Maple Leafs Draft Day Game Plan

There have been countless proposals & wild speculation in regards to the Maple Leafs draft day strategy however, I would like to take a more logical look at the possibilities.

The Leafs currently hold the 7th overall pick in the upcoming entry draft which is speculated to be the deepest in years. The projected top ten NHL hopefulls all show the potential to be a solid building block for their respected NHL clubs.

Yes Brian Burke has stated that he would like to trade up for Tavares, but really, what NHL team doesn’t want that first overall pick? The truth is, The Islanders would be foolish to trade away the future of their franchise. Tavares would be key to turning around the Isles skill level on ice & financial situation off ice.

If Mr. Burke is to trade up, I believe he should go after the number 3 pick, which is currently held by the Colorado Avalanche. I think this scenerio is far more plausable & would provide both teams with a chance to speed up their rebuilding process.

To Toronto (from Avalanche):
3rd Overall pick – Matt Duchene

To Colorado (from Maple Leafs)
7th Overall Pick – Nazim Kadri
2nd Round pick (from Buffalo)

Some would suggest that Burke will keep his seventh overall pick & look to trade current Leaf players to get a top three pick. If that situation was to present itself to Burke. He would have to make some serious decisions in regards to the futures of Kaberle or Kubina & how they fit in the Maple Leafs gameplan moving forward. The Avalanche are not going to pass up Duchene for nothing so they would need one of the two mentioned defenceman & more. I suggest either

To Toronto (from Avalanche):
3rd Overall Pick – Matt Duchene

To Colorado (from Maple Leafs)
D. T. Kablerle
2nd round pick (from Sabres)


To Toronto (from Avalanche):
3rd Overall Pick – Matt Duchene

To Colorado (from Maple Leafs)
D. P.Kubina
2nd round pick (from Sabres)
2nd round pick (from Rangers)

Some would say that is to much for the Leafs to give away however, they might have to throw in a prospect like Jiri Tlusty or more picks as other NHL teams would love to get their hands on this Duchene.

IF by some miracle the Leafs traded for that number 3 pick & kept their number 7th pick. They would push their rebuild into another gear by selecting a top line offensive centre (Duchene) & a two way second line centre (Kadri) while keeping most of their prospects in tact.

Duchene, Grabovski,Kadri and Stajan would allow the Leafs depth at the Centre position while guys like Tlusty, Kulemin, Blake, Ponikorovski would provide support on the wings for the time being.

For the triple crown. The Leafs should try to get the best goaltending prospect in this years draft but this year, you may be able to get that in the second round. I would like to see the Leafs get Olivier Roy (QMJHL) or Edward Pasquale (OHL) as the Justin Pogge sitiuation isn’t as stable as most Leaf fans are lead to believe.

Agree? Disagree?

7 Responses to Maple Leafs Draft Day Game Plan

  1. adam1818 says:

    I have heard a rumor that Tavares may drop to third in the rankings behind Duchene and Hedman. i was just wondering how many people actually beleave this i was kinda shocked when i heard this. as for your idea i think it is great i would like them to go for more then one prospect in this draft. Give what we need to stockpile on as many top 10 picks as we can like Burke said. the players on our team have not done much anyway if Burke plays his cards right i think he could get 3 maybe even 4 top ten picks with Kaberle and Kubina and our two seconds.

  2. hatterson says:

    It's true he might drop to 3rd in the rankings but I still don't see a chance at him not being drafted 1st overall, especially if the Isles keep the pick (very likely).  The reason being that few things excite a fanbase/franchise more than an elite scorer.

    With all due respect to Hedman, a solid two way defensman isn't going to bring in much advertising revenue.  However, the most prolific offensive player in OHL history will.
  3. adam1818 says:

    ya i agree with u on that as a leafs fan i say i want Tavares if i was an isles fan i would say there is no way im trading him. unless Burke trades up to second with tampa for say Kaby and some other stuff then flips the pick to the isels so they can still take hedman and get a good prospect in return or no deal i would not pass up on tavares if im snow .

  4. Hockey75 says:

    Remember when on the Trade Deadline when Burke took the huge contracts of Kolzig and Heward because the Lightning couldn't afford them?  I remember!  Anyway, possibly Burke did that so he knew they were probably going to finish near the bottom of the league and Burke could say to Tampa, "Well, since we took those huge contracts of Kolzig and Heward and did you guys a huge favour, why don't who guys trade us your 2nd overall pick."  I would be guessing the Leafs 7th overall pick, Kaberle and maybe Schenn:( would be traded for the 2nd overall pick.  I don't thats what I think.

  5. Hockey75 says:

    That was one scouting report place that probably just wanted to get attention.

  6. clementine says:

    I wouldn't put schenn in the deal for a guy who has yet to play that is way too much.  better proposal would be to releive them of more salary. how about kaberle, stajan, stempniak and the buf 2nd rounder for malone, halpern, prospal and their 1st. this would essentially be almost 2 million in cap releif for tampa and they shed the almost jfj styled signing of malone (he just needs the no movement clause) and get a couple of younger forwards for them. they also get a puck moving defencemen who is probably the best deal in the league at his current price tag. 

  7. adam1818 says:

    but how many people actually think the islanders would pass up on a player like Tavares if they dont take him and we can get him im happy but i really do not want to give up schenn but if it is a must i would prefer the firepower instead of schenn

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