My Defense of the New Jersey Devils

Every time someone on this forum suggests contraction, or moving, the Devils are usually mentioned. Yes, they arent at the top of the league in attendance. But they are not last either. Yeah, they lost money, but so did 19 other teams.

its almost like everyone wants the Devils out…itll be the same players and maybe the same coach…as long as “Defense still wins championships,” the Devils/NewName will play defense…even if they are in winnipeg, or somewhere else in Canada or the US

but heres what you probably dont know: the Devils WILL be getting a new arena, if you say its going to be located in “the hood” of Newark, youre just ignorant, it will be more accessible to MASS TRANSIT, and probably provide more entertainment than the swamp does for fans and will provide more revenue for the team

(from my experience, plenty of Rangers fans in New Jersey take the train to see Rangers games, why wouldnt Devils fans do it?)

the Devils just signed a monster TV deal with Fox Sports New York. the deal, which is for 20 years, will net the Devils well over $10million a season(which is more than they got last year, and I have also heard it is close to the Islanders TV deal which is around $13million a season)

Scott Stevens will retire soon, i hate to say, so thats 7million dollars saved(take away a couple for the man that “replaces” him on the roster)…who knows if Neidermayer actually wants to stay in New Jersey(i have heard the rumors of Vancouver being a place hed play)…and that would be 14million(save a few for the man that “replaces” him on the roster)

the new CBA will take away SOME of the Devils current salary, whatever the number turns out to be, i cannot say. the Devils also have a lot of players under contract as of “now” so they might lose them to free agency under the next CBA or to retirement or via trade

im sick and tired of people saying the Devils should leave. usually the only reason is “poor fan base.” but there is NO MASS TRANSIT to the Swamp, ticket prices are incredibly high for this area(+highest property taxes, auto insurance), and the Swamp is boooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiing, theres nothing to do.

maybe the CBA will allow for a drop in ticket prices(especially if replacements are used before the union rejoins) and that could kickstart a rise in attendance…yes, the chances of this happening are slim to none, but the NHL cant survive for 2 years w/o hockey.

the new arena in Newark should provide the Devils with more fans based on those who would arrive via Mass Transit, it might also be a fun place to go to as well. the new CBA should provide financial stability to a team that is getting a new arena AND has a nice cable contract. the Devils high salary as of now will be drastically different after the new CBA is completed.

so now you know some reasons why the Devils shouldnt be going anywhere. and maybe you wont be so quick to jump to conclusions.

I do not agree with contraction. but dont be so damn quick to say the Devils should go, or ANY team for that matter, until you know something about it.