McLaren for Savard?

Yes, I know most of you are probably sick of hearing McLaren trade rumours, but this is another good one (unlike Kovalev). Marc Savard is a healthy scratch for Calgary bcuz they are hoping to trade him. Now, The bruins want some more offence to HELP the lose of Guerin, and Savard could do this. Calgary has obviously showed some interest in McLaren, and since they want Savard gone, I strongly feel that it is a good trade.

Now people, don;t go nuts on me for making another McLaren rumour, but this website is so ppl should stop complaining about rumours. Now, I’m just curious to hear what everybody’s views are for this

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  1. mikster says:

    Calgary can’t afford McLaren.

    If anything i might see McLaren coming to the Atlantic Division.

  2. acebailey says:

    Unless Shields magically turns into Patrick Roy durring this 6 game road trip, Mclarren will be moved for a goalie.

    Everyone in the sports media seems to think the Bruins are missing 3 things from last year:

    1. Guerin and his scoring.

    2. Kyle Mclarren on the blue line.

    3. Byron Dafoe in the net.

    This is how I look at these 3 issues:

    1. Thornton will be better that Guerin this year , Samsonov will only get better, and Murry and Rolston will chip in at least as much as last year… offense is not the main problem.

    2. This is not an exaggeration, Kyle Mclarren missed more games that he played in the last few years, he hasn’t been there anyway, so I don’t see how they will miss him. Also Berard looked good against The Wild the other nite, and he was great in the preseason. I almost think the Defense has improved. Again not the biggest problem they have.

    3. Goaltending. This is where they need help, unless Shields proves me wrong. I have been watching Grahame for a while now, and I don’t think he has it in him to be #1. Shields could be the guy, but I don’t think so.

    A real contender has to have a goalie that can steal a game for you every once in a while. A real #1, and I don’t see it in Boston right now. And I don’t think Dafoe is coming back, the Bs have to put him in the past.

  3. saiklo says:

    The problem with McLaren is this. He is injury-prone, he has never really proven himself on a consistent basis, and he is expensive.

    He is also a holdout; which, combined with all of the previous factors, drives his market value down.

    Is Marc Savard in his final days as a Flame? During tonight’s Rangers game, John Davidson stated that the answer is yes. Will he goto Boston? Maybe, the Flames need defense, and the Bruins need a playmaking center.

    While that all looks good and well, Micki is right. Calgary cannot afford the price McLaren wants, and the Bruins probably are still holding out for a better return on their disgruntled defenseman.

  4. saiklo says:

    If Boston doesn’t watch it, they could easily find themselves out of the playoffs this year. There is really no team in the East that is good enough to guarantee a playoff spot

  5. acebailey says:

    Savard is not a big enough name for Mike O’connell, even if hegoes after somthing other than a goalie, which I find unlikely.

  6. wayne2 says:

    I think the bruins should try to deal him to the oilers,they need a defensemen.But then again for who?Maybe Detroit is a better place cause soon Chelios will retire,maybe Colorado(Blake same thing).As far as trading for a goalie goes,no team as that depth in goals to give away a goalie thats worth it.Unless they try Phoenix that have two good goalies.

  7. acebailey says:

    Yeah, but the Bruins have 4 goalies on their roster now (2 in Boston, 2 in Providence): Shields, Grahame, Raycroft, and Thomas.

    They would almost have to send Shields, or Grahame in the trade. I have many times seen an overqualified backup, that could be a #1 somewhere else. I have been scratching my head trying to think of who it could be this year.


    Nabokov hasen’t signed, along with Sharks D-man Brad Stuart I might add.

    I saw a rumour on this sight about Khabiboulin.

    Dafoe, I guess it could happen.

    This sounds crazy, but Irbe is having a real bad start down here in Carolina. Not a great preseason either.

    Carolina gets: Grosek (to replace Gelinas), Grahame, and Mclarren (plus maybe a prospect or draft pick or somthing).

    Boston gets: Irbe and a D-man (Carolina is deep with defencemen, and they haven’t been blown away by Tanabe lately, but I don’t know if they would move him).

    Hurme is cheap, and he will almost certainly sit 60-70 games this year. Florida might not look down their nose at Grahame or Shields, although I don’t know whay Keenens relationship is with Grahame.

    What ever happened to Jamie Storr?

    My favorite solution: Barrasso, although, I don’t know if he is staying in shape, or if he has called it quits, does anyone know the answer to that one?

  8. go_nucks_go says:

    so u’re telling me that u expect glen murray to score 41 goals like he did last yr?!?!?!?!!…. u gotta be kidding… rite?

  9. hockeywhore says:

    Savard and Button cleared things up before the season started, and Savard publicly said he is enjoying a chance to redeem himself. But, the fact that he was a healthy scratch in the game against Philly because Button wanted “Bigger” players is a little odd.

  10. hockeywhore says:

    blake is a long way from retiring, mclaren is only like 3 years younger than blake anyway

  11. TheBricks says:

    I heard that the Flames “need defensive help” and are shopping Savard heavily and will be traded over the next few days. I believe that it was off MSG Network? I’m where but anyway….IF this is what people are saying, I honestly think the B’s will get Marc Savard. This sounds a lot more realistic compared to the Kovalev rumor.

  12. nixter says:

    Boston should get maybe a draft pick along with another player.mclaren still has huge upside to him, while Savard seems not to get alnog wtith teammates anywhere he plays. It would be a good deal for both teams but Calgary would have to sweeten the pot just a bit.

    My views on Mclaren is he should go to San Jose and be reunited with his ex defensive partner Scott Hanann along with Grahame for Nabakov and maybe koroluck and a 1rst or second draft choice.

    Without a goalie…the b’s will be pressed to make the playoffs.

  13. wayne2 says:

    For the record,Blake was born in 1969 which makes him 33 and Maclaren was born in 1977 so he`s 25.

  14. Habs4ever says:

    I say the Islanders. They were trying to get Kasparaitis during the off-season but it didn’t work, McLaren would help them because their best defensman are offensive-minded, Roman Hamrlik, Adrian Aucoin. Plus with the absence of Peca, they do need some grit.

  15. TheBricks says:

    I highly doubt San Jose would trade their young franchise goalie. Kiprusoff isn’t holding his own at all, and the Sharks know they need Nabokov. Adding Grahame just wouldn’t help them out, and trading a first round pick and Korolyuk for McLaren wouldn’t even balance out hte loss of Nabokov.

  16. MantaRay says:

    The Bruins are gonna have to suck it up and just trade McLaren for a few draft picks.

    He is too injury prone and too limited offensively to obtain anything of value in return.

    I put the Savard rumors up their with the other Mike O’Connell started rumors (Kovelev, etc).

    Mclaren is a 5th or 6th defensemen at best…if he is healthy enough to play.

  17. Rushing says:

    Well, Modano and Guerin are evidently a great combo. Guerin already has 6 pts in 3 games and I see that Thornton is supposed to be out for 2-4 weeks. So, you’re saying Thrornton will be better than Guerin?

    He may be but Guerin is sure looking good and liking his spot so far. He’s got 3 goals and 3 assists with 2 Power Play goals in 3 games so far.

  18. mebeda says:

    Calgary would have to send someone with Savard to sweeten the pot a little. Savard carries a little bit of baggage with him, as someone else has already pointed out.

    The Bruins should just be patient. I’m not convinced that Grahame is a #1 goalie, but its not fair to judge him based on one game. The entire team played terribly in Minnesota, not just Grahame. The defense was soft and the forwards did a terrible job backchecking, especially picking up the trailer.

    The thing with McLaren is that he’s a legitimate #1/2 defenseman when he’s healthy. There was a game last year or the year before against Tampa Bay where he just dominated the game. I think he scored 2 goals, laid a few opposing forwards out and beat up some guy in a fight. The thing with him is that obviously games like that are few and far between because he’s always hurt. If the Bruins wait, they might find some team that’s willing to take a gamble on him and give up someone that they perhaps otherwise wouldn’t.

  19. Rico71 says:

    I agree.

    I simply cannot figure why he’s so highly rated. The only thing he ever did to make a name for himself was the Zednik cheap shot in the last playoffs. Boston management and fans seem to think he’s so good…he’s not. He’s a #2 defenseman at best. He’s always injured and does not put up very high offensive numbers.

    You’ll get a few draft picks, that’s about it guys. No one is stupid enough to trade a quality player for a guy who’s never done anything and is injury prone to boot.

    And to the one who mentionned a Nabokov trade…keep dreaming! *lol* Never gonna happen. Have you seen how their goaltending sucks right now? 11 goals in 2 games against Colorado and Vancouver…they need a quality goalie and Graham is a bust. So no deal.

  20. MantaRay says:

    Trade Mclaren for picks, use the money to resign Dafoe. Move on already.

  21. MantaRay says:

    Are you related to Mike O’Connell or the Jacabs family?

    Who hasn’t dominated against Tampa Bay?

    No team should gamble on such a questionable talent at best. He has done nothing in Boston.

  22. acebailey says:

    Kiprusoff had a horrible game the other nite, but don’t forget, he was supposed to be the next guy on the totem pole behind Shields. Kipper was out of the line up when Shields got hurt, and that is how Nabokov got the job. Maybe Shark mgnt still has faith in the guy, perhaps the game the other nite was just a fluke. Only the Sharks organization knows what that guys looks like in practice.

    Did Shields leave on good terms?

  23. saiklo says:

    I would be willing to venture that if things go poorly for the Bruins over the first 10 games, they will sign Dafoe out of despiration.

  24. Tradedude says:

    Is there a scource for this, cause you have no proof of this rumor. anyone can make up a rumor and post it, other than that, savard! another no namer!!! not the best choice, im still going as the best trade bostion’s gunna get is, McLaren for Johansson of the capitals, no rumors about it, just my suggestion, and i think it be great adition for the both teams

    Washington gets: McLaren, D, 3rd rounder

    Boston gets: Johansson, D, Sutherby, C

  25. nixter says:

    I agree Savard is overhyped,,, but to the capitals??

    What are you smoking?

  26. nixter says:

    Savrd is overrated, Dafoe is a jerk, Kyle is good when he wants to be, Boston GM is stupid.

  27. Rico71 says:


    But the Boston GM is an idiot so he’s gonna take a while to make up his mind.

    You just have to look at the decisions he took regarding the non-signings of Guerin and Dafoe. An idiot. *lol*

    I wish McLaren gets traded to some basement team like Nashville or Columbus. He’s waaaaaay overated by Boston. I’ve watched about 20 Boston games last years and I barely notice Kyle…apart when he gets hurt. *lol*

  28. mebeda says:

    I don’t think his talent is questionable, but his health and his consistency (or lack of) are.

    I’ve seen McLaren play a lot of games and at times he has been a great player. I agree that his health issues make him a big gamble, but some teams are willing to take that risk. Mike O’Connell doesn’t have to make trade. He has the free option of sitting back and letting someone else do something stupid.

  29. mebeda says:

    You’re probably right about Boston having to suck it up and trade him for draft picks. Because he’s always hurt, all he really is is a ton of potential. Boston will either trade him for another player who has never lived up to potential or for draft picks, which are only potential. That’s the only type of a deal that would make sense for both sides. Say what you want about Mike O’Connell, but don’t call him an idiot. How much worse do you think the Bruins would be if they did nothing with McLaren? The Bruins have the upper hand in the process- Kyle needs them a lot more than they need him.

    I think its pretty easy to criticize Boston management, but they are pretty good at doing a few things:

    1) They’re cheap scumbags, but they do spend money wisely. Guerin’s a great player, but if he gets $9 million a year, what do you think they’ll have to pay Thornton, Samsonov and Rolston next year?

    Everyone rips Mike O’Connell for not signing Guerin, but what does it say now that Tom Hicks wants to sell the Stars? Its a business and its all about making money.

    2) Any dope with a big checkbook can sign high priced free agents, but teams with good management get better by drafting and trading. The Bruins have made some terrible draft picks but have a history of making very smart transactions. Here are a few examples: 1) DiMaio to the Rangers for Knuble (where’s DiMaio now, puking on himself under a bridge?) 2) Ron Grahame to LA for the pick that turned out to be Ray Bourque (8th overall) 3) not signing Glen Wesley and getting draft picks that turned out to be McLaren, Aitken (ouch!) and Samsonov 4) Can you say ‘Cam Neely?’

  30. mebeda says:

    he is playing with a better center. it wouldn’t be shocking

  31. nixter says:

    Thats in the past…today is TODAY…yesterday was yesterday.

  32. Tradedude says:

    just an idea! nothing to get mad about, and why ask me what your smoking, i have no cares for what you smoke, and how would i know! i dont even know who you are!

  33. sumthingbruin says:

    Most people on this site don’t seem to realize what kind of player Kyle is. He is a fearsome hitter…but he rarely plays out of position just to hunt down the big hit(unlike some expensive free agents that now reside in the Big Apple). This makes him a valuable commodity in the NHL. Couple his devastating checking with his sound defensive play and solid(albeit modest) offense and you have the kind of player that every GM in the league wants. O’Connell sees him as “a young Adam Foote”. This talk of 5th or 6th defensemen at best is pure nonsense. A HEALTHY Kyle is a 2 thru 4 almost anywhere in the league. THe key word, however, is healthy.

    We don’t need another 2nd line center. Boston is very strong up the midddle. I would move him for an Anson Carter type player capable of 30 goals…but who would that be? Isbister?

    All in all, I think he’ll probably end up being traded for a goalie, but who? Who’s on the block that is an upgrade over Shields? No way they could get Nabokov. Could Hurme change adresses again so soon? Thoughts?

  34. acebailey says:

    I have to say, I was impressed with the way Grahame and the Bruins handled the Avalanche tonite. But back to our topic, I was looking at the depth chart on, and these are the #2 guys with other teams that might be an upgrade from Shields, if Grahame can’t keep it up, and Shields cannot prove to be the #1 guy either.

    Weekes, Tugnutt, Hurme, Storr, and Hackett.

    Also consider Boston native Barrasso, and what ever happened to Fiset? Did he retire, didn’t he go to Montreal in a trade late last year? There is Snow with NYI, but I think I would rather have Shields, I have never been that impressed with Snow, although I think he is also a Mass native.

    I know a couple of these guys aren’t clear upgrades to Shields, but these are the only ones I can think of that even come close.

  35. acebailey says:

    If the Bruins want to trade for a #1 goalie, they may want to take a second look at Nabokov, check this out:


    “Goaltender Evgeni Nabokov said Sunday that he plans to leave San Jose on Tuesday and head home to Russia if talks between his agent and Sharks management fail to produce a contract agreement.” — Contra Costa Times

    The Sharks want him to sign a 5-6 year deal, that is the problem, he only wants a 1-2 year deal. From what I understand, the only kind of deals O’connell will negotiate these days, are short 1-2 year deals

    If I were a Sharks fan I would rather have Mclarren and a goalie than nothing, and these Euro-goalies don’t seem to have a problem holding out.

  36. nixter says:

    Another middle of the road goalie is not needed here. The only answer to goaltending is Khabibulin. I would take what you can get outta Shields and Grahme and or try to land Nabakov. He is the only dude that I would say top quality. Kyle should be dealt for at least a couple of high end prospects and a high draft choice since next year is a loaded draft year. THats it.

  37. sumthingbruin says:

    What are you talking about? Who do you think they should go after? Khabby or Shields? You just said that both are “the only” answer. Next you say they should trade kyle for picks and prospects. Just what are you saying? Then you finish by saying “that’s it”. What’s “it”? Your post doesn’t even make sense. What on God’s green earth is your point?

  38. bubbakazoo says:

    The Flames could send Savard to Boston for McLaren, straight up, but it will probably be more involved with those two being the centerpieces and the only significant players.

    Savard is a center, and is not really a great checker, he’s actually similar to Craig Janney. The Bruins have Thornton locked on 1st, Rolston plays more and does more than Stumpel, but he’s the main checker. These two will probably both keep centre spots. Neither Stumpel or Savard are suited to the 4th line, and they’re too expensive. At any rate, they’ve got McInnis for the fourth line. So, they could move Rolston to the wing so he would get more offence 5 on 5, but he’ll still be the top PK man, play the point and be a top faceoff man.

    Without McLaren the Bruins have Gill, Sweeney, Boynton, Girard, O’Donnel, Kultanen and Brown as their normal dmen. So, they would be getting rid of d form their thin depth there to add a forward who barely fits into the crowded forward picture.

  39. Blade2 says:

    I think we’d be best served if O’ Connell dealt McLaren for draft picks or prospects(since Jeremy Jacobs will only look at the bottem line),this way Kyle gets out of here and gets his fresh start(a la Terry Glenn),and we get some more youngsters.Cause they way I see it,I don’t think any club will give up a puckhandling d-man for injury prone Kyle,and a better goalie is even more out of the question.And we don’t need another forward.

  40. kabing says:

    A worthless notion.

  41. sooks6 says:

    I agree that the Bruins lack the big name goalie, but the tandem of Shields and Grahame is working just fine right now. Neither of these goalies show any signs of slowing either. The goalie by committee approach is working very well. The Bruins should ship out Mclaren along with Martin Lapointe for a couple young forwards. Lapointe has done absolutely nothing here in Beantown. The Bruins are a very young team with a solid nucleus, so ship out those two bums for young talent.

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