More NHL Updates – July 28, 2006 ***Updated***

Canucks sign Tremblay to boost blue-line

Sens sign schaefer for 4

Panthers sign Van Ryn to long-term deal

Vishnevski rewarded

Connelly re-signs with BuffaloCanucks sign Tremblay to boost blue-line

According to tsn:The Vancouver Canucks hope to add some offensive punch to their blue-line by signing free agent defenceman Yannick Tremblay to a one-year contract, the team said Friday.Tremblay, who will earn $600,000 US, played for the Mannheim Eagles of the German Hockey League last season. The 30-year-old last played in the NHL in the 2003-04 season with the Atlanta Thrashers where he had two goals and 10 points in 38 games.


Sens sign schaefer for 4

The ottawa senators re-signed restricted free agent Lw peter schaeffer for 4-years today to avoid arbitation hearing. Peter schaeffer had a career high with goals(20), and assists(30).


Panthers sign Van Ryn to long-term deal

According to tsn:The Florida Panthers avoided arbitration with defenceman Mike Van Ryn Friday, signing him to a four-year deal. Terms were not disclosed.


Vishnevski rewarded

The Ducks had awarded restricted-free-agent defensemen Vitaly Veshnavski a 1-year 1.55 million dollar contract today


Connelly re-signs with Buffalo

According to WGR 550 in Buffalo, it’s a multi year deal. No terms announced.

With all the multiyear deals Buffalo has handed out in the last few weeks (Tallinder, Kotalik, Connelly, Lydman, Pominville, Connelly), it looks like the Sabres are intent on keeping the core of the 2005-06 team intact.

As a Sabres fan, I truly hope this means Danny Briere as well. I do not doubt he’ll wear Blue and Gold at least for this season with hopes for a long term deal after January 1.


48 Responses to More NHL Updates – July 28, 2006 ***Updated***

  1. mikefisher01 says:

    lol my bad it said that on tsn first now it changed u fag

  2. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    I dont think theres a better GM in the league at avioding arbitration then Muckler.

  3. muckies says:

    What a job by Muckler, completely avoids arbitration with all his players, has the entire team resigned and ready to go and he only spent 40.5 million, meaning he has room for Anson Carter, Petr Sykora, or a deadline deal that could bring in a high priced veteran.

    Once again, the Sens show what a class organization they are. All the players wanted to return and all are team players that would rather lose a few hundred thousad in arbitration to play with their teamates and work for the fans, they pay their players fair market value and everybody is happy – no shyt show like in NJ or Buffalo.

    Muckler said he wanted a veteran forward to fill out the roster – so I don’t think the Sens aren’t done.

    Not a bad off-season all in all. The team got to restructure the Defensive corp – its smaller, but faster and WAY more offensive and will get alot of offence from their D. The PK is not as good with the lose of Chara, but Gerber should make it better taking over for Emery. The forwards are all a year older, Eaves, Kelly, Vermette should all improve their stats last season, still have one of the best lines in hockey, a potential Selke winner in Fisher, a Great PP, some great rookies in Hennesey and Kaigorodov battling for positions, and a boat load of Russian talent that could have some real Gems in it – lots of rookies to plug in next year in Brian Lee and Foligno.

    Could win the division with the team they have, I like the Sens alot this year.

    Alfie – Spezza – Heatley

    Schaffer – Fisher – Neil

    Vermette – Kelly – Eaves

    McGratton – Kaigorodov (R) – (Hennesey, Hamel, Schubert)

    Redden – Meszaros

    Phillips – Corvo

    Volchenkov – Hennesey



  4. DJTOKid says:

    I agree that Muckler has done a good job considering the cir*****stances given, are the sens as good as last year? no. Are they still a very good hockey team? Hell yah. But if they don’t split up there big 3 they are going to have some serious troubles scoring goals from there third and fourth lines, heck even the second line.

    And what about Preissing? Why don’t you have him in your line up?

  5. Pilgrim says:

    Not a bad off-season? You can try to make it sound as rosey as possible. The truth is Ottawa will dress almost the same team as last year, minus Hasek, Chara and Havlat. Say what you will, but this team peaked last year and missed out on their best chance to win the cup.

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Schaeffer signed for 2.1 million per year which is a BARGAIN for that guy.

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Hasek, Chara, and Havlat are AMAZING players. It is a big loss, but the Sens still have a lot of talent. I agree that last year was their best chance to win the cup.

  8. muckies says:

    my bad, i put Hennesey on D instead of Preising. They still have four 20 goal scorers outside of their top line, they aren’t the Oilers, but they’ll score goals, They did lead the league in scoring last year and only lost Smoke as an everyday player, Havlat was injured and only scored 9 goals for them.

    Thats why they improved their offense from the D, to take pressure off their forwards. heres hoping it works

  9. mafew says:

    The Sens will win the division, if not the east…. then lose in the playoffs.

  10. pisani34 says:

    i think the sens will be very offensive, but they might not be great definsively. i don’t think that Gerber is a great goalie, but maybe he will surprise me. I think Gerber and Emery will split time, but i might be wrong.

  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Most guys fresh out of Europe realy struggle in their first season in North America, because of the smaller ice, more physical play, and 82 game schedual. I don’t think Kaigorodov will make the roster ahead of Hennesy, Hamel, and Schubert. That new D-core is a big question mark. It could be fantastic or it could really struggle. Corvo and Volchenkov are the only players who can take on big forwards.

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah, there aren’t a lot of big D-men. Corvo will REALLY come in handy with Chara gone.

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Many GM’s had no players even file for arbitration.

  14. AfroCon says:

    How is he a boost?

    Canucks sign Tremblay to boost blue-line

  15. kamullia says:

    I am sure you meant they will be 1st in the East.

    It is kind of hard to win the East if you lose in the playoffs.

    I doubt they will come 1st in the East, but what really matters is making it into the playoffs and I think they will. History has shown that the playoffs are an entire new season. Just ask Detroit fans, lately.

  16. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    I didnt just mean this year

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    well to say he’s the best at avoiding arbitration is a little far fetched,

  18. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    whos better?

  19. kamullia says:

    Well, he is certainly not the greatest defenseman, but I would not blame the person who posted it. They just literally copied word by word from the TSN site.

    Now what was TSN thinking to use that headline, I have not a clue. I guess it could be worse, it could have been Desjardins.

  20. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    I don’t remember any Flyers filing any time recently.

  21. muckies says:

    I guess you’ve never heard of Chris Phillips.

    Meszaros is super tough in front battling, Meszaros weakeness is from the O blue line to the red line, he gets burnt turning around sometines and panics if he gets caught facing a speedy forward. He’ll be better this year after his rookie season and 2 playoff rounds.

  22. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i don’t know GM’s well enough, but i do know that out of 30 GM’s there one whose better than Muckler

  23. TheStryker says:

    The Sens need another scoring winger. Im sure Sykora could be a good fit.

  24. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Phillips won’t play a whole season, and definetly has below average physical play (especially for a guy who is 6 foot 3) I only saw 8 sens games (The 8 vs the Leafs), but Meszaros was a smart player, and was ok on the rush, but couldn’t touch, Antropov or Sundin in front of the net. I didn’t see him play much, but he didn’t seem very physical at all.

  25. muckies says:

    you don’t know what you’re talking about, just don’t say anything if you don’t know what you’re talking about, just stick to your knitting and the Leafs and don’t comment on the Sens anymore because you admitted yourself you have no idea what they are about.

  26. muckies says:

    BLUE_AND_WHITE said this about Chris Phillips —“Phillips won’t play a whole season, and definetly has below average physical play (especially for a guy who is 6 foot 3)”

    Your an insult to hockey knowledge BLUE_AND_WHITE

  27. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Well the sens have spent 41.4 million on 20 players a 23 man roster makes up the salary cap amout, so if you add 2 players making league minimum its up to 42.3 million leaving 1.7 million, not enough for Sykora, Carter, or Allison, who are the three top Forwards left. If a veteran is added it will be a 3rd or 4th liner.

  28. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    seems like your have nothing better to do than attack me personally, well as i recall Phillips has a knee problem and was protected by Chara all last year. I didn’t see much physical play from him.

  29. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    no, i said i only saw 8 games last season, which i accidentally lied about because I saw every Sens playoff game. You have to admit the the Defence core will not be a fraction as physical as they were with chara.

  30. Lindy_4_Prez says:

    You are a total loser. you have nothing better to do all day everyday than personally ***** at others who dont necessarily agree with your biased, over-blown, pompass comments about the senators. NO ONE CARES. furthermore, YOU are an insult to hockey knowledge, not people who disagree with your bull**** opinions on the senators. Sabres, Hurricanes, and possibly Leafs are better than your beloved sens that my Sabres straight up owned in the playoffs. So shut-up, and dont voice your retarted comments if you cant take FRIENDLY disagreement from other posters. wow…..

  31. muckies says:

    your just mad because you said that Schafer woud get 3 million in arbitration, and I said Mucler would avoid arbtration and sign him to a deal.

    You see your Sabers getting dismanteled by a cheap owner, you sense the core of your team slipping away, and a small market team like the Sens will actually spend the necessary money to get their team on the ice, its a jealousy thing with you, i don’t blame you, if my team went 3 rounds and the owner still wound’t invest in salaries to keep the team togther, and state publicly his goal is to stay below the league average to get return funds from the other NHL owners and line his pockets more, i’d be pissed as well.

    Oh well, at least you have anew ugly jeasey 20 000 Sabers fan have signed a petition to get rid of,

    Gone is the core of the team, the jersey, and your chance at having a good run with the players you have……wow

  32. mafew says:

    1st: we still haven’t seen what the ownership in Buffalo will do with the contracts awarded so, perhaps you should wait and find out before assuming they’ll dismantle the team

    2nd: You shouldn’t gloat over the financial success of the senators, who went bankrupt only a few seasons ago and required emergency assistance from the league to stay afloat (not to mention a TORONTO billionaire to bail them out)

    3rd: You also shouldn’t gloat over the failure of the sabres to keep their team together, after going “three rounds” when they went THROUGH the sens in one of those rounds.

  33. Tweek says:

    i think muckies wants to make love to john muckler, that stupid lion mascot, and alffy. all at the same time, with jason spezza watching the corner.

  34. AfroCon says:

    I knew it came from TSN and was not blaming the poster at all…

    Was basically wondering if I was the only one not seeing this as a boost…

  35. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    If Buffalo keeps Briere the Sens will be at the heels of the Sabres. The only Reason the Sens can afford more than the Sabers is because they have a rich owner. And I think you are the one who is upset because Buffalo beat the Sens. Geez when the Sens make a good move you still get ticked off.

  36. muckies says:

    Hey, that stupid lion mascot is called ‘Sparty’, he has a gun he shoots hot-dogs out of……ummmm…..

  37. muckies says:

    a rich owner that’s right, a billionaire with loads of money to spend on hockey players, finally we got rid of Bryden who the players, fans and owners all hated..

    P.S., find me an NHL owner that isn’t a billionaire, and then start talking about money, the difference is Melnyk will spend to win, and others like the Billionaire in Buffalo and Minnesota won’t soend to make the team better, can’t balme a guy for giving everything he can to the team.

    And the Sens scuess comes from a great system and great drafting, not money, they have always been at the bottom of the league in $$$ spent on players, so give the team credit for doing a good job with little money.

    Funny how a Torornto fan gets on a Sens fan for an owner that spends money, the real signa NEW NHL is in effect, when a leaf fan says the Sens have money to spend.

  38. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    The Leafs deserve to spend more because the organization can afford it without losing money. Ottawa also deserves to spend more because they have a wealthy caring owner.

    That being said you have no right to ***** to a sabres fan that his team has no money when your team is being bailed out by a Toronto Billionaire.

    The Sens have 41.5 million dollars on salaries, so if you think Money hasn’t played a part in the Sens success you are out of your mind. If Melnyk hadn’t come Alfie, and Heatley would be playing somewhere else and Emery would be your starting Goalie.

    And the Sens lost Considerably more than the Sabers. Chara, Havlat, Smokes and Hasek are a bigger loss than McKee and Briere/Afinogenov.

  39. Tweek says:

    nothing like crappy arena hot-dogs, delicious….

  40. muckies says:

    O.K., if i owe it to a Toronto billionaire, you owe the sucess of your franchise to teachers in Ottawa, Sault St. Marie, Thunder Bay, Hamilton and London, if thats how your logic goes.

    your right, without an owner who spends, star players leave, like in Buffalo, they dealt away their Captian Peca, will deal away Briere, and next year will lose the other Captain Drury. So thats just life, we in Ottawa saw lots of stars leave, so I’m happy we have a billionaire that wants to win the Cup, unlike in Toronto where the teachers fund only cares about profits, has no interest in winning a Cup and only bought the team as an inv

    tesment and not for pure sports reasons which is winning and competing.

    If you ask a teacher to sacrifce some of their pension for a star player, they would tell you to get lost, you do it for an avid hockey fan from Toronto that got rich, and he’d say hell yeah. I like my owner, he wants to win first, make money second. The Leafs are all about lining the pockets of its teachers fund, much to the detriment of the long suffering fans.

    Ottawa is a win first franschise

    Toronto is a money first franschise, like your uncle who paid 300 dollars for nose bleeds could tell you.

    I bought 3 tickets to the season opener last year after the lockout, 2 rows up from the glass on the blue line for $75 each. Great game – and i had money after to spend on beers.

  41. muckies says:

    he can also shoot 6 inch meatball subs out of the gun…ummmmm, meatballs

  42. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    HAHA, Melnyk makes nothing, Teachers Pension makes millions. Both have organizations that are willing to do whatever it takes to win. You know as well as I do that the owner only controls 1 thing. Spending money, and BOTH owners say go full to the cap.

    BOTH organizations have winning as a number one priority, the only difference is that the leafs make lotza money on the side.

    By the way, Melnyk bails you out every year and the Teachers pension sucks money from the organization every year. How is that the same? YOU owe it to your owner, MY teams owner is screwing us. I owe the Leafs success to the great City of Toronto.

    Its funny that the lowest priced Leaf ticket is $72 and some of the best Sens tickets are $75 dollars.

  43. muckies says:

    Its sad how expensive the Leafs tickets are, considering how many of their fans are blue collar die hards. The ACC is a sad place, rich people eating sushi and drinking expensive wine at hockey games, all cororate people talking shit and not hockey.

    Leafs fans are so proud when they take up half of the Ottawa or Montreal stadiums, until they tell you its cheaper to come to these cities for the weekend and get tickets and a hotel then it is to go to a game in Toronto. I think its pathetic and greedy and down right wrong to say screw the fans, but Leaf fans love it and are proud.

    Oh well, maybe one day the Leafs will lower ticket prices for the die hards, It’ll never happen, and I couldn’t care if it did or didn’t, but i do feel sorry for my buddies in Toronto who are like the poor kids staring into the expensive shops at Christamas wishing that just once, they could get what they wanted. Hey, there’s always the Argos right????

  44. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    The people that go to Leaf games now will still be the ones going to the games only at a cheaper price, if you think Leaf tickets are hard to get now wait until the price goes down then they’ll be impossible to get. Its not like I don’t have the money to see the Leafs, I can’t get my hands on tickets because there are so many fans wo want it.

    I love it when the Leafs play in Ottawa/Montreal/Buffalo/Edmonton and you hear”GO LEAFS GO”. Trust me the people that go to the games ARE DIE HARD FANS!!! People that go to Sens games are sitting in their seat wondering what they paid $5 for.

  45. zenator says:

    That is the irony of the NHL. There are a few teams, like the LEAFS and the HABS, with great fans who can’t get their hands on tickets. Then, there are other teams, like the Panthers where I live, where good seats are not only available, but many season ticket holders don’t bother to show up for games.

    Since much of excitement in hockey comes from the fan support, it really sucks to go to a game, when there are empty sits everywhere. On the other hand, I have great seats (corner/glass) that I could never get in Toronto etc unless I owned the local bank. On balnce, I’ll take the tickets….

  46. John_Connor says:

    No question Chara was the most physical guy, but he has trouble maintaining position on guys now that he can’t use his huge wingspan to wrap people up. Phillips was, IMO, Ottawa’s best defenceman (minus one giveaway) in the postseason, and with Chara gone he’s going to step up big time.

    To me Corvo is a bit of a question mark – he put up good numbers in LA but was always playing with the top line on the tice – but I’ll remain optimistic about him unless his play gives me reason to do otherwise.

  47. John_Connor says:

    “finally we got rid of Bryden who the players, fans and owners all hated..”

    I think most fans had a lot of respect for Bryden… it was his financial tactics that kept the team afloat long enough for Melnyk to show up.

    Bryden went through a lot as owner, and could have easily given up and sold to an investor that wanted to move the team at any time, but he didn’t. He dealt consistently with the losses yet managed to keep the team in Ottawa even when they couldn’t pay their bills (or their players).

    I’m definitely happy to have Melnyk now because of the security he offers, but Bryden did a great job with what he had to work with.

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