Maurice on his way out…JFJ too?

Maurice on His Way Out Of Toronto?

My typical Saturday night starts out with me taking the girlfriend out for supper then back home to watch the Leafs play.(lucky her eh?) And now most of the time ends with grief as the losses mount. But I noticed some tidbits that were aired that I wanted to pass on.

First I noticed that the Hockey Night in Canada announcers made mention that Doug Gilmour was traveling with the team which is kind of strange. Thought to myself….what the hell is he traveling with the team for? They also mention that JFJ is traveling with the team as well…which again is strange but not to the degree that Gilmour traveling with them. I know the GM’s often make trips with the team but not a lot in the new NHL…in the past the GM traveled with the team but not as much these days. So I thought to myself again…this is a bit weird.

Then I watch TSN’s Sports Center. They show the highlights as normal of the Leafs getting pasted. But it was what they mentioned after the highlights that had me thinking. They mentioned that JFJ met with Maurice behind closed doors for almost two hours after the game.

With everything above it paints one of three pictures.

One…Maurice is going to be fired and Doug Gilmour is going to be interim bench boss.

Two…both Maurice and JFJ are on their way out and Gilmour is going to be interim bench boss.

The third I will put forth below.

Helen Keller would know that this GM and Coach are on the hot seat. JFJ has been described from the start of this season as a lame duck GM. Given the way the Leafs are playing Maurice is about to walk the same plank as JFJ.

My take on this is that JFJ was told going into this game against Phoenix that him and Maurice are running on life support. After the bad loss both JFJ and Maurice needed to chat about a game plan to take back to the board at MLSE.

I know for a fact that Richard Peddie still believes in JFJ. But Larry Tanenbaum is not a JFJ supporter at all. Now both Peddie and Tanenbaum run MLSE on a pretty equal footing. They report to the board of governors that runs MLSE. It was Tanenbaum who hired Gilmour to work with the Leafs.

I believe the board is fed up with both JFJ and Maurice. I also believe it is Peddie that is keeping them both in place. But the third picture to be painted is this. I think Tanenbaum has the ear of the board now and wants his people in place. I think Gilmour is traveling with the team to coach them when Maurice and JFJ are let go.

I am almost certain that Maurice is a goner. I am about 75% sure that JFJ is gone too.

Tonight was the last game of this road trip and the Leafs are on their way home. I think a huge shakeup is coming like a previous article suggested but I don’t believe it is a trade. I think one or both of Maurice and JFJ are gone.

I believe this as per everything I stated above and the fact that HNIC, TSN, and the Leafs Post game stated that the mood with the team was bad going into this game but all three reported that the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife after the game. I guess when JFJ came into the room the mood even went more south….if that is possible. Leafs Post Game made note of that.

There is no doubt that something is coming very soon…but it seems as though the stars are starting to align themselves.

I think the shake up is going to be huge.

2 Responses to Maurice on his way out…JFJ too?

  1. DeathCab says:

    You know, when I saw this article I was expecting another worthless leaf article in which the person put forward nothing of any value, and just rants and raves about crazy things that'll never happen (which makes all us leaf fans look like crazies).  But I gotta give you kudos, you actually put thought into it.

    And YES!  I'd love to see Gilmour in a more "in the spotlight" and less "behind the scenes" role.  I honestly think he'd make a good coach.  But I think getting rid of Maurice without getting rid of JFJ is a mistake.  JFJ needs to go, and if Maurice has to go to make that happen, then I'm fine with it.

  2. RealisticLeaf says:

    Thanks but it is too bad no one is going to see it because they felt that rants needed to be on there and some spitting out what a paper wrote.

    Oh well.

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