Market for Heatley

The Canwest News Service Reports that

Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray has already taken calls and everyone seems to be speculating about where Dany Heatley might land.

The possibilities seem endless, but some appear to be more plausible than others.

Among Western Conference teams, the Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks were the most mentioned by agents and league sources Friday, with the San Jose Sharks and Vancouver Canucks also possibly in the mix.

The Oilers have a glut of defencemen and could put together a package from a group that includes defencemen Tom Gilbert, Sheldon Souray and Lubomir Visnovsky, and centre Patrick O’Sullivan.

From the Blackhawks, defenceman Brian Campbell’s $7.14-million US salary would almost exactly offset Heatley’s $7.5-million cap hit, and the Blackhawks could then forget about trying to re-sign left-winger Martin Havlat.

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  1. DJTOKid says:

    To Ott: Mitchell, Schneider, and 10 1st rd pk
    To Van: Heatley and 10 3rd rd pk

    Van resigns twins, wellwood, and Obrien
    Van signs Jaybo and one or two cheap filler dmen

    Sedin           Sedin        Burrows
    Heatley        Demitra     Bernier
    Wellwood      Kesler       Raymond
    Hordichuk     Rypein      Johnson
    Ex: Hodgson, Hansen, Grabner, Jaffray

    Jaybo               Bieksa
    Salo                 Edler
    Obrein             Anyone


  2. jonnygf40 says:

    Ha. Ha. Vancouver would be like $15 million over the cap.

  3. lukeleim says:

    Florida Panthers trade Nathan Horton, Shawn Matthias and the Panthers' second round draft pick of 2009 to the Ottawa Senators for Dany Heatley.

    Trade Cory Stillman, Jacob Markstrom and the Panthers first and third round draft picks of 2009 to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Tomas Kaberle and Jiri Tlusty.

    Buyout Brett McLean

    Resign David Booth four-year contract 16 million
    Resign Anthony Stewart two-year contract 1.4 million
    Resign Steve Eminger three-year contract 4.5 million
    Sign Steve Begin one-year contract 800,000.
    Sign Nik Antropov three-year contract 12 million.
    Sign Andrew Raycroft one-year contract 700,000.
    Sign Travis Moen three-year contract 3.6 million.

    David Booth – Stephen Weiss – Dany Heatley
    Jiri Tlusty – Michael Frolik – Nik Antropov
    Travis Moen – Kamil Kreps – Rostislav Olesz
    Nick Tarnasky – Steve Begin – Anthony Stewart
    Michal Repik

    Tomas Kaberle – Bryan McCabe
    Keith Ballard – Bryan Allen
    Steve Eminger – Keaton Ellerby
    Jason Garrison

    Tomas Vokoun
    Andrew Raycroft

  4. Elite_Destruction says:

    So I Guess You Are Into NHL 09, And figure you can Raise/Or Turn The salary Cap Off Eh?, What You Said Could Never/Will Never Happen Man. The Canucks Will Be Lucky To Even Get both The Twins Signed, However Their Trying To Work Something Out Now, So Its A Start ;).

  5. Elite_Destruction says:

    Sens Would Never Ever Do That Trade, Hortons Best season was 62 Points, And  Matthias Yes hes Only 20 But He Has Only 4 Points In The 20 Games He Played But He Could turn Into A hell Of A Player, But With Heatley We already Know What kind Of Player He Is, Also What He Is Capible Of , AND the sens Are So gonna Need A 1st rounder, Teams Are Gonna Be Putting Alot Of Better Offers Out There Then That.

    As For the Toronto Trade, Yes Markstrom Is gonna be A Intense goalie, However, Why Would Burke Want Him, When He Is One Of The Front Runners For Gustavsson, That Is Pointless, And As for Stillman, I would not want Him Or his $3.6 Mil Contract. Burke will Take That money And Put It toward Some Better Players This Yr, Also Flordia Is set To Pick 14th, Burke could get A better Pick For Kabs Alone Im Sure Of On The Draft Floor, He Can trade Him To What Ever Team He Wishes, no List Of Teams there :), And It would Be Stupid to Trade Tlusty After The Season he Just Had With The Marlies. thats Just My Thoughts.

  6. muckies says:

    Heatley's value might not be that high right now because GM's might question his commitment.  He is also at the stage of his career were in 2 years I think he will really be a one dimentianal PP speicalist if his skating doesnt improve and improve large. Overall though he is still a top 25 player, 3 years ago he was a top 10, so his stock is dropping fast

    The funny thing is when you read threats on Heatley they all say how he is out of shape, not a great student of the game and is really mostly concerned with his stats and not overall wins.  I think this is a blessing for the Sens, we still have Spez and Alfie on the top line, and a decent group of 4-12 forwards, a respectable Defence 1-5 and if Leclaire can 'do his thing' maybe one of the best additons any team will make this year. Finally a top goalie? Leclaire could be our best player now.

    Murray has a ton of options, Ottawa has a 9th overall, 39 & 46 overall, they also have 9 NHL D-man on their roster (8 if you dont count  Schubert a an NHL D-man which his coaches dont do so neither should we) as well as a few prospects with true potential he would trade like Zubov, O'Brien, J. Glass (not top end guys but could be decent NHL'ers).  Murray can get creative and do a ton to redefine the roster. I still think it will be a western team, either EDM, LA or San Jose.

    Trade 1
    SJ – Heatley, Picard
    Ott – Vlasic, Clowe, 2nd round choice

    SJ- 10th overall
    EDM – Marleau

    Trade 2
    Ott – 5th overall, Teubert or Hickey
    LA – Heatley, Picard

    LA – Pronger
    Ana – J. Johnson

    Trade 3
    Edm – Heatley
    Ott – 10th overall, 40th overall, Gilbert.

  7. muckies says:

    I'd take the Horton trade, I love that guy and he would look awesome in Ottawa, could be an excellent top line winger or a rock on a line with Fish and Foligno

  8. RealisticNick says:

    Somehow always ends up about the Leafs with this guy.

  9. cam7777 says:

    brutal trade for the leafs.  why even trade kaberle if that is the return?  there is nothing in that package worth having except the pick, and we have to throw in tlusty as well?  no deal.

    i like the panthers trade.  horton wants out of florida, heatley wants out of ottawa, florida is desperate for offense, it all works out pretty nicely. 

    but who do you think the Panther's are in free agency?  the new york rangers with higher appeal?  They probably can't even afford to pay Heatley his salaray (if they were to acquire him).  Never mind adding Antropov and Moen as well.

  10. cam7777 says:

    hey muckies, good to hear you talking some sense.  it's going to be super hard for murray to get top-drawer value for heatley given the situation, and the fact that he's owed a 4 million dollar bonus on july 1st (i suspect this is why murray is disappointed with 'dany's people' – for letting this info slip at just the right time, in an attempt to force murray's hand).

    i was just day-dreaming about what to do with this situation the other day, and i was toying with this idea – what do you think of mike gillis and bryan murray helping each other out?  the sedin's are being a little difficult, heatley's being a jerk, maybe the twins are a little more apt to sign on with a team that has alfie encouraging them –

    to the ottawa senators:
    henrik sedin, daniel sedin
    to the vancouver canucks:
    dany heatley, chris kelly

    i'm not sure if you would call this a sign and trade, or what assurances would have to be made for a deal like this go through.  the sens get two good players for one, and they get to dump salary.  the canucks eliminate their need to resign the expensive twins, and perhaps find a long-term winger for the up and coming hodgson. 

    then you go after a guy like sullivan to play the wing with spezza.

    daniel sedin – henrik sedin – daniel alfredsson
    nick foligno – jason spezza <A> – steve sullivan 
    jaarko ruutu – mike fisher <A> – ryan shannon

    not a bad top 9.

  11. muckies says:

    That trade makes sense, but I don't like the Sedins for 13 million a year, I think for 13 million if we were GM's we could put together a better package of forwards to play for you.
    I think Ottawa wants to get faster and hungrier, that is Clouston's style. He needs at least 2 top 5 forwards who love to crash and bang and are best playing dump and chase, along the boards, in close hockey. Now he has 1 in Fisher, Foligno is another and Alfie can play that way as well, but for Clouston's system we need a Tuuomo Ruutu, Chris Kunits, Johan Fransen type of player to plug in along the top lines. Ottawa has some small forwards in Kelly and Shannon and need size upfront, espeically after they lose Heatley's.  Corey Perry is the ideal player, but they'll probably have to settle for something less.  

  12. Rico420 says:

    I personally think this is really dirty pool on the Heatley camps behalf – for one they tried to hi-jack the finals by letting this "slip" – I imagine that Melnyk is kicking alot of stuff now haveing to pay someone 4 Million dollars just to trade him.

    The market for Heatley is going to be pretty slim – second time he's quit on a team and with all the bad report that Brennan and Garrioch have been writing about how cancerous this guy is and do you really want this guy giving advice to your youngsters about not back checking or playing any kind of responsible hockey – just score goals that's all you need to do or some crap that Brennan wrote but who will be the first in line to scrutinize this trade when it goes down?

    I say send him to the Islanders – it's where he should have been in the first place.

  13. JustYouW8 says:

    Horrible trade for the Leafs! And after you sign some of those UFA's lke Antropov and Raycroft.. they'd be starting to look like the Leaf team that never made it anywhere..

  14. daveski111 says:

    I say he goes 2 chicago. Your right they need to forget about Martin havlat they may get heatley who i think is a better player. would be awsome 2 c havlat in ottawa again. i say heatley goes 2 chicago for Campbell and there 1st or 2nd. but more then likly there will be more 2 the trade if heatley goes. ottawa can unload some salary and make some room 4 change. Edmonton would be another team i could c him play 4.  

  15. Shardonis says:

    First off Trade 1 is a joke.  No offence, but while its good for Ott and SJ and it s a rip off for Edmonton. Not going to happen.

    Trade 3 makes the most sense.  But I would envision it more like

    Ott – Visnovsky, Schremp 10th Overall and 40th Overall
    Edmonton – Heatly + Conditional Pick in the 2010 Draft. (Conditional Pick being if Schremp Plays next season in Ottawa and Schremps Performance.)

    That being said,I suggest people read the post made on the oilers website. I see this being more likely than Heatly coming to Edmonton.   Basically I think Edmonton will offload a player and the 10th Overall Pick to NYI and in return draft Tavrase.  I think this is more likely, but will wait and see.

  16. reinjosh says:

    i think your retarded
    Edmonton gets a good deal getting Marleau for the 10th
    and you would never get that conditional pick ever
    and their is absoulutely no way that NYI are trading the first overall especially for the 10th and one edmonton player
    keep dreaming

  17. reinjosh says:

    i would hate to see the sedins play for ottawa
    it would be great for you guys
    and i am being serious
    that 13 million dollars spent on them is well worth the cost especially making your team into a deadly 2 line scoring machine
    daniel and henrik on one line
    spezza and alfreddson on another and two wingers with minimal talent and your set

  18. futurebruin says:

    To Boston:
    Dany Heatley

    To Ottawa:
    Rights to Phil Kessel
    Marco Sturm
    2009 1st Round Pick(#25 Overall)

    Bruins sadly lose kessel, but seeing as they are struggling to come to terms, this could be ideal.  Bruins get Heatley who would replace Kessel as first line wing.

  19. reinjosh says:

    never happening
    campbell for heatley makes no sense on ottawas part
    wishful chicago thinkging

  20. reinjosh says:

    and that helps you how in the salary department
    you would then be at 54.482 million dollars
    and only 15 players signed
    wont be happening
    unless they included bergeron and even that wouldnt help you in any way
    your not getting heatley

  21. broc says:

    He won't go to Chicago for B Campbell, b/c Campbell isn't worth his cap hit, whereas Heatley is worth his.

  22. HabseyMtl says:

    Ottawa will not take Visnovsky or Souray,they are overpaid
    i think O'Sullivan and their first could do itEdmonton get a star while Ottawa drop some salaries et get a good pick and a good player

  23. HabseyMtl says:

    i mean While Ottawa drop salaries and get a good pick and a good player,thats what happen when you are thinkin in french

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