Mighty Ducks to change their name

Announced today by the Mighty Ducks is that they are set to change their name next season. The change is that they are no longer “Mighty,” they will simply be known as just the Ducks.

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  1. CechmanekForVezina says:

    This is the saddest news I’ve ever heard.

  2. thatleafsguy says:

    They should change their name to the Mighty Crips of Anaheim.

  3. wingfanto says:

    Ya, I dont think it’s the “Mighty” part of their name that makes it sound rediculous. If you’re gonna change the name, surely someone can come up with something better than the Ducks. What a joke.

  4. wingfanto says:

    ….How about the Anaheim Hamsters or Anaheim Goldfish? Just about as dangerous sounding as the Ducks.

  5. cecilturtle says:

    Should be called a bunch of feathered fu–s!

  6. ZeroX93 says:

    I was actually really hoping they’d completely change their name… what a disappointment… I’d have a difficult time calling myself a duck… at least its not a Mighty Duck…

  7. Hollywood666 says:

    …Still gay.

  8. TheRussianEvolution says:

    So dumb.

  9. ThomasHawks says:

    i think the Anaheim Mighty is better than the damn ducks ahhahahaha

  10. BeLeaFeR28 says:

    I guess their not “Mighty” enough 😉

  11. distance7 says:

    There’s nothing wrong with it. People have been calling them the Ducks for a while, so it was a pretty simple choice.

    It’s still better than the “Wild.”

  12. Tweek says:

    Flying V anyone?

    Looking back on that movie, that “oreo line” remark with the two black guys and the white guy was a little over the line for a Disney movie. I really wasn’t a huge fan of the Bash Brothers either. The whole blowing the goalie into the net and then having the goalie knock that net off because of a slapshot is pretty rediculous but yet defines what Disney thought they were getting when they made the “Mighty Ducks” a NHL team.

  13. les_canadiens says:

    Nah i rather have WILDS for a name than ducks..

  14. coach_bombay says:

    I, For one, dissagree with this move!

    How could they do this to me! lol

    I would get rid of the ducks in favor for something a little more sellable. It makes the team still sould like they are a glorified ECHL team.

    Make it cooler, I for some reason I like the routs that the WILD has taken!

    Enough with the brid name in sports today.

  15. GaryPuck says:

    According the Anaheim papers, these are the names they were considering:

    Anaheim Freeze

    Anaheim Mighty Men

    Anaheim Americans

    Anaheim Dark Knights

    Anaheim Pilots

  16. markjohnston says:

    if you’re going to change the name, at least pick something better.

  17. ZeroX93 says:

    You can’t be serious… Mighty Men LMAO!!! Pilots? Wtf?

  18. markjohnston says:

    dark knights would have been way cooler, but confusing with the kings so close.

  19. Kamakaze says:

    I think they would be better off changing their name yearly, based on Disney movies…

    Anaheim Lion Kings…

    Anaheim Cindarellas…

    Anaheim Little Mermaids…

    Anaheim Mighty Ducks… I mean… well, maybe not?

  20. Neely4Life says:

    How about the Anahiem Flamming Teal Homo’s. They have ugly jursey’s, still a terrible name, located in a terrible place. Hey Burke, get ownership to bring them back to your old backyard, Hartford.

  21. Neely4Life says:

    that honestly cant be true.

  22. Neely4Life says:

    totally didnt get that when i was 8 ahhahaha

  23. JannettyTheRocker says:

    They should change from the Anaheim Ducks to the California Chaos………..Atleast it sounds somewhat like a men’s team.

  24. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:


  25. wingerxxx says:

    Hey, we have the Thrashers and Penguins as team names. Why not the Ducks? I like the change. It’s been needing a tweak since Disney sold the club. So quack away.

  26. wingerxxx says:

    Mighty Men? Oh my God. Pilots? Dark Knights?? From Anaheim??? I’m glad they stayed with the Ducks, considering the alternatives.

  27. rojoke says:

    Anaheim is in Orange County, right? Then why not call them the Orange County Choppers. Even have the Teutels build them a bike for the home opener.

  28. 2buxaslice says:

    Yeah, I’ve always hated the Might Ducks name. I can’t believe they decided to keep the Ducks part of the name. Now they’re as lame as the Penguins.

  29. wdasilva says:

    I’ve got a great name the should consider

    How about the Winnipeg Jets?

    I mean, might as well change it to that since they will probably move there.

  30. kicksave856 says:

    Anaheim Aeros

  31. sketchy says:

    Why not the Golden Seals?

    How about the Oakland Killer Seals of Anaheim?

    The Los Angeles Money Pits of Anaheim?

    The LaBrea Tar? (that’s a joke about the ice there)

    The Anaheim Old-Tyme Racist Disney Crows?

    The Why Does Goofy Talk and Pluto Does Nots?

    The F.U.EISNERS?

    The Frozen Head of Walt Disney?

    I could go on all night.

    Sell the team to Lamoriello and call them the Scrooge McDucks.

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