Minor News…

Minor news that happened today in the NHL…(TSN.ca/RDS.ca)

The Colorado Avalanche acquired Center Darby Hendrickson of the Minnesota Wild in exchange for a 4th pick in 2005.

They then turned around and sent Brad Larsen to waivers to make room for Hendrickson on the team. The Atalnta Thrashers claimed him off waivers.

Jan Bulis of the Montréal Canadiens is expected to be out 4 weeks with a right knee injury, Yanic Perreault will take his place on the 1st line. This could force GM Bob Gainey to make a move for a wbig winger, something the HAbs desperatly need.(thanx to ”Byzz33”)

Andrew Cassels has been activated from the injured list by the Columbus Blue Jackets after being sidelined for the past 6 weeks. Expect him to be traded to the Vancouver Canucks soon now that he is healthy.

The Nashville Predators would be looking to add a defensemen to their roster before the trade deadline. “I’m not saying we’re excluding the addition of another forward, but if we do make a move, it would probably be for a defenseman,” said GM David Poile.



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  1. LeafsFan_1710 says:

    not very interesting…

  2. eagle29 says:

    minor news is right!

  3. Lint07 says:

    well, if you expected this to announce Wayne Gretzky’s comeback after reading the title, you’re the one to blame…


  4. kuntakentai1 says:

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  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:

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  6. piettro22 says:

    Hmm…I don’t really see Cassels going to the Canucks though…wasn’t he traded or signed on with the Blue Jackets? Either, he left Vancouver, and this return trip would be too soon. But definitely, Vancouver needs a centre…try Francis. Francis is a playmaking centre that will for sure has that playoff experience (hey, he won a cup with the Pens afterall.) And that Vancouver needs a solid veteran who can teach the younger kids, and Francis sounds like the right choice. Plus, Canucks don’t have to give up a lot for him, and trading him to Boston will just mean that his talent being wasted for another short playoff run…honestly, I don’t think Boston can go past Flyers, Leafs, Devils, or Sens. So it would make sense for him to go to Vancouver instead of Boston. But for him to make that transition of playing in the western conference after so many years in the east….hmm….

    Martin Erat has been lighting it up for Preds, along with Sullivan, Legwand, and Walker. With the recent injury to York, out for at least 3 weeks, obviously the Preds will try to get a defenceman to help them secure a spot in replacement. Nashville has the youth as trade bait, and I can see one of these getting traded there:Jaroslav Spacek, Keith Carney, Alexander Karpotsev (HA! wut are the chances?), Brendan Witt (not as a package…although I have to say that that’s wut the Caps want Witt to be in if they were to deal him away) and Scott Lachance.

    Just to add onto that Avs trade: they got a 8th-rd pick in return along with Darby Hendrickson.

    Darby is a precautionary move…Avs want someone who is determined to play and can play the defensive game, and Darby is quite that guy. Avs may want him to solidify the last two lines. Also, his experience with the Wild’s run last year. He also achieved career highs in points, goals, and +/- with the Wild during its inaugural season, while being named the captain for opening day.

  7. kuntakentai1 says:

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  8. HabsNick says:

    Good pickup for the Avs, Hendrickson was a major player in the Wild’s playoff run last year. And they got him for basically nothing too.

    Losing Bulis is pretty big, Perreault has been playing adequately in his stead yesterday though. Bob McKenzie made the crazy statement (i think it’s quite nuts, but it’s Bob McKenzie so i can’t just deny it) that Eric Lindros might be headed to Montreal of all places for future considerations… I don’t like Lindros, but the Habs really could use him in their push for the playoffs. Buuuut i’d rather Gainey looks somewhere else.

    Cassels to Vancouver? not entirely unlikely, but Doug Maclean said he’d prefer not trading him, so Burke would have to put up something good to get Cassels.

    Carney to Nashville? possible, but for whom? I don’t think Nashville is ready to give enough to get a high profile defensemen.

  9. rojoke says:

    Given the public opinion in Québec regarding Lindros’ career, and the fact that he’s on his ninth concussion, this seemed like a far-fetched idea to me at first. But, it would only be a playoff rental, as Eric is a free agent this July (probably unrestricted, either Group III or no qualifying offer). While I still don’t think Gainey should get him or will get him, I can see why he might try.

    This injury to Bulis also will allow the team to showcase Perreault a little, either on the first line or the second. I would rather see Ryder back on the first line and slide Perreault back to the second. He could play his way into a trade, if he okays it, out West, perhaps Nashville or Calgary.

  10. GilaMonster says:

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  11. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    fool is SUCH a cool word.

    Seriously. I love it.

  12. commonwealth says:

    It’s not the big trade people were waiting for, but it’s a good pickup none the less.

    Hendrickson is a good defensive player, the Avs need people who can grind out, and they get him for basically nothing. A 4th rounder plus the get an 8th in return…. why did Minnesota do this trade? Why give up on Hendrickson so quickly? Anyways it’s still a good pickup for Pierre, maybe he will start against St. Louis tomorrow.


  13. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    I didnt expect to see hendrickson traded, hes a minnesota native and i think i hear somewhere the fans liked him?

    Good pickup for the aves, anyway.

  14. Mailman says:

    francis wont leave the canes

  15. mogilny_4_ever says:

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  16. LondonK says:

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  17. bamboo says:

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