Nabokov, Stuart Closer To Deals?

After the San Jose Sharks opened their season with a 6-3 loss to the Detroit Red Wings on Thursday, General Manager Dean Lombardi re-newed his efforts to sign restricted free agent holdouts Evgeni Nabokov and Brad Stuart.

A team spokesman told the San Jose Mercury that Lombardi has been busy reworking an offer for Nabokov and planned to present it to the goaltender’s agent, Don Meehan, on Saturday.

The Mercury’s source also said that Lombardi spoke with Stuart and his agent, Pat Brisson, after the Detroit loss.

While claiming that the Sharks were still not meeting his clients demands, Brisson told the Mercury that he “honestly believes (Lombardi) is making a strong effort to bridge the gap.”

Stuart, the Sharks top pick in 1998 and a rising star on defence, earned $975,000 base salary last year. The Sharks are required to offer him a ten percent raise, but are reportedly reluctant to go higher than that.

Nabokov, the NHL’s top rookie in 2001, made $575,000 in base salary last season, during which he won 37 games.

Meehan, noted that money wasn’t the biggest hurdle to overcome. Nabokov wants a short term deal, while the Sharks would prefer a five or six year contract.

“When you’re trying to negotiate a term based on projecting what the new CBA will be, you have to be not only well-informed but a bit of a soothsayer,” Meehan said. “And that can be pretty difficult for anybody.”

A third player holding out on the Sharks, Alexander Korolyuk, remains in Russia and doesn’t appear interested in returning to San Jose. He has requested a trade through agent Brian Lawton.

Despite the poor defensive showing in the opener, don’t expect Lombardi to cave in quickly. Last year, defenceman Mike Rathje held out for two months before he was able to reach an agreement on a four year deal with Lombardi.

8 Responses to Nabokov, Stuart Closer To Deals?

  1. pantherboy says:

    Well I’ll tell ya what. San Jose looks real bad without these guys, and they really need them back, ESPICALLY NABOKOV! I mean Kissipricoff is a good back-up, but he is no starter.

  2. Rushing says:

    I say let them take their own sweet time. Let the STARS get a good bit ahead before ya really go after them. LOL

  3. morrow10 says:

    Yeah, just today i was counting how many points we are ahead of them so far. And we are supposed to be stronger in the second half of the season, after we mesh a little better!

  4. amok says:

    I hope San Jose gets blown out every night. Then maybe they’ll hurry up to sign Nabokov, which would greatly help my fantasy hockey teams.

    Hopefully they’ll sign him sometime after the 21st. It would be nice to see the Canucks light up Kiprusoff again.

  5. FlyersGoCupCrazy says:

    How about they trade Nabakov to Philly for Cechmanek Desjardins and Therien (hey, I can dream can’t I? LOL)

  6. acebailey says:


    “Goaltender Evgeni Nabokov said Sunday that he plans to leave San Jose on Tuesday and head home to Russia if talks between his agent and Sharks management fail to produce a contract agreement.” — Contra Costa Times

    If Bruins managment hasn’t done it yet, I wish they would pick up the phone. Nabokov wants a shorth term contract, and that is the only kind the Bruins GM Mike O’connell will work with these days as a policy.

    Wouldn’t you Sharks fans rather have Mclarren and a goalie than nothing?

  7. Motherpucker says:

    Well, I’ve been absolutely screwed by this bastard in fantasy leagues so far. Who can blame him? Would you want to play in San Jose while being underpaid? San Jose is hands down one of the ugliest, most depressing parts of the Bay Area. It isn’t a mystery why he wants a short-term deal. Once he is eligible for unrestricted free-agency, he is off like a prom dress. San Jose needs to learn to hang on to goalies for Christ’s sake. How many times have we seen legit #1 goalies come and go for the Sharks??? Too many!!! Show him the money or reap what you sow Lombardi!!!

  8. -Swizz- says:

    if they cant get a deal done with nabakov, do you think they’d go after dafoe?

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