Nash rumours becoming reality?

Sportsnet has been running the HOCKEY CENTRAL Trade Tracker for a few weeks now in anticipation of the Feb. 27 deadline. It comes as no surprise that some of the players discussed will not be moved. And I think we’ve been pretty honest in saying that. But one player who just might be in the mix is Columbus Blue Jackets winger Rick Nash, who continually plays down the fact he will never ask for a trade.

I have received a couple of calls from friends of Nash, who claim that Rick is very unhappy with the way the franchise is going and realizes it will take five more years to rebuild, again. Nash is now telling people close to him that he would entertain being moved, but still will not be the one who asks for a trade.

Always one who didn’t aspire to play in a big market with big pressure, it appears Nash now realizes that he might have to step into the spotlight in order to win. It is a very tough situation for a very classy player.

Monday afternoon, Scott Howson was kind enough to reply to my inquiry with the following: “John, I am not commenting on any rumours between now and deadline.”