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The rumor percolating in Canada that Toronto will offer defenseman Tomas Kaberle to the Blue Jackets for the No. 4 pick appears to be just that — a rumor. But don’t be surprised, we’re told, if Toronto GM Brian Burke makes that offer in the days or hours leading up to the NHL entry draft, set for June 25-26 in Los Angeles.
It’s an enticing trade, to be sure, as Kaberle is a very polished and skilled defenseman. But would Howson make that trade? Hard to say. On the surface, it’s a very fair offer, as it immediately fills one of the Blue Jackets’ glaring needs. But look further, and it’s the kind of trade that Howson — and lots of other GMs — would be reluctant to make. Kaberle is signed at $4.25 million — a fair wage — but only for one more season. He’s an unrestricted free agent after the 2010-11 season. It seems unlikely that Howson would give up the No. 4 overall pick for one season of Kaberle .

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  1. Kramer says:

    I knew this rumor before every body. A few days ago, I said my secret sources are telling me there's some serious trade talk between 2 teams but the deal was falling apart. This must have been the rumor.

  2. hockeylegend488 says:

    personally its not gonna make them a contender and or a  threat, ide say if he could signed an extension prior to the trade mabye. If anything he will be dealt for a mid round pick, then again ude get a first rounder at the deadline so best bet shop him see what it brings, just dont rush to do something dumb to make up for the kessel trade i like this trade for the leafs

    sjs kaberle, shenn

    toronto ,first round pick, second round pick, pavelski

    and i know they want phaneuf as the captain but the guys a meat heat no need expanding his ego any more then it is. I say Kessel gets the C or get a older guy for that role names like kariya, moreau, sign marleau etc

  3. FarFromFreedom says:

    simply put – the leafs wont get the 4th overall from columbus by just offering a 32 year old defenseman with one year remaining. In order for the leafs to get a deal done maybe something like

    To Toronto : 4th overall selection

    To Columbus : Kaberle, Kulemin, Hayes

    The leafs will have to overpay if they're serious about getting the 4th overall pick.

  4. mojo19 says:

    You're retarded if you think that's fair. How valuable do you think the 4th overall pick is? Do you think Fowler will be the next Pietrangelo, the next Joni Pitkanen, or the next Stephen Weiss? Kulemin will probably have a better career than Fowler on his own.

  5. lafleur10 says:

    as a habs fan if burke pulls this deal of we will no doubt rape the blue jackets! scott howson better have his head examined!i mean kaberle is 32 yrs old 1 yr left on his contract the bluejackets would lose that 4th overall pick and kaberle after that,plus kaberle isn't what the jackets need they need players to play with nash
    not a guys that comes from a losing environment and a team that accepts losing or is comfortable in playin in a losing environment that he has in toronto
    so leafs fan if burke can get this enjoy another rape by burke! because hey at least it's not charelli in boston who would rape you guys again like he did in the kessel deal!

  6. nordiques100 says:

    There are two things at play here.

    1. Leaf fans are vastly overrating Kaberle.

    I dont know what it is. Is it because he was almost traded for Jeff Carter and a 1st? Or with Alex Steen for Pronger? Or how Pronger fetched 2 1sts, Sbisa and Lupul to Anaheim?

    I have found and still find it laughable how Leaf fans say the deal the Bolts got for Dan Boyle has no impact whatsoever on the Kaberle talks.

    They are very similar defencemen in age and talent. the issue is the contract, but both you could say have an impact in a different way.

    Boyle's contract was an impact cause it was a rich deal for lots of term and money. Here for Kaberle, its a cheaper deal, but for now just 1 year. Is there a guarantee that he'd stay with his new team? no. that could turn teams off. Its essentially a 1 year rental. I could very well see a deal not that far off from what the bolts got for Boyle.

    An ok but not great NHLer in Matt Carle
    A prospect like Ty Wishart
    A late 1st rounder
    A mid rounder

    The bolts eventually flipped Carle and that mid rounder to get Steve Downie and Steve Eminger.

    They also flipped the 1st along with Kuba and Picard to get Meszaros.

    People will claim that is nowhere near as much to pick Kaberle from the Leafs.

    I cannot see that being THAT far off.

    Do you see Kaberle making an below average team like Columbus a contender? they are no more contenders than the leafs are and that isnt saying much.

    He is a fine offensive defenceman. He will definitely put up points. And of course he may play better somewhere else. the new team could have better surrounding players that suit his game. the new team could simply be a much better team than the Leafs, thus allowing him to maximize his skills. And really, the change in scenery is what some players simply need to be better.

    But with the lack of success the leafs have had, couple with him being 32 now, and that he has just 1 year left on his deal, there are lots of elements in play that will hurt the leafs in negotiating a trade.

    And sorry, but HE IS NO CHRIS PRONGER! I do not see at all the leafs fetching that much. Pronger – All star, 2 time gold medalist, cup winner, 3 times in the finals, hart winner, norris winner, hall of fame bound. Kaberle – All star…..that's it.

    2. leaf nation trying to justify losing a top 5 pick.

    I have never heard a draft getting ripped more than this years. And supposedly, next years is worse?

    All we have heard is how suspect the likes of Gudbranson, Fowler, Connolly and others are. even the sure things, Seguin and Hall are "questionable".

    I am almost certain its cause the Leafs do NOT have the 2nd overall pick. The fans are trying desperately to justify the trade. Trying desperately to make themselves feel better in believing we didnt give up much at all.

    Fowler is a good prospect. since when was adding a good prospect a bad thing? Sorry, Jimmy Hayes and Grabovski and the other slew of truly suspect players to grab a top pick just isnt going to happen.

    Kaberle is a fine player and a lot to give up. But where are the leafs headed? They arent going to win in the next couple years, but 3 plus years down the road you have to believe they will be something.

    A D of Fowler, Schenn, Phaneuf, Gunnarsson? that seems pretty fine.

    The Leafs are a team about tomorrow. The fans need to get off this win now mantra. this is still a building team and a team in need of lots of help and lots of assets.

    I realize burke said last year he wouldnt move Kaberle for a top 5. but that was because teams were asking for kaberle along with the Leafs 1st. moving Kaberle to move up 3 spots in the draft is dumb. Moving Kaberle straight for a top 5 pick isnt.

    If they can squeeze something else out of Columbus, that would be fine.

    But personally, i cant fathom the Jackets being that idiotic. they'd probably offer up maybe Russell and Filatov for Kaberle ++ instead of losing out on Fowler.

     I personally dont believe the leafs will get as much as the fans think they'll get for Kaberle. in fact, its probably a better chance he stays.

    but to me, his game has gone south and stale as a Leaf and he and the organization need change. I believe he could be much much better player. but i dont think he can do that in Toronto.

    And perhaps that is the 3rd thing in play. The fans are scared to death to see him be a 70 point guy somewhere else. Sorry but players have an expiration date with teams. its time to move on.

  7. hockeylegend488 says:

    this was nothing more then a rumor, never gonna happen lafleur is completly write. will tell you that.  if they actually did this trade why not trade nash for gustavson while your at it

  8. albertateams says:

    Thats probably too much, but if you look at it from Columbus' point of view unless they can negotiate a contact extension why would they give up the 4th overall for 1 year of Kaberle. Getting Kaberle doesn't make Columbus a playoff team even. Unless a contract extension is agreed on Kaberle's value is no more that a trade deadline rental player unless its to a team that puts them over the top.

  9. nordiques100 says:

    oh yes, and another point. because the leafs a$$ raped the Flames to get Phaneuf and amazingly got the Ducks to take Jason Blake, that too has an impact on what the fans think they can get for kaberle.

    He hoodwinked 2 GMs, so why not a 3rd?

  10. DannyLeafs says:

    I think most people are missing the point. This deal doesn't make sense, but it isn't because Toronto is getting too much value, it's because Columbus is getting too little. Columbus isn't close enough to being a contender that they could take a risk like this. They don't have the budget to offer Kaberle a big time extension, and it doesn't seem like one of Kaberle's preferred destinations so it isn't likely that he re-signs there even if do offer him the right amount. So in Columbus' case, it just doesn't make sense. I would do this trade as a Leafs fan, especially if it meant that there would be cap space to land Kovalhuck his off season, but that isn't because I think it would be the best possible deal out there.

    For instance, at the deadline the Leafs could have had Alzner, Fleischman, and a 1st from Washington. That is more value than the 4th overall in this draft. Maybe the can't get that now, but I still think they could probably some combination of those assets which would still make the deal close value to the 4th overall. The reason that deal works though, is that it makes sense from Washinton's stand point. The are a team that could contend for the cup. They could use a veteran defensemen that can control the tempo of the game. Kaberle fits with their style of play. And, Kaberle wants to stay in the east with a contender, meaning that could be as good a fit as any.

    Finally, Kaberle for a mid rounder is insane. I don't even need to comment on that.

  11. DannyLeafs says:

    I agree, deals like that obviously make fans more optimistic. Some Leafs fans are quite delusional about what they can get for Kaberle, but for the most part this site's fans aren't always that far off. Yes it would be ridiculous to suggest that we get Carter + for Kaberle now, but IF Philly had a need for Kaberle, and they had finished outside the playoffs, it wouldn't have been so ridiculous to think that the Leafs could land Carter using Kaberle as the centerpiece of a package. The popular Neal for Kaberle suggestions are always hot topic. Personally I think it is pretty fair, providing that Niewendyk can get a feel for whether or not Kaberle would like to stay in Dallas past this season. Maybe a pick or so one way or the other, but all in all a pretty fair deal.

    The thing people need to do is start to evaluate what Kaberle is worth to each individual team. People base the value on what one team might give up for him, but not realizing that his worth varies from team to team. For instance, he is worth more to Washington than he is to Columbus. He would probably be worth more to the Rangers than say Chicago. People need to temper their expectations with teams assets to which he may go. You can't get something for him from a team that has no use for him, such as Pavelski in San Jose, or Schenn from LA.

  12. nordiques100 says:

    exactly. they may be hung up on carter and a 1st.

    the deal may not be plausible for philly with pronger, timonen, coburn on the backend, they are fine there.

    but fans may want exactly the same deal, a young big time forward, like say bobby ryan and a 1st or james neal and a 1st or something along those lines.

    and they seem to be valuing the 1st rounders evenly. thus the caps 1st which is in the mid 20s is the same as the jackets 1st which is in the top 5. ridiculous.

  13. TmLeafan says:

    I agree with you guys for the most part this deal doesnt make a whole lot of sense but stranger things have happened.

    I dont think Burke is targeting Fowler Im not devaluing him as a prospect I  think that we would be better off getting a later pick in the first round and something else to go along with it.
    Burke can then use this pick to select a promising forward and we will have another prospect or pick so it is not a straight up swap.
  14. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I think Burke has done his fair share of raping. So one bad deal wont justify his time here…Also,. Kessel is our 2010 first-round pick. Not a bad first round pick eh…I`m just worried about the next years pick if anything rather try to get that one back in trading kaberle…

    Also, in other news, Habs fire 6 scouts…Interesing…

  15. leafmeister says:

    To Columbus: Kaberle, Grabovski, 3rd
    To Toronto: 4th overall, 34th overall

    Trade negotiating rights to 34th oveall, Jeff Finger to Tampa Bay for Ryan Malone – Adds both a top 6 forward and toughness to the roster. Tampa could either find a use for Finger or bury him, and they get an early 2nd out of it.

    Trade Francois Beauchemin to Anaheim for 29th overall pick – Bob Murray likes Beauch, and needs some D. Has 2 1sts.

    Then: Trade 4th overall pick, 2nd in 2011, Jimmy Hayes to Boston for 2nd overall pick, Michael Ryder. – Boston continues to stock pile picks, all while dumping salary. They would be able to get a long term replacement for Chara with one of the stud defensemen available.

    With the 2nd over all pick: Tyler Seguin – Edmonton will take Hall
    29th overall pick: Mark Pysyk – Good tough defensemen, Burke allegedly had interest. Move up if necessary.

    Bury Ryder.

    Resign Kulemin, 4 years, 2.9 per
    John Mitchell, 1 year, 750,000

    Free agency: Sign Dan Hamhuis 4 years, 4.2 per.
    Sign Matthew Lombardi 2 years, 2.8 per.

    Next year:

    Kulemin-Bozak-Kessel(A) – Tried and true
    Kadri-Seguin-Malone – Young, fast, tonnes of potential, Malone keeps other team honest, and provides a big body in front of the net
    Hanson-Lombardi-Stalberg – FAST
    Sjostrom-Mitchell-Orr – Meh, 4th line



    After next year, depending on Giguere's play, extend him, but no more than 3.5 mil per.

    A young fast, team, oozing with potential, and a core group of forwards roughly the same age.

    Give me your thoughts. I know this is highly unlikely, but I think all the trades are fair.

  16. lafleur10 says:

    it could if taylor hall pots 90 to 100 points a season and kessel reaches 70 points a year and no more that would be considered 1 of the most lopsided rapes in league history! if hall plays l and develops like he he showed at the mem cup that will make kessel as your 1st pick look stupid because hall is showing superstar potential, but yes he has played some rapes like the phaneuf deal!! next's years pick could also be a top 1-5 as well and then it'll even look worse on him

  17. cam7777 says:

    Carle, at the time of that trade, was a stellar defensemen who was having a bad year.  Prior to that season, he posted 48 points in his first 90 NHL games – which is outstanding for a rookie.  He was a highly thought of prospect.  Wishart has busted now, but at the time, he was thought to be very valuable as well (a perfect example of how the hockey media wildly spins the abilities of prospects that are far away, and massively critique the ones closer to home).  A late first is a late first.  That's a good deal.  To me, this would be the equivalent of a Berglund, Rundblad, 1st, 3rd for Kaberle.  But what you also overlook in your analysis of that trade is that:
    a.) Dan Boyle was coming off a pretty serious injury that many thought he would not properly recover from, and b.) he had just signed a massively ridiculous 6.666 million dollar deal.  Boyle was an insane risk at the time, which hampered his value.

    Burke thought he'd traded Kaberle for Kessel and a 1st last year, or at the very worst Kaberle + 7th overall for Kessel + 25th overall.  He won't deal Tomas for crap now just to move him.  He's said he expects a great return, and that's what he's going to get.  If he can't get it, he'll resign him and trade Beauchemin at his earliest convenience.  There's no need to move Kaberle at all.

    All the people who think Kaberle is a bum, like you, also never seem to understand that not all of the teams looking to acquire him would be expecting him to be Chris Pronger.  I think everyone knows that he's not Chris Pronger, but the problem is, even Pronger needed his Niedermayer – a speedy, smooth, puck-moving guy who can create offense.  Many teams already have a stud.  For instance, Kaberle on Boston means Boston is still in the playoffs.  Kaberle on Washington means a 70 point season for Tomas.  Kaberle on Vancouver means a lot less defending against Byfuglien thanks to his quick transition game.  This whole "Kaberle can't make the Leafs win so he is useless" attitude is just absurd.

    The critiques on this draft are not imagined.  The reality is that the last few drafts have been VERY strong, and that there was bound to be a slow down.  Of course Leafs fans would be excited if they still had that pick, but I don't think the bitterness makes the reality of the draft's quality any less sincere.  Leafs fans have just been made eager enough to seek out the opinions of hockey people – namely major scouts – and talk about their findings.  Turns out the 2011 draft could be the weakest in a decade (or ever), and that this draft is pretty thin past the top 2.  For instance, Fowler, Gudbranson and Gormley would not be drafted ahead of Doughty, Hedman, Pietrangelo, Schenn or Bogosian, which makes these 3-5 guys more like 6-7 guys in a different year.

    Finally, Burke said today that two teams have given him major offers for Kaberle already, and they are mulling over both of them, but are waiting for interest to increase towards the draft.  Now, it's possible this is bulllshit, but I doubt it.  If Burke considers the offers mentionable, then they must have been pretty close to inline with his thoughts on Kaberle's value, and we all know how high that is.  We need to stop degrading Kaberle and sit back and let Burke do his job. 

  18. lafleur10 says:

    BUT HE GOT ASS RAPED BIG TIME BY  the bruins  and if he dealt with them again charelli would have no problem burying it balls deep in burke again and rape him even worse!

  19. lafleur10 says:

    he hood winked sutter that's1 gm who is the other?

  20. cam7777 says:

    I dunno, I don't see many of those kinds of proposals anymore (Kaberle for Ryan and 1st).  Most people realize that you're going to have to include other assets if that's going to work out.  Getting a good young player and a 1st should not be out of the question though.  Kaberle is a cost-effective guy who will probably resign just about anywhere (he is so full of shit, everyone knows he is super loyal and will negotiate with whoever trades for him).  He's 2nd in the league for points scored by a defensemen since the lockout.  He's a great player.  Anyone that trades for him wiill have their Gonchar for the next 4 years.  So if you feel you're a team with a nice core, Kaberle is a great fit.

  21. cam7777 says:

    ugh, rrrright.

  22. number15 says:

    I dont see Boston doing that deal. It would need to be a huge offer to lure the 2nd overall away from them….. remember how bad their offence was this season. They need a guy like Tyler Seguin

    so the only way they trade the 2nd overall is if they get a star forward who can carry the offence…… not many available though

    ***NOTE: Tyler Seguin is a bust

  23. lafleur10 says:

    i read his article as you did, i don't think he's degrading kaberle's value at all i think he's giving you a realistic sense of what to expect for kaberle he's a good defencman, cam not a great 1 or and elite 1 he's soft defenceman that won't engage in the physical play and when you lean on him in this his game suffer tremdously. he had a good start to the season last year and almost completely disappear near the end for the leafs he hasn't yeilded the leafs anything in his career,he's not a difference maker for the laffs ,he missed the playoffs for 5 consecutive years now ,he doesn't not exzude a winning mentality or pedigree that alone hinders his value somewhat!

  24. 93killer93 says:

    Kaberle, Kulemin, Grabovski, Stefanovich,
    1st(4th), 2nd(34th), Goloubef, Filatov

    Mitchell, Stalberg, Hayes
    Chi(salary dump)
    Bolland, Sopel, Beach, 2nd(43rd)

    Beauchemin, Holzer


    1st(29th),2nd(43rd), 2nd(2011)
    1st(18th), 3rd(78th)

    1st(18th), 2nd(42nd), 3rd(62nd)

    Finger, Gunnarsson, Blacker

    Malone, 3rd(63rd), 3rd(65th)

    4th-Erik Gudbranson
    14th-Nick Bjugstad
    34th-Jeff Skinner(trade up if necessay)
    63rd-Brandon Archibald
    65th-Greg McKegg
    78th-Jared Knight
    104th- Yasin Cisse

    Hamhuis(4 years-3mil)
    Kariya(1 year 5mil)
    Bertuzzi(1 year 2mil)




  25. cam7777 says:

    wow, that sounds a lot like Gonchar, who is now arguably one of the most intrinsic parts of the Penguins' squad.  the first half of your little blurb sounds like lidstrom – you know, the only defensemen to outscore kaberle. he's not a difference maker because the team has been crap.  It's not like Pronger or Lidstrom would have come here and made the team a playoff contender with Fletcher putting AHL'ers on the ice, and Burke refusing to play the young guns.

    you don't have to be elite (although Kaberle is) to be worth a lot.  kaberle would be a massive difference maker on a lot of teams, and that's all it takes to generate value.  i know you would love to see kaberle traded for a shit package so that in a year's time, when Kaberle has put up a 70 point season on a competent team you could say how we got raped on trading kaberle – but burke isn't going to do this. 

    the one thing i'll add, which i don't think i fully articulated in my first response, is that the boyle package easily could have gone the other way.  Carle could have been a star if they'd waited for him in Tampa (although Downie's done pretty well in his stead).  Had Wishart been the prospect he was supposed to be, things might have been different.  So even if one of these package deals is all that's available for Kaberle, the trick is to just pick the pieces of the package very carefully.  it's possible those deals turn out to be massively beneficial to the club trading the older asset.  we should not just assume that because burke trades for a package that everything in the package is worthless.

  26. KingCanada says:

    Ur kidding??

    Why do u think Tampa would make that trade??  Trade a legit 2nd line forward for a bottom pair defenceman just to save one million and a measily 34th overall??  Thats crazy buddy…  Yzerman isnt stupid…

    And then regarding Beauchemin…why didnt Murray just re-sign him last year when he had the chance??  Its not like Beauchemin outpriced himself at 3.8….  I really dont think hes wanted back there that badly!

    And then the Boston trade??  The Bruins clearly struggled offensively…so ya great idea Im sure theyd love to trade down 2 spots and draft a defenceman…

    Common man that doesnt make sense..

  27. Boston_Bruins says:

    You know your second point is true when you have a thread titled "Tyler Seguin, the big bust". Even though I prefer Seguin it would be funny if the Bruins got Hall, which would probably lead to a new thread titled "Did I forget to mention that Hall is a bigger bust?"

  28. leafmeister says:

    Tampa would bury Finger. Its not just Malone's salary, its the term. He is signed for a long time, a few years longer than Finger. Tampa needs to get rid of some of the long term contracts that will hamper them from signing Stamkos and Hedman.

    Anaheim is in the market for defensemen, they need someone to possibly fill Niedermayer's spot.

    They struggled offensively, but if you look at their depth, they are far more depthy at center than on D, beyond Chara they do not have any defensemen who you would call blue chippers. So while dropping two spots and grabbing a defensemen may hurt short term, it would allow for them to pick up more picks and dump Ryder's salary. I am not sure they would go through with it, but it is something they would consider.

  29. KingCanada says:

    Kulemin isnt going anywere but Im not so sure that Colombus is as attached to that pick as everyone seems to think…  They have sucked for a while and drafted high several years.  Their young guys are all getting better…

    Heck they gave raises to Vermette, Russell, Klesla, Brassard and NASH!!!  They need to start winning very soon so that 4th overall pick might be movable.  However it might be more likely that they trade down to a lower 1st rounder.

    If Colombus can trade for Kaberle, sign Hamhuis, and get good seasons from Mason and Filatov then they could finally get out of their loosing funk!

    Whats more valuable to the current Blue Jacket team… a young Fowler who might not play next year or a Kaberle who instantly becomes the #1 defenceman on the team??

  30. KingCanada says:

    Wow I dont know I think that sets the Leafs back if anything!  Sure we get Pavelski but loose 2 roster defencemen!  Those picks will be late and the guys wont play for the Leafs for a bit.

    Also I really dont think SJ would entertain any offers to rid themselves of Pavelski after his awesome playoffs…  If anything they will shop Setoguchi if cap space is needed.

  31. cam7777 says:

    I don't know that most Leaf fans ever seriously called these two busts.  Where you have Leaf fans taking issue is with the assumption that either one of them must be light years better than Kessel, therefore rapage has occurred.  This is simply not the case.  Both have a long way to go before they are 40 goal scorers in this league.  That's not to say they won't be, it's just pointing out the potential that one or both of them might not hit such lofty heights.

  32. KingCanada says:

    A) TB is struggling financially and WILL NOT piss away 3.5 in the minors.
    B) Malone is front loaded so hes a good value down the road for a team that doesnt always spend up to the cap
    C) Stamkos is next years problem and Hedman isnt really showing he deserves 3+ million just yet so calm down.. I doubt any cap problems are handled now.

    Regarding Boston they are a playoff team so call me crazy but I dont think there as concerned about their farm as u seem to think they are..  They need forwards… Hall/Seguin seem able to play in the NHL right away while the defencemen after those 2 probably much less likely..

    Regarding Anaheim…they can just sign Hamhuis for free since their similar… OR how about trading for Kaberle instead??  He is much closer to Neids then Beauch is…  I dont think Ryan is going anywere but how about..

    To Anaheim: Kaberle
    To Toronto: 29th overall, Kyle Palmieri and some mid pick / decent prospect

  33. Boston_Bruins says:

    Haha yeah I guess I sort of exaggerated that because of that one guy but talking to people on other boards and to friends that are Leafs fans they seem to vastly downplay this draft and the top two guys. If you read alot of scouts opinions they think this is a very deep draft.

    For the actual trade it was the situation that made it so good for Boston. Kessel was not going to be a Bruin in 2010 and they managed to get the 2nd, 32nd and another 1st next year for him. There were other questions surrounding him as well, from his character to his work ethic to his all-around play. There's no questioning his talent though.

    Personally however I was never the biggest fan of his because I really put high value into two way play. It plays a big part in why I'd take Krejci over Kessel and Seguin over Hall. I think the Bruins share this same sentiment.

    And another thing I always hear thrown around is potential. Whenever this trade is discussed it seems fine to say that Kessel is a potential 50 goal scorer and that he'll work on his overall game, etc. as an argument but it's not fine to say that Seguin or Hall are potential stars. Yeah Kessel has put up over 30 twice in shortened seasons but we have seen players regress before. Nothing is a sure thing. Not saying that I think he is going to regress or anything but it's a possibility. With scouting nowadays I think it's as good of a bet that Seguin and Hall will get near their potential as it is to say that Kessel will reach the potential that Leafs fans are hoping him to reach.

  34. leafmeister says:

    A) Fair point. I forgot about what a shitshow Tampa's ownership is
    b) Cap hits remain the same. He 4.5 against the cap for another 5 years. If they want to buy him out that is a different story, but im sure they would rather trade him.
    c) Yzerman says signing Stamkos is on the top of his to do list. As a rookie GM, you better believe he is going to do everything in his power to not let Stamkos slip away.

    After one of the biggest collapses in sports history, Boston is going to seriously retool. They need to add some core pieces on D, especially since Chara is proving that he is not all that great in the clutch. Dumping Ryder and adding the picks is just bonus.

    As for the Anaheim deal. I highly doubt Burke moves Kaberle for a late 1st, a prospect and a pick. The 12 and Palmieri, probably. Not the 29 though.

  35. Boston_Bruins says:

    Boston's depth on defense is actually pretty solid. With Seidenberg supposed to sign soon, and Boychuk saying he wants to come back you have: Chara, Seidenberg, Wideman, Boychuk, Ference, Hunwick, Alexandrov for next year. And that's assuming they don't find room for Stuart (if the cap goes up he might be back anyways though).

  36. Boston_Bruins says:

    Ha seriously retool, and on defense of all places? They finished first in goals against two years ago and second last year. Yeah it was an epic collapse but maybe something as simple as stripping the "C" from Chara and giving it to Bergeron would be enough. There are ways for the Bruins to land one of the 3 biggest defensemen without giving up Seguin or Hall anyways.

  37. lafleur10 says:

    wow he's not gochar never will be (he couldn't tie gonchars' skates) he will never be mentioned in the same breath or should be mentioned in the same breath as lidsrom (a first ballot hall of famer)he's not a difference maker period whether the leafs would've been good or bad! he wasn't when they had that little bit of success in 1994-2000 ! and he certianly isn't now he can be mentioned in the same group as matts sundin,brian mcacbe, alex poinkarovsky,darcy tucker,nik antropov ….etc, as those guys don't and never will have a championship or winning pedigree or desire to have been winners! he's comfortble playing in a stagnent and losing enivornment and is use to it and welcomes it he has become comfortable playing there and doesn't care if he ever wins a championship!i glad you think kaberle is elite because your the only 1 no experts will consider him that!carle is a star as you said but he's a very good top 4 defenceman i don't think he'll be traded for a shit package ……..but he won't bring you the type of return you guys are expecting because…
    a) he's 32 and on the back end of his career
    b) he's only got 1 year left and that will hinder the return you get because alot of teams aren't going to be prepared to get that much up especially if they know that kaberle will walk away or if they can't negoicate an extension because if he leaves that team they would be out a pp  q.b. and that package no smart gm will give those assests for himif he had 3-4 years left you could and would probably net that kind of return! everything burke gets you guys won't be worthless in the package btu everything isn't going to be jeff carter and a 1st r.d pick either !

  38. KingCanada says:

    Well I understand they want to re-sign Stammer but until they figure out their financial situation I dont think itll happen until then.  Arent they up for sale or something?  If anything I could see them making a huge splash trading Lecavalier for a King's ransom and then be able to re-sign Stammer.

    Id also prefer the 12 + Palmieri but who knows if Anaheim is willing to deal?  Palmieri apparently is a very good agitator…sounds like a Burke guy…I just hope if we trade with them eigther Palmieri or Sbisa is included.

    With the 12th pick it would also be nice to see Burke move up a lil bit and draft Niederreiter who is also quite the agitator…

    Imagine how annoying it would be to play vs Phaneuf, Kadri, Niederreiter, Palmieri, Orr, Komiserak ect within a couple years!

  39. TheLeafNation91 says:

    True! Like I said, the next years pick is what im worried about…

    But then again I think Burke will do whatever he can do so it doesn't get to that point…

    I really don't think they will be as A) Phaneuf did bring a lot of leadership which is why they tore it up in the last few months, B) Goaltending is more solid then having Toskala, also Gustavsson was improving and C) As shown and I think youn might agree, the East is a really weak conference with it potentially getting weaker with New Jersey maybe starting to falter and Washington might lose a key player or two. It's not like we have to worrry about already solid teams and upstart young teams like the West does.

  40. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Im Guessing Anaheim as they took Blakes contract, which I'm thinking we all thought would be plagued with for years to come, bvut somehow he convinces them to take Blake and Toskala (which we did not need at all) for a struggling but accomplished, proven veteran(who really picked it up in TO. Only 6 mil for one seaosn to deal with)

  41. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Also, I guess he kind of put Edmonton in last place

  42. leafmeister says:

    If Anaheim wants Kaberle, then the 12 will be a must. Burke would much sooner keep Kaberle than trade him for a late pick. Unless they throw in two top notch prospects with the 29.

    I would take 12, Palmieri, and a 3rd, or 29, Spisa, Palmieri. If they wouldnt go as high as either of those, than I would take my business elsewhere.

  43. 93killer93 says:

    If the Leafs can get the 12th pick i'd like to see them take Nick Bjugstad.  6'5'' 200lbs.  He put up 29 goals and 60 points in 25 games. 

  44. TmLeafan says:

    I think it all depends on whether Burke and his scouts really have their eye on a player that could go in the mid first round.  If they do then I think he will move Kaberle for that pick and maybe a decent prospect/later pick. I will admit that I dont know a lot about this draft but if Burke does have his eye on a player in the first round, history tells us he will get his guy.

    If not then the possibilities become more interesting.  He could be packaged like you said for a major piece like Neal or Ryan although I think this scenario doesnt seem as likely.

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