McLaren for Kovalev?

Spector’s Hockey ( is reporting that a McLaren for Kovalev deal might be in the works. This trade would benefit both teams as Mclaren would fill the defensive gap made when Kasparitis left and Kovalev would help replace the loss of Bill Guerin.

Is it just me or is this deal so lop-sided in favor of the Bruins? Kovalev had 76 points in 67 games last year, a Point per game of 1.12. He was the Pens’ offensive leader and I can’t see the pens replacing him. What do you think of this rumor?

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  1. bubbakazoo says:

    titans knows dick, that’s it. He can’t spell and loves to use fancy words that he has no idea of their meaning.

  2. GreyGoose says:

    I can’t believe what I’ve been reading here.

    Mclaren for Kovalev ???? Wow . It’s certainly an interesting thought except it doesn’t make sense. Boston Doesn’t need another forward right now ,… they need Defense ,… probrably 2 – Defenseman. And Kovalev wouldn’t be a fit in Beantown anyway. It’s seems alot of people who have responded to this posting have the situation backwards ,… The trade would be Lopsided , but in Pittsburgh’s favor. The Hardest commodity to get ahold of in the NHL is a Really good defenseman / especially a young defenseman . For this type of deal to be considered ( by the Bruins ) the Penguins would have to sweeten the pot for the bruins with a draft pick or a promising young defenseman in their system .

    Great Rumor though !!!!

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