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Jim Matheson

The Dallas Stars aren’t tickled with playmaking centre Mike Ribeiro who was late for an off-day meeting, and got scratched against Anaheim. They would move him because they have Brad Richards in the No. 1 centre hole and Jamie Benn being groomed for the second slot. How about Ribeiro for his old Montreal Canadiens teammate Sheldon Souray?

– Jason Arnott, out with a concussion, has had three in the last three years, which should be a red flag for the Predators.

– Cleary’s had an awful run of injuries, several groin tears. “He has to build himself back up this summer,” said Red Wings coach Mike Bab*****. Cleary is listening. He’s going back to work with celebrity trainer T.R. Goodman at Venice Beach, where Chris Chelios has done his thing for years.

– Stars owner Tom Hicks owes $600 million to the banks and another $74 million to major-league baseball and its credit agency. But there’s nobody banging down the doors to buy his hockey club and half of American Airlines Arena to get him out of his deep hole. I keep hearing Calgary oilman Bill Gallagher might be interested (he owns the Portland Winterhawks junior club), but maybe the NHL will add the Stars to its list of step-children with Phoenix and maybe Tampa Bay, paying their bills.

– The more I see Stars centre Brad Richards I wonder if he should have been on the Olympic squad in place of Joe Thornton.

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  1. Kyleton says:

    I've been late for all of the Stars off day meetings. It's always the securitys fault which is why I've never been scratched from the line up. That or they just like me better than Riberio.

    Seriously though Riberio I think is good as gone.  Not because of this mind you, but like you said they have someone waiting in the wings and Riberio could grab you a nice piece of the puzzle also. 

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