender the Penguins want, in 2 years Crosby will be a restricted-agent, and GMs want to avoid contract negotiations to essential players to be done at the same time for many reasons.

    My view is that there are so many factors that put Shero behind the eight-ball in this situation, including the fact that he might need a few extra dollars in order to reach the cap-minimum (especially after Malone’s decision was not overly expensive), that he is much more likely to overpay Fleury. It is also a new manager and a favorable contract would be somewhat of a “Hi. I’m different from the last guy, you are going to be treated well with me” message.

    I could go on and on, but I simply would be surprised if Fleury’s contract is not as a minimum slight overpayment for what he has proven thus far, and I would be shocked if Shero offered him less than 3 years (more than likely 4 years). If the contract ends up being less than 3 years, in my view it is not a good sign for the Penguins, because more than likely it was Fleury to request a short contract. And that entails (if Fleury proves himself) either a big payment in two years, or him moving to free-agency.

  23. OldGoalie says:

    Then you wouldn’t be surprised to see a long term, front loaded contract for Fleury, correct? That would emphasize the “different GM in town” thing, and rewarding Fleury up front would smooth a lot over, I would think…but it would also give the Pens more money (and I mean real money, not cap space) in two years when they have to re-sign Crosby (assuming they’re still in Pittsburgh, a new arena is not yet completed, and the new owners aren’t any happier about operating at a loss than the current group).

    Not sure I agree with everyting you said, but it sounds like you’re kind of on the same page as I am (at least philosophically)…if you’re Shero, you give a little more than you should on the money this time around in order to get a little more than you might otherwise on the term. But there’s a point at which that becomes a bad idea…the Hemsky contract, for example, to me is a monumental risk. I don’t know Edmonton’s finances by any means, so they may be able to handle it if Hemsky never scores more than 12 goals in a season again…but I don’t see the Pens being able to afford spending anything like that kind of money on an untradeable asset, if Fleury doesn’t develop the way everyone thinks he will.

  24. kamullia says:

    We agree.

    All contracts are risky, period. But certainly contracts like Hemsky’s carry more risk, and to be honest the contract that we are both expecting for Fleury, is almost just as risky. He has not proven himself yet.

    If it wasn’t for all the exterior factors and just looking at progress potential, Fleury realistically should be offered a two-year contract being paid less than $2M. All in all, I just do not see that specific contract happening. And as I reiterated before, if it does happen, it could spell out problems in two years. So it is not really in Shero’s/Penguins interests either to go that route. Hopefully he is not one of those GMs that say, “I will worry about that later” and is thinking ahead.

    As far as new owners and money and the arena: The earliest I have heard a completed arena would be for the 2009/2010 season, and the new owners know that. New owners want to reassure their fan base, promote morale in the team, and increase if possible ticket sales, and therefore I expect that for two years at least to see the owners spend more than usual, regardless of losses. By that time the new arena should be around the corner, and they should be in good upcoming financial ground.

    Besides, remember this team is struggling to get to $28M (w/ a budget of $33M). If they changed the budget to say $38M and told Shero to spend it, it is not an incredible yearly loss and it is a huge upgrade. But even then, I believe Shero to be smart how he uses the money, and not go on a shopping spree a la Patrick last year. He will add the right people, not just expensive parts. I think some of that we will see some time this year, which is what I referred to earlier.

  25. OldGoalie says:

    Exactly…even if Shero is given the green light to spend at some point this year, I actually will be surprised if he does much before next summer. He’s already on record saying that he feels next year’s free agent pool is deeper and younger than this year’s (which isn’t really saying all that much, but hey).

  26. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Yea, your right. The Penguins would never trade good players for the sake of saving money.

  27. kamullia says:

    Actually, what I meant was that I will not be surprised at all, if Shero acquires some players this year, right before they go into free agency. In fact, I expect it, if there is a deal to be had. The monetary compensation is not crucial, because the player is not carried the entire year. But this entitles talking to the player’s agent before trading and getting a feeling for what contract the player would seek in order to forego free agency, and if he would want to be with the Penguins in the long term. This happens all the time. When you hear a GM right after a trade for an upcoming free agent say “We are confident we can come to terms with (SO AND SO) and work out a deal”, that translates to “I have already talked to the agent and he talked to the player and we got the major points worked out for his next contract.” They just have the little things to iron out, and the player to sign in the dotted line.

    This is considering that the target for Shero is a younger player, who has made up his mind to leave his present team, and not highly touted established players who will be fought over by several teams for their playoff run. That means that the compensation via trade, will not be as steep like for a veteran player sought after playoff teams. Shero already did some of this with Pivko (although the players I expect are of more prominence), whom he had talked to long before leaving Nashville that he wanted him in his next organization. In fact, Pivko in an interview even mentioned to having the entire contract verbally agreed to, he just needs to sign it. If you read the article, you understand that Pivko was as important to Shero if not more than Moore, in that trade.

    But even if there are several assets to be given, if the player is a major upgrade, I still expect Shero to pull the trigger.

  28. OldGoalie says:

    I meant to ask you about the Pivko article you had mentioned…do you have a link to it by chance?

  29. kamullia says:

    Of course. And they would not go out in the free agent market and pay $25M for a defenseman, or grossly outbid millions for a winger. Please review last season’s free agent movements, since apparently you missed it all. Nevermind the present finances of Pittsburgh or their position.

    I always thought ignorance was an apparent abstract that must be sensed and derived. But you have proven that it can physically ooze!

  30. kamullia says:

    You can find it at []

  31. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I’m not suggesting they go out and overpaid free agents, but in the past, they’ve traded away star players for whatever anyone would give them just so they didn’t have to pay them. Seems anytime anyone deserves a raise in Pittsburg, they trade them away. I was only half joking, I don’t expect them to trade Malone, but with that team ,you never know.

  32. OldGoalie says:

    Definitely interesting…would be more interesting if I had ever seen him play to the point that I could tell if he’s justified in his belief that he’s NHL material, but training camp and the exhibition games will give us an idea.

  33. kamullia says:

    Wasnn’t it interesting?! Regardless, Shero has been physically around him enough and he was sure he wanted him.

    In fact, after reading the article I though, maybe they will try him out regardless and give him a good chance at succeding. I would not be shocked if in the preseason I saw him left to Sydney and Ekman in the second line, with the thought that Ekman will do alright with anyone and they want to see what Pivko can do with Sydney. Also because if it turns out right, the Penguins would go from one surely offensive capable line (ekman,crosby,???) to two capable lines (pivko,crosby,??? & ekman,malkin,recchi).

  34. OldGoalie says:’ve got Cros, Ekman, Recchi, Malone, and LeClair, all of whom scored 20 or more last year. LeClair is almost certainly not a top 6 forward in today’s game, but you’ve still got 4 20+ goal guys whom I have to figure will be on the top two lines in some configuration.

    You’ve got Malkin, who any sane person would play as one of your top two centers.

    You’ve also got Armstrong, who scored 16 in only 47 games (that works out to 28 in a full season, had he been able to maintain his pace) and Ouellet, who scored 16 in 50 games (that works out to 26 in a full season). I’m generally edgy about forecasting full season performance from a half season of work (particularly for younger players), but I think it earns them at least some consideration, depending on how they do in camp and the exhibition season.

    There’s also the Staal/Pivko factor…I tend to think that if either or both stick with the Pens, it will be as a top 6 guy because I feel that playing 6-10 minutes a night on a 3 or 4 line is definitely not where you want to be with them.

    All in all, and as strange as it feels to type this, I’m not hugely concerned with the top two lines at this point. At least assuming Malkin does end up here (which I think is a pretty safe bet)…if he’s not here, they have a gaping hole in the middle of one of the top two lines, and no way to fill it (unless Staal is good enough to make that jump). Just like last year.

  35. kamullia says:

    In the past, they also won a stanley cup, and they wore blue uniforms, and sponsored a team in Russia.

    Fact is that your knowledge of the Penguins is quite obviously superfluous and you are making uneducated and what amounts to childish comments. Penguins have absolutely no need to shed players because of finances. In fact, they are actualy in need to spend money. But I do not have time to educated someone who is just passing along, uninterested, and only succeding at becoming the jester of the court.

    Have a wonderful life and hope you find those big funny shoes comforting.

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