Messier, Yzerman, Francis linked to Leafs GM post: Report

Toronto quietly looking to replace Fergie

There might actually be a reason why the Maple Leafs have yet to sack John Ferguson Jr. They’re looking for a big name replacement.

Bruce Garrioch of the Sun reports that some of the big names being discussed include 3 NHL legends: Mark Messier, Steve Yzerman and Ron Francis.
According to Garrioch, the Leafs do not want to make a move on the GM front unless they can secure a big name. Certainly Messier, Yzerman and Francis qualify as such.

According to the report, executives around the league agree that the Leafs need to have somebody with star power.

The Dallas Stars thought along the same line when they hired Brett Hull as co-GM alongside Les Jackson. This could become a new trend in the NHL.

The article also states that former Leafs goalie Glen Healy, currently an analyst on TSN, has also been mentioned as a top candidate if Ferguson is fired.

Garrioch believes that Francis might make the most sense because he has been working in the Carolina front office.

In my view, hiring a big name might be a wise move. These individuals would likely garner immediate respect from around the league, and there is little doubt that respect from your peers is an important attribute for the GM position. A marquee name is more likely to have that by default.

The downside is that these big names do not have as much executive experience as, say, a Neil Smith or Steve Tambellini. Therefore, there would almost certainly be a learning curve.

But, as with any job, you have to start from somewhere. And if you want success in life, you need to take some risk…as long as it is a calculated risk. In this case, I think the advantages outweigh the drawbacks. Do it!

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  1. leafy says:

    If that happens, then my life is ruined.

  2. rojoke says:

    I see the big picture.  As a GM, Quinn never won a Cup, despite all those games played.  Or maybe that's the coach's fault.

  3. rojoke says:

    You're also omitting a big factor; coach selection.  That's as much a part of the equation as selecting players.  You either find a coach who can bring out the best in the players you have or find the players than can best play the coach's system, whatever it may be.  That's why Lou Lamoriello has been so successful, because he finds the coach that can get the most out of the teams he puts together.

  4. leafy says:

    Fact: Only 3 teams (in a 30-team league) played in more playoff games than Toronto during the Quinn years as GM.

    Your assessment of Quinn:
    He didn't win a Cup.

    You're not a fair-minded person, Rojoke.  Don't waste my time.

  5. 92-93 says:

    lol …

    being a leaf fan for the past 30 years … all i can say is … it probably will be mike milbury.
  6. 92-93 says:

    well, bring on the Thrashers and Pens!

    perhaps we'll see a 6 game losing streak and losing 9 of our last 10???
    the problem is, the more likely scenario is that the leafs will return to their .500 ways, which would lessen the pressure on MLSE to make a move for an interim GM.
    that sucks. that being said, who knows, this team looks so fragile, i can see – for the first time in many years watching the leafs – that substantial losing streak could be in the ofting. and, in that case, change will occur before the new year. guaranteed.
  7. mojo19 says:

    Right on Leafy. Besides, the Leafs played without 8 regulars for most of the 2002 playoffs. They finished 3rd overall that year and I hate to throw injuries out as an excuse, but that was an amazing team and with NHL regulars such as Renberg, Yushkevich, Valk in the line up, at least a few of the guys who were hurt, then the Leafs may have won that year.

    They didn't win the cup but they contended more than any of the other teams that didn't win. By your assesment there were only 3 good GM's in the 80's because only 3 teams won the cup in that decade. How is that fair?

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