Modano a Bruin?

It is rumored that Mike Modano is being offered contracts from a few teams, the Bruins may have him inked as early as Teusday.Reports the Boston Bruins have been among three teams, along with the Atlanta Thrashers and Pittsburgh Penguins in negotiations with Mike Modano. It’s believed, however, that the Bruins are the front-runners and there’s speculation they could have him signed by as early as Tuesday.

Modano would still like to go to the coyotes, but reports have said that the Coyotes are yet to contact Modano, and many people question even if they will at all. The yotes will keep a low salary for a number 1 goalie.

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  1. Scruffy05 says:

    If Modano ends up a Bruin then it can be assumed with almost complete certainty that Thornton is on his way out. (I still think he would look great in a Canucks jersey, but we can’t afford him with everybody else supposedly coming)… I wonder where he will end up, I don’t think Atlanta or Pittsburgh have what it will take to trade for him as a ‘silver medal.’

  2. Minky says:

    Didn’t Thornton get qualified? Or did he not accept yet.

  3. Scruffy05 says:

    He declined the 5-5.5 million qualifyer

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

    I do not want Dandenault (although he is decent), I want Aucoin in a Habs jersey.

  5. mikster says:

    O’Connell likes to get on my nerves.

    First, he makes a pathetic offer to the team’s franchise player. Second, he makes that player look bad with the media by putting up a PR stint of “we want to give him a great team, but if he wants what he is asking then it won’t be so great of a team”.

    Third, he BS’s the media with his “huge trade” and it turns out to be a bust 3rd line forward. I’m still hoping Thornton to Florida. It has to be the huge trade, it has to be Thornton.

    And now…. this guy has the balls to sign Modano, probably not for cheap, before Thornton.

    I really wish bad luck to this guy and he is a disgrace to Bruins hockey.

  6. Lint07 says:

    If they really get out of the Aucoin derby I predict the Habs will sign:

    Mathieu Dandenault & Mathieu Biron on D, along with a superstar forward.

  7. habswinthecup-again says:

    That wouldn’t be too bad but Montreal needs a no.1 defenseman, not 2 more no. 5 defensemen. Who is the “superstar forward” you are thinking of? Hopefully not Selanne.

  8. canadaboy25 says:

    If Thorton is traded it will most likely be to Florida. Keenan wants him bad and has the young talent necessary to make such a trade. Modano is almost as good of a replacement as you can find. Hell of a lot better than Lindros who has been rumored to Beantown. Too bad the Yotes havent talked to him. He would do whatever it takes to play in the desert and I would love to see him play for the Coyotes(although not as much as I’d like to see Fozzy and Nazzy play in Anahiem)

    If a big name like Modano gets signed this early and not with his former team, it will be a sign of how busy and crazy the next couple of weeks will be

    cant wait!!!!

  9. hendextall says:

    The big trade was posted on the Boston Herald site on Saturday during the draft and that was when O’Connell said he had a big trade in the works that would either happen or not that day. So all the reports today about the big trade were false.

  10. PensFansRejoice says:

    Im a big fan of Modano and I bleed Penguins hockey, but Im an even bigger fan of Kovalev and would rather have him than Modano.(just my opinion, i realize both player types are a necessity in the ‘burg and we have 10-14 million to spend depending on where we set our budget) I just hope that, should we get Mike we would still go after Kovy…

  11. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I’ve been a Dallas Stars & Mike Modano fan for 10 or more years now…and with their up comming split, I have to say, I’m going with Modano. The Stars basically run their franchise player out of town…The Stars management are idiots and have been making terrible moves for years now, but when they do this to Modano of all people, I’ve had enough.

    I’d rather him go to Pittsburg, because I really don’t want to have to become a Bruins fan. Philly would’ve been my first choice for him, but I’m guessing they wern’t interested?

  12. CaptainModano says:

    Same here, they’ve pretty much chosen Guerin over Modano, and that pisses me off HUGE.

    I guess I’ll be abandonining this membership or something, should he sign elsewhere.

  13. Eric86 says:

    Dallas cannot afford to let Modano go, it would be a huge mistake. Guerin would be next to go as he would have not have another first line player on his team. I’ll especially feel sorry for Turco, no offence in front of him, they’ll be in tough to make the playoffs. Still, I think Modano would be a good fit in Minnesotta, him and Gaborik would be entertaining and give them a real first line center.

    It most likely won’t happen, but if Toronto were to trade Sundin for Joe Thornton and throw a few other names in from both sides, it would be incredible. Sundin is a good player but having a local boy leading the Leafs is what they need. I’m interested in seeing what Edmonton and Canucks pull off this off-season. And with the possibility of Lecavalier becoming a Hab next season!

  14. CaptainModano says:

    Since Sundin’s got more than a couple years on Thornton and has nowhere near as much future potential, the Leafs would have to offer a sizeable amount of players in order for that deal to work.

    And I haven’t read anywhere that Minny’s made any serious attempts at landing Modano….much like Dallas hasn’t tried too hard to keep him….

  15. BosBrn77 says:

    He actually declines the 5 year/ 25 million contract offer. The Bruins qualified him with a one year/ 5.13 million offer. He can’t decline it so to speak…. the qualifier is to keep him as a RFA. He can hold out and not sign at all…. like Allison did.

  16. BosBrn77 says:

    mikster, I have always liked your posts…. BUT!!! How the heck is a 5 year/ 25 million dollar offer pathetic? So… it was 130k less then the qualifier. I for one think a 5 year deal offers a little bit of security too! But still…. that is a nice start, IF MOC is willing to negotiate.

    As for making Thornton look bad through the media….. I think O’Connell should have spoken to Joe first, and then spoke to the media. Although with Joe turning down a long term offer for decent money… I think he is doing a great job making HIMSELF look bad! You have to understand that in Boston right now… the Bruins NEED to make some noise… no matter what it is. With the Sox and Patriots Champs in their respected sports…… O’Connell needs to get in the news.

    As for the “huge trade”…. how the heck do we know if the Isbister deal was it? I highly doubt, even in O’Connell’s simple mind, that a 4th round pick for anybody is a huge deal!

    Mike does have a point, I think Thornton needs to swallow some pride so he can have some decent players around him. How far will he make it with a bunch of AHL lifers around him cause he wanted the big bucks? Look at O’Neill… he signs a deal for two years at what he could have signed for one. I’m not saying Jeff is anywhere close to the player as Joe…. but I’m just making a point. And now… How about Foote? Argueably the second best player on the market as a defenseman, and he takes 4.5 million a season? Sounds like he wants to “help” a team win!

    I’ve been a life long Bruins fan. And I’ve never liked management. But now with the cap…. these players need to take a little less to be able to have a chance to win it all. The days of the free spending, lets empty the wallets, we want all the stars, (aka Rangers, Red Wings, Blues, etc) are gone! They all need to actually BUILD a team. And that takes unselfish players.

    As for O’Connell being a disgrace? It is real easy for fans to sit and point fingers from behind a computer. But I bet if he gives in to Jumbo Joe, and signs him to the maximum and misses the playoffs all together….. he’ll still have the fingers pointed at him. And most likely be considered a disgrace for not doing a better job. And if that does happen…. I bet Joe doesn’t look so great with the rest of his team mates cause they couldn’t afford more help.

    O’Connell has said he is interested in Amonte, LeClair, Kariya, Modano, and trading for Pronger. How is he going to be able to get any of those players if they all want to be the highest paid?

  17. Flyer_Dman says:

    I hope this doesn’t happen.

    Thornton should be a Bruin for life. He belongs in Boston. He is perfect there. And if they let him go I would lose all respect for the front office of the Bruins.


    Imagine Modano in Atlanta. How cool would that be. Marc Savard is probably a better fit on the top line but still, Kovalchuk-Modano-Heatley is very appealing to the ear, and would definitley make it worth buying tickets for Thrasher games when they come into town.

  18. BosBrn77 says:

    I agree Thornton should be a Bruin for life. And if management doesn’t try and negotiate… I’ll feel the same way. But I don’t think he needs to make the max to stay there. If he demands that… then I’ll lose all respect for him as a person!

  19. robster11 says:

    The pens are intrested in a number of people including Modano, but I doubt he’ll sign here. I’d rather have Kovy back anyway. The pens were also intrested in Aucoin but i’ve heard that he just might’ve signed with the hawks

  20. 19Yzerman says:

    Only till mid Dec or he can’t play at all this season as one of the better things we will see in the new CBA NHL. I thought he was signed just prior to the lockout? Now Harry Sinden can point out that he actually has a CAP to work within as he continues to protect Mr Jacob’s money as he always has done. I think the B’s should add an incentive of 2 mill to the offer for Joe if he scores 20 playoff goals.

  21. patty0707 says:

    If Modano goes to Boston, Thorton will be gone. I’d love to see him in Ottawa (that’s all Ottawa needs is a top line center).

  22. CaptainModano says:

    Gotta see some similarities here….I and I’m sure every other Stars fan saw Modano as being a Star for life as well, but management doesn’t always follow that same train of thought, no matter how devoted the fans may be. Sometimes it’s the player, as was the case with Kariya last year, I guess.

  23. 19Yzerman says:

    Staying with a team has been made into an economic choice for the players when the owners force feed a CAP into the players mouths with the new CBA. So from here on in when a player leaves, holds out or signs with another team for more money you can collectively blame the owners because this was exactly what they wanted and knew would happen. The owners have faught and they canelled a season to achieve this desired level playing field so now it has come time for the player movement which will result in just that.

    One of the most interesting questions I am waiting for the answer to is how much Boston will spend on its roster this year and in years to come.

  24. BosBrn77 says:

    Your last sentence makes more sence then any other post I have read on here regarding Joe.

  25. BosBrn77 says:

    That is a good question that a lot of people are waiting for an answer on.

    But regarding the CAP….. it is in place. And unless Thornton (and Neidermeyer) want to play with a bunch of AHL caliber players…. then the reality is to swallow a little pride and sign for a little less. I always remember hearing players say they play because they want to win the CUP. Well…. greed doesn’t look like it will help much…. and there is no “I” in team!!

    I say the players do it… not to put money in the owner’s pockets… but for the fans! F@#$ the owners…… F@#$ the GMs….. but lets stop saying F@#$ the fans! They (both players and owners) did that to us last year.

  26. 19Yzerman says:

    Thornton is young and in his prime. it seems to me that he desires to be paid amounst the leagues elite which I think he could do but, he has yet to achieve that status. I feel he has done a few of the things a player needs to help when it comes signing time.

    Here is a few I think help.

    #1 post season awards a cup or Conn Smyth

    #2 Post season perf.

    #3 regular season perf. awards

    #4 Regular season performance stats

    #5 effort and work ethic

    #6 fan interest

    So what has Joe done for the B’s to command a league top salary?

    I was living in NH when Joe was drafted and I can still remember all publicity he got with a lot of NESN commercials making reference to 1979 Bourque 1997 Thornton almost as though they were sending us the message that a torch was going to handed over. Fan interest is one thing he has got going for him right now. B’s fans don’t want to lose him and he is feeding off that.

  27. 19Yzerman says:

    the word “WIN” LOL

    If you ever get the chance at a video store ask for the movie “Net Worth” it is about the formation of the NHLPA and a good hockey movie.

    One quote from that move was when one of the players I think it was Ted Lindsey said to a group of the owners “Ya know we would play for free if the truth be known but, not when you are charging our fans money to watch us play”

    Funny thing is I think that the B’s and Thornton would still be squabling over funds with or without the CAP CBA. Fitting him under a CAP is just a means for them to conduct themselves as they had in the first place. I feel the B’s should have made a bunch of free agent signings back in 2000 and made an honest effort to win Bourque his cup in beantown. I feel they owed it to him to have at least tried in a big way. Is there a retired #77 baner hanging in the fleetcenter?

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