MantaRay Power Rankings 10/26/03

Welcome to the first weeks installment of the MantaRay Power Rankings.

This ranking includes all games played through Saturday, October 25th.

The ranking in parathesis reflects how each team finished the previous season’s MRPR.


Top Ten:

-Undefeated Bolts rank #1

-First time ever in top 10: Isles, Habs and Trashers

-Av’s & Blues remain top 10….for now.

Middle of the Pack:

-Panthers and Flames break out of the bottom

-Poor starts hinder Stars & Flyers

-Yotes and Kings hang in

Bottom of the Barrel:

-Devils drop below top 10 for the first time

-Ducks: this years flash in the pan

-Caps worst team in hockey thus far.


1 (12) Tampa Bay Lightning:

Undefeated in 6 games due to league leading defense and goaltending (8 GA in 6 games). Stillman 5 Goals/ Dan Boyle has emerged as a top notch defensemen in TB.

2 (1) Ottawa Senators:

Still the best team in the league. Everyone pitches in: Spezza (3G-4A in 7 games), Havlat back (3 points in 2 games), Bonk (1 point in every game), Lalime (5-1-0), Redden/Rachunek tops in +/- (+7). Sore spot: Penalty killing (rank #25) needs improvement.

3 (6) Vancouver Canucks:

Canucks 4-0 at home riding on the new young guns: Jason King (3G/2A) and team scoring leader Daniel Sedin (1G-6A). If Naslund/Bertuzzi/Morrison start clicking Van won’t be the #12 PP team for long.

4 (16) New York Islanders:

What locker room strife??? Habs reject Marius Czerkawski 2nd in NHL in Goals (7). Rick Dipietro has best GAA (1.29) in NHL. Don’t underestimate Isles defense #5 in the PK.

5 (21) Montreal Canadiens:

Saku who? Habs riding high off the play of young guns Ribeiro (3G/4A) and Ryder (1G/4A) along with strong play of underrated Yanic Perreault (4G/2A and 59% FOW%).

6 (3) Detroit Red Wings:

Strong defense and special teams make this team win: Leagues best PP & PK units. Big win over Dallas Friday. Yzerman’s knees will not allow him to play in back-to-back games this season.

7 (22) Atlanta Thrashers:

Hats off to Hartley: Atlanta tied for 6th in defense? Number 3 in the league in PK?? Marc Savard #3 in Face-off wins (116)? Kovlachuk leading NHL in scoring (14) doesn’t hurt. Coaching: the key in Atlanta.

8 (15) Boston Bruins:

B’s are 5-0-1 in their last 6 road games. Thornton/Knuble/Murray line reunited. Samsonov and rookie Zinovjev getting chemistry. Andrew Raycroft takes #1 goaltending job. Sore spot: PK ranks 29th.

9 (7) Colorado Avalanche:

Aebisher standing tall while facing the 5th most shots per game (25.8). Av’s are 19th in the NHL in goals against. Players only meeting ignites Forsberg-Hedjuk-Tanguay (2G/7A in 5 games).

10 (9) St.Louis Blues:

Osgood (1.86 GAA/.928 SV %) keeping team winning while injuries decimate team defense: MacInnis (eye), Khavanov (foot), Laflamme (leg), Salvador (wrist) and now Jackman (out 2-4 weeks dislocated shoulder).

11 (8) Toronto Maple Leafs:

Leafs go 3-1 this week with Nieuwendyk (3G-1A) leading the way. Sundin and Nolan finally adding some offense. Mogilny and McCabe back. Special Teams are a disaster in Toronto: PP: #24/PK #20.

12 (23) Calgary Flames:

The Flames building momentum with Jamie McLennan (4-1-0). Reinprecht makes immediate impact in first 3 games back (1G/3A). Calgary’s PP ranks #8, but weak D hurts PK which ranks #26.

13 (2) Dallas Stars:

Stars (2-2) have problems. Modano is a having an awful start (-6) and has effected ineffective PP (#21). Jason Arnott having great start (2G-5A +7). Boucher and Morrow a bit banged up but should be fine.

14 (17) Los Angeles Kings:

Ziggy Palffy is 3rd in the NHL in points (12) and Lubomir Visnovsky leads all defensemen (8). But the Kings severly miss Miller and Nordstrom and are dead last in PK (#30). No return for Allison and Deadmarsh.

15 (20) Phoenix Coyotes:

The Yotes have given up 19 goals in their last 4 games. Burke looks shaky in his last two starts (0-2 5.08 GAA). On the positive side the Phoenix PP is ranked #7 helped by the improved play of Paul Mara (1G/7A in last 4 games).

16 (5) Philadelphia Flyers:

Since his first two games (shutouts) Hackett has allowed 12 goals in his last three. Special Teams play has helped Philly: PP: #10/PK: #6. Mark Recchi coming around (3G/4A in last 4 games). Gagne is back.

17 (26) Buffalo Sabres:

Sabres starting to click: Pyatt (4G’s in 2 games) with Briere & Drury. Biron posting back-to-back wins in impressive fashion may have won his job back. Andy Delmore looks like another FA bust: 0 pts in 8 games.

18 (28) Florida Panthers:

Keenan’s Kitty Kats 2-2 this week but learning: Panthers PK: #4. Luongo still sees the most shots against per game (33.4) due to young defense. Olli Jokinen (3G/2A in 4 games) is #2 in the NHL in faceoffs won (118).

19 (27) Columbus Bluejackets:

Marc Denis see the Third most shots per game (27) against, yet still has a 1.88 GAA and stellar .936% SVP. Injury bug: Klesa, Sanderson and Wright hurt. Jackets have the #2 PK unit in the NHL.

20 (24) Nashville Predators:

Pred’s have let up 12 goals in there past three games. Marek Zidlicky(2G/5A) ranks #3 in scoring by defensemen but the Pred’s PP ranks only 25th. Young guns perking up: Hartnell/Hall. Johansson possible concussion last night.

21 (18) New York Rangers:

Undefeated in their last 4 games thanks to Mike Dunham (2-0-2, 0.96 GAA, .966% SV%). The Ranger$ have the worst offense in the League (11 GF) and the worst PP (#30). You know your team is bad when Chris Simon (0G/4A) leads your team in scoring.

22 (19) Chicago Blackhawks:

Undefeated in their last 3 games thanks to Thibault (2-0-1, 1.94, .942% SV%) who see’s the 2nd most shots per game (30.1). With Daze and Zhamnov out younger kids taking advantage: Arnason (3G/3A) and McLean (3G/2A).

23 (30) Carolina Hurricanes:

1-0-4 in last 5 and reflected in their 13GF/14GA. PP is ranked #29/PK is #17. Brind’amour (129 FOW) is #1 face-off man in NHL. Kevin Weekes is the #3 Goalie in the league (1.45 GAA/.934% SVP). Rookie Eric Staal (1G/2A in last 2 games) is adjusting to big game.

24 (4) New Jersey Devils:

2003-04: Bizzaro World Devils: They can’t hold a lead, not a single player is a positive in the +/- category, and they rank #18 on the PK and have the #5 PP??? Brodeur is overworked and it shows.

25 (14) Edmonton Oilers:

NHL’s most homesick team: 0-3-0 and have been outscored 10-1 on the road. Next to worst special teams in the league: PP: #23 and PK: #28. Team Defense (26 GA) is a horror. Steve Staios (2G/4A) leads weak defense in scoring.

26 (10) Minnesota Wild:

Uncharacteristically impatient and are making too many high-risk plays leading to high goals against (24). Gaborik signing on Monday??? Bouchard looking very impressive (2G/5A). Zholtok back from fainting spells next week and so is Dupuis.

27 (11) Anaheim Mighty Ducks:

Last season’s Western Conference Champions were strong on fundementals—not this year. The Ducks have the worst special teams in the league: PP#27/PK#27.

28 (25) San Jose Sharks:

Oh the Sharks have…a nasty team dear: winless in 5. Nabokov is 0-4. Team is 0-2-3 at home including two shut-outs against them. This team is a mess.

29 (29) Pittsburgh Penguins:

Mario and the Wilkes-Barre Bunch are just not very good. They have been outscored in the first period this season 12-2. Pity poor Marc-Andre Fleury (1.98 GAA/.947% SVP)….if he isn’t traumatized by the end of this season.

30 (13) Washington Capitals:

How can a team with Bondra/Jagr/Lang and Gonchar be #18 on the PP?? Kolzig (1-5-1, 3.38 GAA/.857% SVP) is finished. He looks fried playing behind a young, mediocre/patch work defense (see MA Fleury above). Things are not well in Washington in many ways.

12 Responses to MantaRay Power Rankings 10/26/03

  1. titans says:

    Only a matter of time before the Blue Jackets crack the top ten! Denis is great! All we need is to get our big guns healthy and look out!

  2. mikster says:

    How did the Rangers drop down to 21st when in their last 4 games of last season they went winless, allowing 13 goals……….and the last 4 games of this season they’ve been undefeated allowing 1 goal a game, with one shutout?

    The offense sucks, no doubt, but it’s slowly coming along. Lindros was starting his offensive engine but got friggin injured. Rheaume was a solid pick up. Dunham’s an awesome goalie, so people who still think that Cujo will come to Broadway, ZIP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. titans says:

    Stop…just stop already!

    “Lindros was starting his offensive engine”?? The only thing that starts his engine is a copy of Studs on Skates magazine!

    “Rheaume was a solid pick up.”?? What?!? His sister woulda been a better pick up!!

    “Dunham’s an awesome goalie”??? Dunhams a good goalie! Martin Brodeur is an “awsome goalie”!

  4. CaptainModano says:

    Hey, I’m surprised they lost the lead last night vs. Dallas….the Stars were pissin me right off, until Boucher and di Maio came through and saved the game. BlueJackets and Wild seem to have switched positions this year.

  5. daredevil says:

    I still think the loss of Ray Whitney will hurt the BJs. Picking up Todd Marchart was a very good move, but it’s hard to replace that pure offensive ability of Whitney.

    Mark Denis is the most underrated goaltender in the NHL: 1.88 GAA and .936 GAA. This guy is amazing. I also think the BJs have the most underrated coach in the NHL – Doug MacClean. When you look at this team on paper, they have some up and coming stars and several journeymen players. I credit the coach and his system of hockey, along with Denis, for their early success.

    Hey, this beats rooting for the Flyers.

  6. mikster says:

    Yeah, he was starting his offensive engines. Two typical Lindros goals in two games.

    Rheaume was a solid pick up, yes. His sister would’ve not have been a bad one either!

    Put Dunham behind that Devils system and he’d do not as well, not too close, but quite close as well as Brodeur.

    If he plays like this with a Rangers defense, how do you think he’d play with a Flyers or Devils defense?

  7. nskerr says:

    I’m a huge Isles fan and think the Isles are one of the top ten teams in the league, but I think number 4 is a stretch, at least for now. They looked pretty bad against Montreal in a 3-0 loss. Montreal has more points then the Isles do. Boston has been on a tear, especially considering they have been on the road for a ton of games. Atlanta has been the surprise of the new season.

    I think the Isles should be closer to 9th than 4th. They have a good test tomorrow night against NJ . NJ never lost to the Isles last year. If the Isles can beat them and then beat Pittsburgh the next night, a big move in the standings would be justified.

  8. Rushing says:

    Zubov’s (-3)puck handling has physically sucked. He is turning the puck over time after time and making awful passes. At the same time, during the Toronto game he was standing in front of his player by the Stars net. He just stood there watching the player with the puck. The player he was responsible for took off in front of him while Zubov just stood there still watching the puck leaving his player wide open for a pass that he tipped in. Again, Zubov was still just standing there. He turned it over “again” later that opened up a free player taking off down the ice. Mo has been off to an awful start as well.

    Turco needs to be hit up side the head sometimes when he pulls these idiotic penalties. They were already on a 5 on 4 penalty when he hit a player that made it 3 on 5. That was when Mo had hit a player and was in the box for 10 minutes and Erskine jumped on the player starting a fight. Four minutes given to Erskine. Goooooooooal after the Turco penalty in the “FIRST” two minute penalty. Erskine had been given 4 minutes.

  9. MantaRay says:


    Its really quite simple:

    When you win you move up.

    When you lose you move down.

    Your ranking is relative to the teams ahead of you and behind you.

    So, in answer to your question, you pretty much answered the question:

    “How did the Rangers DROP down to 21st when in their last 4 games of last season THEY WENT WINLESS, allowing 13 goals”

    They lost and they dropped to 21st.

  10. defenestrate says:

    Where are the Freedonia Fireflys on this list?

  11. devfanman4 says:

    Maybe the Devils should abandon their power play? It worked for them in the past 3 years.

  12. Kashin says:

    As much as the Isles deserve credit and as much as i love them, they have to beat a good team first. If they beat the Devils then I can see them being up there if they beat the devils since if they can beat them they can beat anyone… accept for washington. Give them a good opposing goalie and we will see what they can do

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