Marc Savard to the Leafs??? and other Rumors

Report: Savard willing to become Maple Leaf or Senator

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Leafs Have interest in Savard

Rumors from the Toronto Sun

Report: Savard willing to become Maple Leaf or Senator

When Tim Thomas gets traded — and let’s not even pretend that statement needs an “if” — the Boston Bruins will be moving a player who essentially played his way out of a job and into the role of backup goalie to starter Tuukka Rask(notes).

The Bruins can’t be blamed for moving him, and Thomas couldn’t be blamed if he sought a move.

But Marc Savard’s(notes) cir*****stances are different. The notion that the Bruins would sign him to a “lifetime” contract with a no-trade clause and then seek to trade him was preposterous in its logic. That it’s apparently what GM Peter Chiarelli is attempting to do is, frankly, an insult to the concept of franchise/player loyalty.

Nick Kypreos of Sportsnet is reporting that Savard has agreed to waive his no-trade clause if it means playing for either the Toronto Maple Leafs or Ottawa Senators. Savard probably didn’t hit them on a dartboard while blindfolded; it fair to assume their courtship. In fact, before the Bruins took Savard out of the UFA market, the Leafs seemed like the likeliest suitor.

Savard to the Senators makes sense on the Ottawa depth chart, but what would the Bruins look for in return?

The Bruins have a logjam at center and can use Savard’s $4.2 million cap hit if he’s no longer in the plans. But the more you think about the plans, the more you feel for Savard. Was that seven-year deal with the friendly cap hit Chiarelli’s way of keeping Savard not as a popular star in Boston but as trade bait? Did Savard have a sniff of that plan when saying things like “I wanted to stay in Boston for the rest of my career and it looks like I’m going to have that chance” after signing a 7-year deal?,251603

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Marc Savard’s $4 million per cap hit and cap-friendly buyout are bargains. So it’s not necessarily the seven-year term of the contract that’s scaring off potential interested Boston trading partners, it’s equally the center’s increased susceptibility to concussion following last year’s assault by Matt Cooke.

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Darren Dreger

Leafs may have some interest in Savard, but Kaberle won’t be included if that trade happens.

Rumors from the Toronto Sun

Don’t be surprised if UFA LW Ray Whitney signs with the Lightning on July 1. He has a close relationship with Bolts GM Steve Yzerman from their playing days in Detroit. The Lightning want a veteran presence in the room and Whitney would be a good fit if Yzerman wants to change the culture. The issue: The market is thin, which means Whitney is going to have a lot of opportunities. He will likely get a two-year deal in the $3.5 million range and don’t be surprised if more than 10 teams make a pitch. He’s an impact player and isn’t going to be nearly as expensive as Ilya Kovalchuk on payday … The Wild tried to entice the Bruins to deal them either David Krejci or Patrice Bergeron. Boston isn’t in the mood to deal either player. Minny also made a run at Florida’s Stephen Weiss, but he’s the one player that Dale Tallon doesn’t want to move.

It didn’t go down Saturday but the Bruins are working on a deal involving Marc Savard. He is going to have to waive his complicated “no move” clause before he goes anywhere, however, Savard isn’t likely going to kill a trade so the Bruins don’t have any worries. The Coyotes, Rangers, Thrashers and Leafs are all looking for help at centre. Savard has Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa on his list of preferred destinations this season … There are two teams trying to acquire Nabokov’s rights from the Sharks before July 1. The Flyers are making a hard push, but there’s a strong belief the Tampa Bay Lightning may also be in the mix … The Ducks aren’t sure what to do about winger Bobby Ryan. He hasn’t signed a contract extension, but they have to decide if a deal makes sense … An NHL executive on Tomas Kaberle: “He’ll be dealt, but I’m not sure the market exists that the Leafs keep talking about. They need get a top six forward and that’s a lot for somebody to pay. Sooner or later, they’re going to have to make the move. That’s reality.”

170 Responses to Marc Savard to the Leafs??? and other Rumors

  1. LeafsneedSteen says:

    I'll concede this one only because that made me laugh.

  2. mojo19 says:

    Incorrect. Those teams are not active until 2011. As of right now he doesn't have to waive his NTC for anyone, but he has regardless for Toronto or Ottawa.

  3. mojo19 says:

    Montreal can't get involved because of Savard's NTC.

  4. reinjosh says:

    Here's the curse of being a Leaf player. No matter what you do, you can never be a great player or a good player. Non-leaf fans will take anything and use it to drop you down ten levels. Honestly its illogical and moronic.

  5. reinjosh says:

    dear god, your comprehension sucks and you ability to understand the facets of a trade is shockingly nil.

    Most players that are traded are traded because the team they were with no longer wants them. Other teams do so they trade for that player. That is in essence, what a trade is.

    Horton is a prime example. Not many Panther fans liked him and yet he got traded for the 15th and Wideman (basically). See, players some teams like are not liked by other teams. One's man's trash, but less so.

    Please go away. You and I actually got somewhere days ago but your back to the old ways. I seriously read the same comment you posted on this article 6 times. And each time multiple people corrected you, providing proof and actual evidence (more than you did by a lot). But guess what, you ignored everyone and just said the same thing over again. Its annoying.

  6. reinjosh says:

    Here is the thing. Not a single logical leaf fan (pretty much cam, mojo, me, dannyleafs, leafmeister, you name them on this site) actual thinks this deal is fair. We honestly cannot believe this is happening. As mojo said, it made him laugh. It made me too. Its unbelievable and hoenstly we wouldnt buy into it one lick unless reputable sources were claiming it was true. Guess what, Dreger, McKenzie, Berger, even a Bruins reputable guy Jimmy Murphy have all said that this is a reputable rumor. Murphy even said that "One would think Burke will not want to give up too much." Its a nutso rumor but one that for whatever reason has truth behind (or so the reputable sources are saying).And if you blame this on Savard, I will lose any respect you ever had or ever would have. Something went down on the management side that likely pissed him off. It isn't his fault. Then again Kessel's deal wasn't his fault but all those Bruins fans seem to think he a selfish ass.

  7. reinjosh says:

    Its cause he had a first season of only 18 points. Some scouts thought he would go top 15. He has the skills too. So no, not overstating his potential at all.

  8. reinjosh says:

    I was convinced that Boston_Bruins was bbruins internet reincarnated for a little bit.


    I thought his NTC doesn't take effect till JULY 1?? I might be wrong….


    Savard does have an out clause that he can retire in 4 years without the remaining salary going against the team's cap hit… Thats probably why he has a front loaded salary. The thing about Grabovski is hes s**t.. Everyone in the hockey world always says hes selffish, one deminsional, and is not a team player.. first I watched him play, when he was playing for the HABS, and Don Cherry, Ron Mclean, TSN, The Score, OTR, Mcguire, Hotstove they all say the same thing…


    I agree with you, i've also said that he past posts, but MOJO AND CAM argued against me.. that same principle applies to Kaberle, and you can argue with about Kaberle's trade value, but its a fact(Burke himself said so) that no team has made any real offers for him.. I think if Savard gets traded, he won't be for fair value, but he won't be traded for Gravoski or Kulemin (Burke himself has bashed Kulemin in the media..) I think a mid level propect and a high first round draft pick(15-25th overall).. I can see Ottawa offering up a better package..  they have 2011 first round pick, youngsters like: Foligno, Regin, rights to Volchencov, Campoli, Lee, Rundland, Wierioch, Karlsoon, Cowen…I could see a three way deal involving Spezza, Savard, and another team


    You guys said he had red flags because of his health and term/salary of his contract…. how has that changed??


    I hope you know I was kidding?? Brent Gretzky was a great player.


    False.. I think Phaneuf is a good player, and could develop into a great player.. that trade might go down as one of the worst trades EVER.. up there with the Brett Hull, Doug Gilmour, Martin St.Louis, Patrick Roy trades… good for them, Calgary will regret that one day, and I think Phaneuf will be a good captain..


    Top 15?? I have a copy of the Hockey News Draft Preview.. hes not even listed as a top 60… Theres not even a mention of him, there is a read up on Ross, and he might develop into a good player..


    Won't need to !!! Tinordi will smash his brains out.. 6-5 225 vs 6-0 175.. should be fun to watch.

  17. leafmeister says:

    Good luck catching him.

  18. mapleleafsfan says:

    And it's a salary dump… even if he's not worth much hes got some value to some teams.. even if it's a low pick it means they get rid of the salary.. how is this so impossible for you to understand.

  19. Mapleleaves says:

    HEY *****ER !!!  Im logical..  ha but seriously i agree, its nice to hope after seeing a rumor but somtimes their are a few that believe and/or even add more coming to thyre team o less going to the other because they have blinders on.

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