Moves coming in Columbus, Edmonton, Raleigh?

The Columbus Blue Jackets are open for business.

GM Scott Howson has seen enough and signaled his intentions in a solid column by Bob Hunter in Wednesday’s Columbus Dispatch.

I reached out to Howson on Wednesday to follow up, and his feelings certainly had not changed. The GM was willing to forgive his lineup in the opening six weeks with so many faces missing because of injury or suspension, but since then it’s been mostly a healthy lineup and the Jackets have remained stuck in the basement.

“We haven’t played well in the last 2 to 3 weeks and it’s given us a little bit more clarity,” Howson told

So trades are coming.

“We’re going to be open to discussions, yes,” Howson said. “There’s nothing imminent right now; I don’t have anything on the burner right now. But certainly between now and over the next couple of months, we’re going to be very active, yes.”

Rick Nash isn’t going anywhere, but what about Jeff Carter?

“I have no intention of trading Jeff at this point,” Howson said.

That’s not going to stop other teams from calling about Carter, however.

Otherwise, Howson will be open to almost anything. While the GM refused to name specific players, one has to assume Derick Brassard will be in play, given the controversy earlier in December with the forward’s agent, Allan Walsh, hammering coach Scott Arniel over the usage of his client.

Brassard has two more years on his deal past this season, paying him $3.2 million a year.

Your typical rental players should be available, the likes of Vaclav Prospal, Sammy Pahlsson and Kristian Huselius, all unrestricted free agents July 1.

Either way, interesting times are ahead in Columbus.

Oilers on the move?

If you’re looking for a big name who could possibly move by the Feb. 27 trade deadline, circle Ales Hemsky.

27 Responses to Moves coming in Columbus, Edmonton, Raleigh?

  1. TheLeafNation91 says:

    This is the best draft in a long time.

    Yakupov, Grigorenko, Forsberg, Dumba, Murray, Trouba, and Galyenchuk are all going to be big-time players.

    My personal favorite is Filip Forsberg. Real underrated player (reminds me of a lot of Peter) though their is no relation.

  2. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    Hemsky could go to any contender for a 1st I suppose.. But If I was the Oilers I would be looking for that d-men back for him. Not sure any team would give anything up for him… Imo I still think Omark Hemsky + Prospect = Bogosian 

  3. GO_LEAFS_GO_Noni says:

    Just when the leafs moved out of the top 10. Crappy luck.

  4. leafmeister says:

    According to Dreger, its only a one year deal for Wilson, and Burke still has flexibility at the end of the year. That means that Dallas Eakins is not necessarily lost.

    With some of the names potentially on the market, and Burke's plethora of moveable assets, this could be the make or break stretch of his tenure as GM. If he shells out and gets Getzlaf, Staal or Ryan, then the Leafs become a contender. If not, who knows. I would try something like this:

    Place Komisarek on LTIR

    To ANA: Aulie, Kulemin, Biggs, 2012 1st, 2012 2nd
    To TOR: Getzlaf

    Solid, dirt cheap prospect, a slumping but talented two way power-forward, a 1st round power forward prospect, a 1st and a 2nd in a deep draft is a pretty solid offer. Anaheim also dumps salary. Toronto gets a #1 center.

    To PHI: Franson, Kadri, Gustovsson
    To TOR: Schenn, Bobrovsky, 2nd

    Philly gets a good, cheap, young defensemen, a solid youngster, and a decent back up for a guy who they cannot afford to play, a better back-up, and a 2nd. Burke gets his man, and a more dependable back-up for Reimer.

    To Winnipeg: Grabovski
    To Toronto: Oduya

    Resign: Oduya, 3 years, 3.3 mil.
    Liles: 4 mil.
    Frattin: 3 years, 1.8 mil.
    Next year:

    Lupul (4.2) – Getzlaf (5.3) – Kessel (5.4) – Could be the best line in the league, and remains surprisingly cheap.
    Schenn (3.1) – Connolly (4.5) – MacArthur (3.2) – Schenn would be groomed on the wing to eventually take over 2nd line center.
    Lombardi (3.5) – Bozak (1.5) – Frattin (1.8) – Fast, and can contribute offense.
    Armstrong (3) – Steckel (1.1) – Orr (1)

    Phaneuf (6.5) – Oduya (3.3) – A mobile, defensive d-man is EXACTLY what Phaneuf needs.
    Schenn (3.6) – Gardiner (1.1) – Obviously
    Liles (4) – Gunnarsson (1.3) – Liles would see ample PP time.

    Reimer (1.8)
    Bobrovsky (1.7)

    Fast, skilled, North American, and much stronger down the middle. Getzlaf and Schenn are both ideal Burke-type centers, and are built for the playoffs. Burke needs to work these assets to the best of his abilities.

  5. habs79 says:

    Well I haven't been on this site for awhile but i can see fans can still go a little overboard with trade suggestions.

    First why would Anaheim dump Getzlaf at all? He is all of 26 years old, as far as salary goes Getzalf's 5.3 mil is not much of a dump when Kulemin and Aulie combine for almost 3 mil plus both need to be resigned. Why would Anaheim give up a 26 year old all star for a 25 year old who had 1 good year, a 22 year old defencemen who is still trying to crack a line up, a prospect and only 1 1st rounder. 
    As for your second suggestion that is a lot more realistic and balanced. Just one question, who can't Philly afford to play? I also doubt this trade would happen cause I don't see Philly parting with Bobrovsky right now.
    Your 3rd suggestion will not happen, simply because with Antropov, Little, and Burmistrov in the line up. I doubt Winnipeg will have any interest in Grabovski they don't need another center.
  6. mapleleafsfan says:

    Yea I can't see getzlav being available at all.. It's hard to put a value on him when it just makes no sense to trade a great young center. 

    Second one he means they cant afford to play bobrovski.. They've committed a hell of a lot to Bryz so they can't exactly hand the starting reigns to bobrovski.. That said I don't see a point in targetting bob as a back up. I don't see the point in going for another goaltender now but if it ever came to that we'd be looking to bring in a starter not a backup. Not saying bobrovski can't be a starter, but there's no reason to target him as a back up. For now, our tandem is fine. 
    I also wouldn't do the third trade. Grabo > Oduya. Don't want to move pieces out of a position of weakness to add to a position of depth (connolly can't be relied on for a full season). And yea, don't see winnipeg targetting a 2nd line center either. 
  7. leafmeister says:

    Well thats the question isnt it? I am just going by what people are saying. But if Getzlaf is traded that is a pretty fair offer, considering their are few teams that have the necessary assets without gutting their roster. Dreger says their are those who believe he is coming on the block, and if he does, I feel this is a pretty reasonable offer. Of course its a moot point if he isn't available.

    Aulie has cracked the line up, and the only reason he didnt before was because of the insane depth on D. I'd bet he is a future top 4, and compliments the puck moving ability that Anaheim already has on the backend. Kulemin could use a change of scenery, and although he is slumping, being solid defensively, and one year removed from a 30 goal year still has value. You really have to look for a precedent. The Mike Richards trade would be the best one:

    Schenn, Simmonds vs. Aulie, Kulemin, Biggs, 2012 1st and 2012 2nd? – Getzlaf is slightly better, but that offer is also quite a bit more attractive to a rebuilding team.

    Philly can't afford to play Schenn. Thats why he is in the minors. It also has to do with their depth at center. For a downgrade in young centerman, and back up goalie, Philly gets a 23 year old top 4 defensemen with size to eat up some of Pronger's minutes? I would do that, and I think Philly would too.

    Grabovski and Antropov could both play the wing, and I think other GM's will appreciate the intangibles that Grabo adds.

  8. habs79 says:

    Ok first it was Schenn Simmonds and a 2nd rounder, so lets go ahead and eliminate the 2nd rounders. That leave us with Schenn, Simmonds vs Aulie, Kulemin, Biggs, and a 1st.

    Aulie has played only 6 games for one of the leagues weaker defences, 26th goals against, 30th penalty killing, 22nd shot against per game. Even when he plays he averages 14:51 ice time, lowest among leaf defencemen. The Leafs clearly treat him as a spare part why should the Ducks view him any differently. 
    As for Schenn and Biggs, At the time of the Richards deal Schenn was a 19 year old who was just taken 5th overall in 2009 with scouting reports making him a future 1st line center with all star potential. Biggs was taken 22nd and I believe he was ranked higher then dropped to 22nd. As for the first round pick it could end up being mid teens maybe lower if the Leafs can go deep. No team would trade the 5th pick for the 16th(maybe lower) and 22nd.
    As for Simmonds and Kulemin. Simmonds was 22 at the time of the trade and looking to have a breakout year. Yes Kulemin is one year removed from a 30 goal year. However he is 25 and is no longer a prospect given that he has 3 goals in 36 games GMs might be incline to think the 30 goal season isn't the norm and that really he is the 15 goal scorer he was before the break out year.
    As for Richards vs Getzlaf.  Richards had a 75 point season followed by a 80 point season but was coming off a couple of 60+ point seasons. Getzalf has averaged over a point a game the last 5 seasons. So not only should an offer for Getzlaf far surpass any offer for Richards, I believe the Kings offer for Richards is better than your offer for Getzlaf. When a GM trades an perennial all star they want a future one as part of the return package (if they don't get it they tend not to have the job much longer). Philly thinks they got one in Schenn you are not offering one for Getzlaf when really you should probably offer 2.
    Speaking of Schenn he is not with the Flyers cause in 8 games he had 0 points and a -7 and they feel he is not ready yet not cause of money.
  9. habs79 says:

    Not really when trading someone like a Getzlaf in a position of sparking a rebuild you easily ask for a young roster player 2 prospects with all star potential and a 1st rounder plus later picks. Otherwise you will be out of a job very soon.

    Actually he meant Schenn which was wrong. I don't believe Schenn is playing cause the Flyers don't think he is ready yet.
    We are in total agreement over the Grabo Oduya trade.
  10. Steven_Leafs says:

    Pronger is on LTIR, they can afford Schenn no problem now so there is no hurry for Philadelphia to make that deal. Besides, even if you assume Schenn and Kadri are equal, it becomes a massive back-up goalie downgrade and a 2nd round pick for Franson, not really an attractive deal for Philadelphia, even though Franson would replace Pronger nicely.

    The Getzlaf trade just wont happen. Cheap contract, young player, extremely skilled and no way to replace him at center. He is as untouchable as can be. But if we were assuming he could be had, Anaheim would not want Biggs. They traded us the 22nd pick that we used to grab Biggs which means they are not that high on him. Exchange Biggs for a NHL centerman and maybe that would get it done.

    Grabovski for Oduya seems like a bad fit for both teams, if Toronto would need another D-man after the trades you suggested, they should pay a low pick or mid level prospect for a rental (Spacek for example).

    It was a fun read though.

  11. leafmeister says:

    Aulie isn't on the roster because Phaneuf, Schenn, Franson, Gardiner, Komisarek, Liles and Gunnarsson all played better. He is far from a spare part. Have you ever watched him? He is 6'5, a good skater, great physicality and has good defensive instincts. He looks like a top four for sure.

    Schenn was traded in June. 2 years after he was drafted.

    Getzlaf is better offensively, but Richards is a leader, and far better defensively. Either way, the precedent is what a 1st line center costs. The addition of a 1st, in a very deep draft is huge. You can't underestimate that.

    Look at his cap hit, even if they wanted to they couldn't play him.

  12. mapleleafsfan says:

    Schenn is out with a concussion. 

  13. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Wow, completely outworked by the last place Hurricanes?

    Hell, they were completely outworked by the injured Florida Panthers.

    This team is soft as hell on the puck, which is why the Bruins kill them all the time. Their PK is still horrible and their are no signs of improvement.

    As well, who told Schenn and Aulie they are allowed to pinch in games? Dumbfounded.

    I don't know why Burke extended Wilson's contract? This team really has not improved that much, just in the W's column.

  14. mapleleafsfan says:

    I had my little rant in the other post.. This team *****ing sucks.. No grit at all. The fourth line looks better with boyce but where's the hustle on the other lines? Connolly was just lazy/dumb on that penalty.. The goal was weak but obviously coming with our pathetic pk.. Two losses to carolina, two to ottawa and this team is expected to be a playoff team? Yea right. I want ottawas coach, he's taking a pile of sh.t and making it a more respectable team than the leafs hands down. If the leafs had the same hustle ottawa does we'd love every game. 

    We need someone to replace armstrong. A real energy player to stop us from getting run over as soon as the other team feels like trying.. I wish clutterbuck was available. 
    Add some grit on the third line and move hell and earth to get a first line center… Seeing Staal kill penalties makes me so envious of those teams. We need a legitimate center who can play whenever he's needed.. As good as kessel is, he's too one dimensional (and friggen sucked tonight). 
    Burke needs to move hell and earth for a first line center. There is literally no one on this team I wouldn't trade for one. 

    As much as you seem to dislike kadri, don't you think he's been great so far? He's very noticeable out there. One of the very few bright spots tonight. 
  15. habs79 says:

    i did not know that . . . i saw his stats and figured he was sent down to the ahl

  16. mapleleafsfan says:

    He was in the AHL for a bit near the start of the season.. Got called up for a bit and then got a concussion.

  17. habs79 says:

    Considering how much Leaf fans like to rip on Komisarek, do you really think saying he plays better than Aulie is a compliment? There is potential in Aulie and yes I have seen him play and he is used as a spare part on a weak defence.

    I stated Schenn was drafted in 2009
    How do you know Richards is a better leader? They both have a C on their jersey or had a C I don"t think Richards is the captain in LA. As for better defensively Getzlaf has a better career plus/minus than Richards. However Richards is known for his two way play besides you don't trade for Getzlaf to kill penalties. Getzlaf is also the better playoff performer and has the ring to prove it and lead the Ducks in playoff scoring when they won the cup. 
    As for your precedent about a 1st line center. Richards isn't a first line center Kopitar is. Kopitar was always going to be the first line center. So when LA made that trade they traded for a player they knew would be their second line center.
    According to nhlnumbers the Flyers have a cap space of 3.556 mil, and Schenn's contract is 2.774 mil I don't kn ow how reliable the sight is but it's the one I always use when I look up contracts.
  18. leafmeister says:

    Komisarek had a good camp, Aulie didnt. Simple as that. As team, the Leafs are weak defensively, meaning they don't play a good system. But individually, they have good defensemen. Having a good defense is half having good players, and half coaching those players to do the right things out there. So while the team is weak defensively, they still have defensive depth. That is pretty hard to argue.

    Regardless of where he plays on the team, playing a two-way game and putting up 80+ points is a 1st line center. Malkin played behind Crosby, but that doesnt make him a 2nd line center.

    Getzlaf does have a cup, that is true, but his role on that team was fairly minor compared to the role he plays know. He was a 2nd line center on an absolute powerhouse of a team. Mike Richards was much more instrumental in carrying the Flyers to the cup finals than Getzlaf was in helping the Ducks to win. The 2010 Flyers were primarily Richards/Carter/Pronger team, Getzlaf was just a part of Pronger/Niedermayer/Selanne's Team. He did lead them in scoring, but you have to appreciate how insulated by elite talent he was. Not saying Richards did it by himself, but he scored at a better pace, faced a tougher opponent in the finals, and did not have the same quality roster.

    I don't know that Richards is the better leader, it is just a sense you get from the way he plays.

  19. leafmeister says:

    Well at one point they couldn't afford to play him. Maybe it was just at the start of the season. Either way, I still think downgrading Schenn to Kadri and Bobrovsky to Gustovsson is worth getting Franson. Pronger could be done for good, they need help back there.

  20. thisgamewelose says:

    Offer Bobby Ryan an offer than can't refuse.  "No way, Ryan is only good because he has Getzlaf feeding him the puck"

    Getzlaf is more valuable than Richards. "Nah, Getzlaf is good because he's playing with elite talent"

  21. habs79 says:

    Regardless of why the Leafs are bad defensively, an opposing GM will look at the situation and wonder why if this team is so bad defensively this kid has only played 7 games all year. Also when you consider the time he spent in the ahl, 15 game 0 points and a -10 I doubt other GMs would be so eager to get him.

    I've already stated that Richards had ONE 80 point season NOT 80+ just 80. He also had one 75 point season, and the last couple of seasons he had 62 and 66. Getzlaf in the last 5 years put up 82, 91, 69(in 66 games), 76(in 67 games). Had it not been for injuries his last couple of years would have been 80+ and 90+. You are going to have to give up alot more for Getzlaf than for Richards.
    As for Malkin you are right he is not a second line center. However LA traded for a guy they knew would be there second line center. If you trade for Malkin you trade for a guy you know will be your first line center unless you have Sidney Crosby on your team, but then you wouldn't trade for a Malkin.
    Not instrumental and a second line center? Really? Not only did he lead the team in scoring, he also lead the forwards in ice time. As for elite talent, he lead them in scoring they were insulated by his talent. As for Philly and the run they made 2 years ago. Briere lead the team in scoring so don't forget his talent. Claude Giroux was right behind Richards don't forget his. Also we should not we should not forget a defense that included Pronger Carle and Timmonen, Simone Gagne is a very talented guy. Big physical Scott Hartnell can't forget him.
    As for tougher opponent, Montreal took out the two favorites in Washington and Pittsburgh, but they were too small to handle Philly physicality.
  22. blaze says:

    Getting Paul MacLean was the best move Murray ever made.

  23. blaze says:

    It will be interesting to see how they rebound against Winnipeg in their own barn. A rough stretch here could force Burke to do something.

  24. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Claude Noel's done a great job.

    Just like MacLean, they are a hardworking team.
    Won't be surprised if the Leafs lost that game.
    I've questioned the work ethic of the Leafs all season. Inconsistency has been a huge issue with this team. At times they look great, other times, they are just outworked and it destroys them in the end,
    For example, yesterday, they were up 3-1…In the last 10 minutes, they were brutal.
    Aulie had a horrible pinch which led to a Staal breakaway. They were completely manhandled on the third goal which led to one of those gritty goals that wins you games.
    They were destroyed on their PP.
  25. blaze says:

    How good would Staal look in Leafs jersey? No ones untouchable for that guy.

  26. TmLeafan says:

    Hopefully JML is back soon, after last night it is clear how much we miss him.

      Last nights effort was just pathetic all round the Hurricanes are brutal the only bright spots were Kadri who looked great again and Kulemin who probably had his best game of the year.
  27. Steven_Leafs says:

    no kidding, get that guy inked to an extension like right *****ing now.

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