Management to blame for Canadiens' problems

All right, folks: Let’s see the hopeless homers of the press box find a way to put a positive spin on this:

Seven games into the season, Jacques Martin’s Canadiens are 29th in the NHL and dead last in the Eastern Conference. They are seven points behind the Leafs and the sum total of their accomplishments so far this season comes down to this: They spoiled the return of the Jets to Winnipeg.

That was two weeks ago. Their accomplishments since then? Diddley and squat.

Seven games in, the Habs have four points and two of those points you can chalk up to the NHL’s ridiculous point-for-a-loss system, designed to make teams look better than they are.

So what do the Canadiens do now? Fire the coach? Fire the GM? Fire the team? Fire the 21,273 suckers who buy overpriced tickets for this nonsense game after game?

If this goes on much longer, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Martin walk the plank. He is the league’s least innovative coach, he has the charisma of a boiled turnip and his constantly ballyhooed “system” seems tailored to the NHL circa 1997, when Jacques Lemaire’s trapping Devils ruled the roost.

Sooner or later, Pierre Gauthier will fire Martin to save his own skin, because that’s what GMs do. But the onus here should be on a front office that has not drafted well enough, traded well enough or hired well enough. Again and again, the Canadiens have let go of the valuable, relatively inexpensive players who are the heart of any team: players like Dominic Moore, Jeff Halpern and Roman Hamrlik.

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