More Malkin Drama!

An hour ago (Monday, 7pm EDT), the Associated Press filed a report in which Pat Brisson, one of Malkin’s agents, was quoted as saying “I can tell you I think he is safe, but I cannot comment on anything else,”. Ther report can be found on

The report also says that Sergei Isakov, Malkin’s agent for the Russian league, told the Soviet Sport newspaper that Malkin had a Canadian visa before leaving for Finland and that he might have taken it with him.

Pravda quoted Malkin’s parents saying they hadn’t talked to their son and did not know where he was. “My son simply snapped, his nerves did not hold on,” Vladimir Malkin said. “In the last moment, they persuaded him to stay in Magnitka, though his mind was already in the NHL. I understand him, but I don’t support him. It was a childish act. Before I give my final assessment, I need to talk to him personally.”

Evgeni’s mother, Natalia Malkin, told Pravda she and her husband tried to call their son but his phone was turned off. “The management of Mettalurg played on his patriotic feelings. He was not able to refuse. Though, afterward, he told me, ‘Mom, they (the Penguins) have already been waiting for me, and I promised.’ He left for camp in Finland very disgruntled.”

The article questions also whether perhaps the Penguins had already signed Malkin prior to his signing of the 1-year contract with Magnitogorsk. It is also in question whether his original contract, did in fact had some kind of clause in order to release him to the NHL, since Malkin was sure there was one (although his North American agents later thought to the contrary after reading the contract).

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