More Maple Leafs on way out?

The Leafs’ dressing room was still buzzing Thursday after the trade of Francois Beauchemin a day earlier, and if GM Brian Burke has his way, the defenseman won’t be the only player to make an exit.

Veteran puck-moving blueliner Tomas Kaberle is set to become an unrestricted free agent July 1 and he’s used to hearing his name out there at this time of year.

“You’re right, about the last few years, you listen to the same stuff all the time,” Kaberle told after the team’s morning skate at Air Canada Centre. “It’s not a thing that a player wants to hear. He just wants to concentrate on hockey. But obviously it’s happening [around the trade deadline], the media analyzes it more and more. I just have to focus on hockey.”

Kaberle controls his fate with his no-trade clause. Boston, Montreal and the New York Rangers are among several teams I believe are interested in him. Eventually, the Leafs will go to Kaberle with a trade offer and he’ll need to say yes or no. He fully knows that.

“If it happens, it happens,” said Kaberle, who has been with the Leafs for his entire career. “That’s the NHL. It’s going to happen or not. I’m up to it, whatever happens, happens. It’s something every player has to go through at the deadline.”

Kris Versteeg wonders about his future, as well. The Leafs are definitely talking to other teams about him.

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  1. leafy says:

    Yea those two guys are definitely polar opposites.

  2. nordiques100 says:

    Bozak's problem is that he doesnt shoot the puck.

    The coaches should tell him to be a shooter first. we've seen him put in a couple of lasers. and his first goal ever, he danced around a defence pairing. it was great.

    the guy has scoring ability. he needs to shoot shoot shoot at all possible times then i think he'll get some game.

    he is the most predictable player. he's like the top line centre's version of a stay at home dman. you know that guy is going to bang it off the glass. you know bozak is going to look totally to pass.

    i think that will change his whole game around. last night he tried to defer toooooo much.

  3. nordiques100 says:

    surprised the Flyers are interested but i'd imagine JVR is the man BB wants.

    i think BB would ask for Jordan Caron back at least. I dont think our 1st is coming back to us.

    And i dont think BB has interest in teh bruins 1st. Caron is an almost ready prospect.

  4. reinjosh says:

    Philly is interesting. As Nords said, JVR would probably be the guy Burke is interested in. It might seem like overpayment but honestly who else would Burke be looking at? They have very little prospect wise and they probably are not moving any of the top 6 so really JVR is the only guy left. The 1st is really going to be like a high 2nd so its of nominal value. I would like to get my hands on JVR.

    I doubt Burke deals with the Bruins. I just honestly can't see any deal being consummated without that 1st (Tor's) coming back unless its a deal where Burke clearly wins (like Colborne and Caron).

    I wonder if Pittsburgh has interest. They had their top 2 scouts at the Leaf game last night and they have past winger trade history with Burke before.
  5. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I think Burke would give up more to get JvR, great opportunity. Versteeg I think would basically amke them cup champs and maybe Toronto and Philly would be willing to deal with JvR because of a few reasons:

    -Versteeg is signed at a good price, can produce second-liner points. Responsible defensively, and has cup experience
    -JvR might be asking for money philly can't get them when his contract is done

    JvR would be the power forward weve been lacking…

    JvR and Kessel? Northeast better watch out!!

  6. reinjosh says:

    If they are unwilling to move JVR for just Versteeg, would you add a prospect? Say Kenny Ryan?

    Maybe something like JVR and a late round pick for Ryan and Versteeg.

  7. TheLeafNation91 says:

    The only ones I would not like trading are Kadri, Gardiner, Aulie, Bozak…And maybe D'Amigo. i would possibly throw in a D and offensive prospect just for JvR

    They can have a free pick at the rest of the crop

  8. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Also: protect Reimer and Rynass

    Making gustavsson and Scrivens free game

  9. Leafs_RegimeofBurke_ says:

    agreed nords. He'll have to adjust: he's had the role of centering Kessel for so long now. he's been ingrained with a pass-first mentality.

    Last night I was jumping out of my seat yelling "Pass the ****ing puck, Bozak!" There was a 2 on 1 last night VS NJ where he easily could have fired one home, but he elected to literally stop in front of the net and pass (which was then intercepted by the D-man, no SOG by either Leaf)

    His last goal he fired a slapper clean slapper home- you're right, his shot is usually real good.

  10. reinjosh says:

    I don't want to move any goalie prospect. Its only Gustavsson's 2nd season/ Give him more time. Unless it's a swap of struggling goalies (maybe Mason), I'm not interested and even then I'm not so sure.

  11. reinjosh says:

    They keep themselves occupied lol Definitely entertaining though

  12. Leafs_RegimeofBurke_ says:

    Is JVR playing 3rd line mins in Philly? If so, id be down with Versteeg for JVR type of swap. Even if he's being given 2nd line minutes, he's only in his 2nd year and 21 years old….Big american potential first liner 2nd overall *thumbs up*.

  13. reinjosh says:

    About 30 percent of the time he plays third line with Nodl and Richards. He plays 12 percent with Giroux and Carter and 11 percent with Carter and Zherdev. All according to to DobberHockey line combos anyways.

    In my opinion, he will never reach his potential on Philly. Too many people ahead of him. I could be wrong however. If he has a breakout year next year, Philly is pretty much screwed cap wise.

    Versteeg plus a prospect or two could make sense for them. Most GM's would wait till next year and if he can't be fit cap wise, trade him for a fat package. But that's assuming he has a breakout. If he doesn't, he might get less then, than now. Thing is Holmgren has shown a propensity to go for it when he has the chance. Getting a player like Versteeg (who has a little more playoff experience than JVR does) might make sense along with prospects. He could then use those prospects as ammunition to make his chance even better this season. Just a thought

  14. nordiques100 says:

    based on how Versteeg was traded for 3 prospects, i dont know, i think JVR alone is enough.

    its not like KV is old. 24, under contract long term, he'll fit in with that nucleus.

    JVR may have some more upside, but right now, KV can help them on the PK and of course has playoff experience.

  15. reinjosh says:

    Fair enough. I'd be willing to give an extra prospect if that's what it took though.

  16. MystifoLeafs says:

    Maybe him a Kessel should switch jobs and Bozack and shoot as Kessel feeds. If you take a look at the few points Kessel has been getting its all from assists. 

  17. Leafs_the_word says:

    I'm really hoping for Bogosian to complete Leafs blueline version 4.0 (given that Burke is turning over his entire blueline again). 

    Phaneuf – Schenn
    Bogosian – Aulie
    Gunnerson – Finger 

    Skill, punishers and Finger is good enough to hold up cap room without killing on the ice and gives an excuse to bury Komisarek.

    I also like Gysbers, could see him stepping up in the next couple years.

  18. MystifoLeafs says:

    I honestly liked Finger a hell of a lot more than Komisareak and wondered why he was in the minors and not Komi in the first place.

  19. nordiques100 says:

    i dont know about anyone else but i am a big fan of Giguere and how he handles things with the team.

    He is clearly a good leader. He is still an ok goalie too. yes, health is a concern, but he is still good i think for 1/2 the work load.

    i think he makes a good partner for either Reimer or Gustavsson. Both can learn a ton from him and how he prepares, how he competes, how he carries himself and an individual.

    i'd take Giggy back for another yr, maybe 2 for at most 2 mil, perhaps as low as 1.5 mil per.

    i think he is a huge asset to the team. i think the kids are really going to compete with eachother, but i think that while they need to play, a good mentor and someone to look up to for a bit will help them.

    Unlike Toskala, Giguere is never shy about helping his partner and being a big mentor.

    and on this young team, a couple of leaders here and there will be huge.

    Kaberle is another. he carries himself so well.

    i am one who was discouraged that BB didn't trade him last summer, b/c i fear the result of him leaving July 1st 2011 for nothing will come true.

    but, he is another i'd really prefer to keep, just to get this team through the next couple years.

    Something has to give. At some point BB cannot be stupid and naive enough to not get more help besides Lupul up front. At some point someone will be brought in to help Kessel and the team will be better.

    But i think kabby can help through that stretch. the growing stage. his quiet leadership and steadiness with Schenn is invaluable.

    and really, until maybe Blacker or Gardiner are ready, there isn't anyone even close to bringing what Kaberle brings.

    I dont think Ehrhoff is the answer nor a preference for Burke and the leafs.

    I see them in love with Bieska, but his game is more like Beauchemin if anything.

    Markov is a questionmark due to injuries, but his style is like Kaberles and would fill a need.

    but in reality, i think Burke needs to bury the hatchet with curran and get an extension done or else do whatever it takes to ensure Kabby does not walk for nothing.

    that would arguably be the dumbest move since JFJ traded back to back picks for sieve goalies.

  20. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    It is???

  21. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Bozak will be fine. Give him some time to develop at the NHL level. His sophmore jinx means we will be able to re-sign him at a very reasonable price. So not all is lost.

  22. Leafs_Forever says:

    I am a big fan of Giguere also.  Obviously he is making way to much money and could be resigned next year for alot less.

    However, I would like the Leafs go another direction and I have a feeling Burke will look to someone else.

    I think that Burke will go after Ilya Bryzgalov.  Remeber that when Burke was in Anahiem he did Ilya a favour and waived him so he could get playing time with another team.  Maybe Ilya pays him back and signs to cheaper contract? Say 2 years for 6 million? (3 million per year?)  I really don't think this is unreasonable considering the history…

    I really feel that the one thing we have not had since Belfour is a goalie capable of stealing us games.  Right now Riemer looks like he could be that guy, but I say we need a guy like Ilya…

    Also, I would love to see Burke admit the failure of Komisarek and trade him for anything.  If he can't, I say bury him in the ahl next year and resign KAberle and try to sign Bieksa.  That makes our top 4: Phanuef, Schenn, Kaberle, and Bieksa.  Then Aulie and GUnner can be the other 2.

    And of course, the number one question I have is: will Brad Richards be available or will he resign with Dallas?  If not we all know BUrke will make a run at him.  Our 4 centers them become: Richards, Grabo, Bozak, and Brent? Looks good to me!

    And by the way, what is with all this trade Versteeg talk? I didn't like him at the beginning of the season, but he has really grown on me.  I really can't see them trading him.  He is only 24.  This trade stuff has only been generated by the leaf crazed media.  It ani't going to happen…  the only people that will be shipped out now will be Giggy, Kaberle, or Komi…

    In Burke we trust!

  23. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    I would like Giguere back but $2mil would likely be the lowest he takes. I'm figuring $2.5-$3mil per. Leighton got $1.5, Auld $1, and Conklin $1.3. Giggy is still a guy some may figure (barring injury) could still be a number 1. $4mil over two years I think is fair but he may get more elsewhere. He would be a great mentor for the young guys and allow Burke to really see which young guys he wants to keep.

    As for Kabs…great to have him back, but I doubt that happens. I believe he will be moved and Matt Lashoff will be asked to come back and be given a legitimate chance to make the team as the 6th D-man and powerplay quarterback.

    We have to be patient with trades as we would with drafting. It doesnt happen overnight and takes time to develop a good one. With the addition of Lupul we are now one top six guy away from a very good young team.

    The Leafs are very young…we wouldn't expect Edmonton to play like a veteran team. Why do we expect Toronto to? Kabs and Giggy are the only 2 guys in their 30's…almost everyone else is under 27. Plus, we actually have prospects for once.

    I don't think BB is stupid enough to believe we do not need more help up-front. Otherwise he wouldnt be saying he is not done with trades yet.

    I still believe we are on the right track. If we develop the young core we have and the prospects we have…We will be a cup contender in a couple of years. We are missing one good top six guy and that's about it.

    on another note…Aulie looks very good. I would take Phaneuf, Aulie Sjostrom over Stajan, Hagman, Mayers and White anyday. I liked the trade when it happened (because of the Aulie, Sjostrom addition) I LOVE IT NOW!!

  24. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Versteeg has value to other teams which is why he may be moved. Toronto has similar players to Versteeg but lacks one more top six guy with size. If Burke can move him for the Leafs need, he will.

    A team like Philly has enough size up-front but may feel adding Versteeg would give them a good skater who contributes at both ends(PK and such)…that's a need Philly may want to explore.

    If Philly would be willing to give up a top six player or prospect with size…this is how Versteeg gets moved. Not because we can't use him, because he doesn't fill our biggest need.

  25. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    keep Kabby

  26. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    we'll be a cup team next year.

    trade kabby and reign in off season
  27. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    or trade and resign in off season

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