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I read someone recently on HTR who was complaining about the lack of interesting trade rumors (hem hem mojo :)), so I decided to write a quick summary of what we’re hearing these days on internet, or what I consider could be potential trades between teams. I won’t write the cap hit or each team after each trade, but consider they WILL stay under the cap with these trades.

The Bieksa Watch

With Shane O’Brien landing in Vancouver, the Nucks have 6 potential top-4 blueliners. Ohlund, Salo, Bieksa, Edler, Mitchell and O’Brien can all handle top minutes. So one of them must clearly go. The odd man out is likely Kevin Bieksa. He’s the only veteran without a no-trade clause, he has good upside, nice offensive potential and a decent contract. Vancouver needs top 6 forwards, so let’s make a swap with New Jersey.

to Vancouver : Dainius Zubrus, Andy Greene, Petr Vrana
to New Jersey : Kevin Bieksa, Taylor Pyatt

Vancouver finally has a decent 2nd line with Raymond-Demitra-Zubrus, they get a young 6th d-man in Greene and a good prospect with top lines potential in Vrana. New Jersey gets a solid top pairing d-man in Bieksa and a great affordable 3rd line forward in Pyatt to take Zubrus’ spot.

The Gaborik Watch

According to a reporter at the Star Tribune (the name was not written)(http://rumeursdetransactions.com/articles/08/10/06-gaborik_los_angeles.php it’s in french though, sorry), Marian Gaborik could be heading to LA pretty soon. He’s saying Patrick O’Sullivan could be heading back to Minnesota due to his contract limbo, with a high draft pick and/or a top rookie like Ted Purcell.

Given the recent injuries to Jason Williams (out for the year) and Scott Walker (out for 6 weeks), Jim Rutherford could very well take a look at Gaborik. He has not much to offer in terms of high end prospects, but he could offer a package of Zac Boychuk, Casey Borer and a high draft pick. Matt Cullen could also drag attraction for Minne. But if there’s a bidding war between Carolina and Los Angeles, my money goes on LA.

Of course, the constant rumor of Staal+pick/prospect vs Gaborik still floats around, but given the recent injuries to Gonchar and Whitney, this trade will wait a long time, the Pens likely wanting to hold onto the very-responsible-defensively-Jordan-Staal.

Peter Schaefer on waivers

According to Pezzz (lol), Peter Schaefer could be heading back to Ottawa. If he’s put on re-entry waivers, Bryan Murray could very well look to him, given Ottawa’s need for secondary scoring and the good chemisty he had with center Mike Fisher a couple year ago. If he’s claimed on re-entry waivers, only half of his salary (2.1 millions) would count on the cap. At 1.05 millions, Schaefer would provide nice depth on the 3rd line with Fisher.

Detroit looking to trade a d-man

Kyle Quicey’s name has popped up a lot in trade rumors lately. Detroit Red Wings are very close to the NHL salary cap, even with Chelios and McCarthy on the Injury List. They have 8 d-men under NHL contracts and a few nhl ready d-men in Grand Rapids (Ericsson, Kindl), so they’re looking to trade away someone. Teams looking for affordable defensive depth like Anaheim, Buffalo, Calgary (if they trade Aucoin), Chicago (if they trade Seabrook or Barker for a 2nd line center), Los Angeles, New York Rangers, Ottawa, Phoenix, Pittsburgh (until Whitney and Gonchar come back), and St-Louis could very well make a call to Ken Holland about Kyle Quincey.

Adrian Aucoin on the move?

According to a lot of rumors, Adrian Aucoin may leave Calgary soon. His 4 millions salary makes him too pricey for the Flames’ payroll and the return of Mark Giordano + the emergence of Adam Pardy make him expendable to the eyes of Darryl Sutter (idiot). The teams looking for a top 4 puck-mover though (Boston, Phoenix, Colombus, Buffalo, New Jersey) don’t have much forwards that match Sutter/Keenan style to offer. Maybe Aucoin + Primeau for Zubrus and Oduya, or Aucoin + high pick to Colombus for Fred Modin and Kris Russell?

Michael Nylander to Washington?

Although he has a no-movement clause, a LOT of rumors are sending Nylander to Chicago, who are lacking a 2nd line center sice Lang was traded to Montreal. What should the Hawks give to obtain him? Maybe Seabrook + Kontiola + pick vs Nylander + Morrisson? Washington could very well use another top 4 puck-mover to play with Jeff Schultz on the 2nd pairing. Brian Pothier is likely out until 2020. Morrisson rugged play would fit well with Barker on Chicago’s 2nd pairing.

Tim Connolly to Florida?

This one is coming straight outta my head. With Roy, Pominville, Hecht, Afinogenov, Vanek, Gaustad, Stafford, Kotalik and Paille being locks for the top 9 spots at forward for Buffalo, we may question the place of the often-injured but extremely talented Tim Connolly on the depth chart. His spot is clearly a top 2 center on almost any team. Buffalo are lacking another physical d-man on the back-end though. I can see Connolly heading to Florida for Karlis Skrasins and a pick.

Nashville looking for top 6 forward

With the departure or Alexander Radulov for Russia, the Preds are looking to add scoring depth. They have a lot of young d-men and could use one of them as trade bait. My idea is Ville Koistinen (young puck-mover with huge upside) + draft pick to Boston for Phil Kessel. But would David Poile be willing to take another chance at a young low-work-ethic forward?

Kyle McLaren on waivers

Kyle McLaren, a heavy physical d-man, was put on waivers today. His 2.5 millions salary was a burden as a 7th d-man for San Jose. He could fit well as the 6th d-man for a team like Phoenix or St-Louis though. I can see the Yotes claiming him, as they’re looking seriously to make the playoffs this year and because David Hale sucks real bad, even as a #6.

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed. Now, let’s hear your own trade proposals!

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  1. mojo19 says:

    Ha well they had to pay the Swedish team he was with to release him, but because of league rules it had to count against their cap, so techically they're paying him $2 million but I think about a quarter of that goes to his Swedish club.

    Still it does seem high, but Fletch is really big on this guy, and Frogren was a stud in the world championships.

    One of the problems they were saying about Frogren adapting to the smaller ice surface is that, being a stay home d-man in Sweden there's no sense in pinching cuz with wide open ice you get burnt. So now he has the mentality to just start getting back right away and he's getting beat because of it, when sometimes he should be pinching cuz he'd win those races and those battles.

    He'll adjust and he'll be a steady 4-5 d-man, and given the market for solid defense these days $2 millions not too bad, dont you think?

    Oh and you forgot to wish me a happy birthday

  2. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    I'm gonna miss Boyd Deveraux, he was one of my favourite players to watch in his time here, thought maybe he found a place where he was finally important to a team. Hopefully Mitchell can play exciting enough hockey, I didn't get a chance to see him in the preseason as I only saw about 2 games.

  3. cam7777 says:

    i do apologise…happy birthday mojo

    yea, if frogren turns out to be a tradeable asset or a solid number 4 he'll have been well worth it.  doesn't really matter with the leafs being massively below the cap this year anyways.

    it makes me wonder though, did fletcher go out looking to sign guys who he could get decent returns for in a year or two's time?  like Finger's obviously got that ridiculous contract, but if he pans out and turns into a respectable number 3 as supposedly 15 other teams thought he might, then are we just going to dump him quick?  Frogren is much the same, and even Hagman only got a 1 year NTC despite Fletcher saying he didn't sign him to trade him.

    Ideally I'd love to see Kaberle or Kubina, Finger, Stralman and potentially Frogren shopped for some solid forwards, and then hope Jay Bouwmeester makes it to free agency.  Draft Victor Hedman, and we'll have a pretty insane defensive corp.


    affordable too…only about 15 million if  you assume it'll take 6 to land Jay, and Hedman gets about a 2.5 million dollar entry level….(though Doughty got way more than that for some reason)

  4. mojo19 says:

    Ya you're probably right. Fletch is bringing in decent guys who could be trade bait, but on the other hand he has been talking about bringing a group of guys together who can play together and grow together for a few years…. but I think those comments relates more to the younger guys (26 and under) ie. Mitchell, Grabovski, Stajan, Schenn etc. and probably not his guys who are up around 30 such as Frogren. But we'll see, it won't even be Cliff's team in a couple years probably anyway's.

  5. nordiques100 says:

    i am with you on the fact kulemin has more value than steen or stajan.

    steen has perhaps the most to prove as a leaf. the guy was built up as an untouchable by ferguson and that seemingly has translated into steen thinking he is better than he really is. i really hope wilson gives him a reality check and pushes this guy.

    steen has showed bursts but i think he was poorly influenced by having 2 coaches in 3 years, being "led" by the likes of mccabe, tucker etc and simply leaning only on talent alone. 

    steen hasnt really shown even in camp that he is ready for the responsiblity and commitment of being a top player. to be honest, he isnt a guy who i think should beleive he can coast through the pre season feel he is a lock on the team and foolishly expect to turn it on when he feels like it because he assumes he is so great that he can. 

    to be honest, a stint in the pressbox as a sudden benching might just be the tonic to shake off all the poor habits steen has picked up.  

  6. I-BE-LEAF says:

    You should youtube her when she was competing for Miss Alaska.  The only thing better then watching her look stiff in a one-piece is listening to her magic flute.  Pure gold!

  7. KingCanada says:

    I really like the idea of him being moved because he doesnt have a roster spot on the Sabres team and could possibly flourish with more ice time.  BUT he is a HUGE risk, cap hit of 2.9 but hes being paid 3.5 this year.  A small market team like Florida might not be as inticed to swallow that as bigger market teams would. 

    At the same time the terms are wrong IMO.  The guy has played 113 out of a possible 246 games since the lockout.  His risk definatly outweighs his potential which is why I dont think he is worth more then a mid round pick.

  8. KingCanada says:

    If Burke couldnt find a taker for Bryzgalov then Chiarelli will be hard pressed to find a taker for Schaeffer lol

  9. KingCanada says:

    Outch, Burke would never agree to that man.  I like the thought process but thats basically like giving up 3 first round picks for 2 players who are small and skilled as opposed to big and imposing.  Burke has built and will continue to build a big and intimidating team that will wear u down as the game goes.  Kariya and McDonald dont fit that bill.

  10. KingCanada says:

    I never used to like him in the past but hes grown on me in the past few years… maybe cose hes not a Hab anymore hahaha

  11. KingCanada says:

    Maybe in a year or two when he is eligible to come back (if he can opt out of his KHL contract).  But for now I would much rather the Leafs stink the entire season and finish bottom 5.

  12. nordiques100 says:

    i am not even sure if he is eligible to play or wants to this year, but he would be an asset for next year for sure. i think he would be worthy to acquire now for somewhere down the road. he is still quite young.

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