Miscellaneous Signings

Here are some random signings from around the league………..
Colorado signs Tomas Slovak, Bates Battaglia, and Karlis Skrastins. Looks like COL is getting ready for a serious cup run. Now where did they put that franchise goalie at….hmmmm. Who am I kidding, they are going to average about 6 goals per game. They could put Titans in net and still whoooop some Detroit butt.

Flames sign Stephane Yelle….and there was much rejoicing…..yeahhhhhhh. Rumor has it that all 9 Flames season ticket holders were at the press announcement.

Lightning sign Roy……Andre Roy not Patrick…..all together now Bolt fans…..awwwwwwww…and on top of that you are gonna lose Prospal.

Bruins sign Grosek and Girard…all together now….whew….good thing or the cup was lost. Now if the Bruins can find a good goalie they might be ready for something. After all they got Thunder Dan McGillis……I miss him in Philly….why couldn’t we ship Therien off instead of Gillis.

Sens sign Martin Prusek to a one year deal. This gives the Sens a young quality back up for Lalime.

Just because his name is Martin doesn’t mean he’s gonna be good.

LA Kings sign their 2002 first round pick Denis Grebeshkov. What kind of name is that….A franco-russian…??? Just doesn’t go together.

SCTP – Perhaps if we build a large wooden badger???

12 Responses to Miscellaneous Signings

  1. bruinfan37 says:

    No one has commented or posted anything about the fact that the Bruins resigned Axellson.

  2. acebailey says:

    Free agency sucks so far this year. Axelson is a documented fact, I guess no one thought it was important.

  3. mattressgenie says:

    Hey matteo….maybe you should get your facts straight about the number of Flames season ticket holders before you start making jokes. When is hte last time you bought a season ticket?

  4. cgolding says:

    yeah i’m confused why the staff disliked mcgillis as well. the word was that he was getting out of position to make hits… but at the same time he was the only guy on the roster defensively who could possibly inspire any fear along the blue line… granting he missed as much as he made his hits.

    and yes… can we wave bye bye to therien?


  5. jon95616 says:

    Mike Leclerc new 2 year deal Anaheim.

    good second line player during their playoff run to the Finals.

  6. matteo says:

    Is that your screen name or just what your friends call your mother……..???

    I have a family and a real job – I do not have the time to go to enough games to justify bying season tickets……I take clients to hockey games all the time. Besides we are talking about Calgary – the only way you could get me to a Calgary game is if they were playing someone good or giving away free Barry Melrose Mullet Wigs.

    Try to inject a little humor into a boring article about a bunch of players noone really cares about and all of a sudden Captain Calgary starts cocking off about a joke he took too personally.

    You don’t like it — then you write the articles asshat.

    SCTP – We’re goin to the mattresses

  7. matteo says:

    You just made a liar out of yourself by posting something about the fact that the Bruins signed Axelsson……..Oh my god…..now two people have done it……….it’s spreading………

  8. MantaRay says:

    As expected Whitey and Friese signed with the Champs. Solidifies our D.

  9. jofa says:

    Yeah, totally Matteo. I counted at least a dozen season ticket holders in Calgary. They were all wearing those butt ugly flaming horsehead third jerseys at the press conference.

  10. matteo says:

    Thanks Jofa…..

    There were a couple of fat girls in black spandex and Flaming horsehead Jerseys…..I didn’t count them twice, but in retrospect they need one seat for each asscheek…….Mattressgenie, tell your girlfriend to push away from the table and you wouldn’t need 3 season tickets – 1 for you, 1 for her, and one for her ass………..

  11. jofa says:

    This guy should be great again next season. He was very impressive last season with 12 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie backing up Lalime.

    Look for the Sens to give him more games in the first half of the season, build up his trade value, then move him around the all-star break if Ray Emery continues to develop. I think the Sens long term plan is to go with a Lalime/Emery duo, and will want to get some good return for Prusek.

  12. forsbergFan says:

    mmmm bop, dop bop, mmmmm bop,, diddy bop dop mmmm bop dop doooom bop… yaaaa yaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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