Net Gain

The Philadelphia Flyers have acquired goalie Sean Burke from the Phoenix Coyotes, ESPN’s John Buccigross has learned.

The deal is expected to be announced after Sunday’s NHL All-Star Game.”

So the deal is done now, but the real question is what the price for Burke was. I guess we will have to wait and see if Flyers fans should be real happy or not.

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  1. Killa_Bs says:

    Which means that if Comrie goes to Phoenix, Philly gave up Woywitka and Comrie for Burke. No reason to correct the fella he’s right.

  2. big_booty says:

    Interestingly enough, the link to this story has been removed from ESPN’s website.

  3. bleedsblueandwhite says:

    I figured someone would come out and talk about how I’m a Leaf fan and all that garbage. Sorry I felt the need to bring this to people’s attention and maybe find out what word is on what the Flyers are paying. I am a hockey fan, so I interest myself in all of the events that happen in the NHL. So laugh it up if you got to, I just don’t think ESPN would really enjoy being proved wrong, and if they wern’t sure, I don’t think they would have posted the article until they were.

  4. bleedsblueandwhite says:

    It’s still there, I just checked, its just no longer on the main page, it’s still on the NHL part of their website.

  5. Aetherial says:

    Uh since Comrie was for Wyowitka,

    That would be Burke for Wyowitka and a pick would it not?

    We’ll see if this is true.

  6. gojiclan says:

    If this team doesnt win next year, its pretty much assured they will be scrapped. I think clarke will get rid of the older veterans and keep his core of youth, maybe trading one for another rising star or current star.

    He already has the timeline in the workse right now. Weinrich’s contract is up next year, and i think ragnarsoon has year left after this season. Hackett will be gone to probably brink up nitimakii, and i think recchis contract is up too (i culd be wrong though) clarke has a good layout for this team, theyre not all too old and they’re not all too young. I think once people start getting healthy again they will be fine….even so they still have incredable depth in defense to allow the injuries, and most of the forawrds have been healthy for stretches this year. I would have no problem with this trade if they get burke and a forward to adequately replace comrie and a permanent replacement for Justin WIlliams. PAt Sharp is a good player, but hes not what they need come april

  7. GretzNYR99 says:

    Giguere? Against Dallas? That was last year, he was amazing against them.

  8. Athens2 says:

    One thing every Flyers fan or hockey fan in general should know, is never believe a word that comes out of Clarke’s mouth. Just last week he said that unless Esche’s injury was serious (which it’s not), he wouldn’t make a move. Well, he lied… again.

  9. Athens2 says:

    One thing every Flyers fan or hockey fan in general should know, is never believe a word that comes out of Clarke’s mouth. Just last week he said that unless Esche’s injury was serious (which it’s not), he wouldn’t make a move. Well, he lied… again.

  10. Athens2 says:

    Thanks. I’m tired of this crap and needed to vent…

  11. LondonK says:

    Burke confuses me. Why exactly is he so highly thought of. I am not trying to say that he is a bad goalie, but what exactly has he done to be treated as if he is one of the best?

    He currently has a 2.80 GAA and a .908 SV%. And while he is not playing on the best of teams, there have been plently of other goalies who have led their team to the playoffs single-handedly and won them a playoff round or two.

    He hasn’t won significant games. He is 12-22 in the NHL playoffs. He is 0-3 in the IHL playoffs and he is 1-7 in the OHL playoffs. 9 of his 12 NHL playoff wins came over 10 years ago with New Jersey when he went 9-8. His best playoff GAA was 2.62 with a .902 SV%. Those numbers won’t win you anything regardless of the team you have. Those aren’t even good regular season numbers.

    He just isn’t that good. Perhaps he will come out with the great Philly defense and take them deep, but based on his prior “success” I cannot say that he will. It is an improvement in goal from Hackett, but his playoff stats make him look no better than Cechmanek, and even then he was just terribly inconsistent. He would shut you out one night and then give up 5 the next. But even his stats were better with a 2.33 and .909 SV%.

    I realize that you cannot just go out and get a Brodeur, or a Belfour, on the market but based on his previous stats, Burke will not win them anything.

  12. titans says:

    A. I don’t believe even Clarke is retarded enough to trade a real player like Comrie for a average goalie like Burke…actually unfortunatly yea I do.

    B. If this is true than this is the last straw!! I will NEVER watch, attend or have anything to do with the Philadelphia Flyers again!!



  13. rojoke says:

    I doubt if Mike Barnett would accept a 4th rounder in February when he could probably get a 2nd or 3rd at the deadline. There has to be at least one player coming the other way. My guesses would be Dennis Seidenberg or Patrick Sharp.

  14. UsedandAbused says:

    TSN reports that the Flyers and Pheonix both deny the rumors of a trade being made. THANK GOD!

  15. LondonK says:

    Comrie isn’t a fit in the East, and especially in Hitchcock’s system. He had those good first few games and has done nothing since. He is a Western player. He doesn’t play well with tight checking and it will only get worse from now on.

  16. titans says:

    O.K. fine! Let’s say that I accept your point (which I don’t) Your telling me Sean Burke is all we can get for him? I’m not sere I’d trade Somik and a second rounder for Burke!!

  17. wheresthesoda says:


    havent heard that one.

    i like to say ice-landers or islandDUHS

  18. wheresthesoda says:

    the trade did not happen, the rangers are most likely to get him, there going to trade lundmark, or tjutin.

    sather is a fuckin jackass

  19. cgolding says:

    yeah, philly local news is saying this is a no-trade. thank god. as i’ve said before, and i belive leafs88 was very smug about himself above about his post, well smarter minds have prevailed hopefully.

    i’m fine with getting burke as a backup, but not for comrie. if we trade comrie we better get something nice in return because the guy has mad skills. honestly, i hope we don’t trade him cuz he’s a lot of fun to watch on offense.

    nevermind the bullox,


  20. cgolding says: is reporting that the “deal” was Burke and Branko Radivojevic, for Comrie and Seidenberg. This would make a bit more sense since the flyers are short a wing right now, Comrie and Sharp have seen some time at RW… I know very little about Branko… any scouting reports, 23 pts. so far this year?

    I guess we shall see, but it seems like something will happen in short order.

    nevermind the bullox,


  21. gojiclan says:

    as more time goes by the more i believe that the trade is a no-go. AS much as i think phily needs a goaltender, i dont think they are prepared to givbe up that much young talent for essentailly a back up. PErsonally i never really wanted Burke, id perfer Kolzig over burke. he has a little more playoff experience, even if he has looked outright awful at times. You cant expect him to win every night with the team in front of him though…

    i guess we haveta wait and see….but the more time goes by, and the more people deny this, i think the likelyhood of this trade being a reality to be slimmer by the minute

  22. IrishRinkrat says:

    Wow, that’s shocking… the only way I know to call them is Asslanders… or Islanders if I’m in a good mood or too tired to care.

  23. gr8haluschak says:

    You know overall the Flyers never cease to amaze me,

    first Bobby Clarke, this problem could have been avoided if you opened your damn wallet and signed Joseph the FIRST TIME, hmm Beezer or Cujo who would you have, enough said. Then you a miracle and could have got him again but you decided Roman was your man, once again, who would you have, well appearantly you wanted neither. Finally you could have picked up Cujo off of waivers but yet you still didn’t. Way to go Clarke.

    Now on to you fans, Correct me if I am wrong but who was Burke’s back up with the ‘yotes oh yeah Esche, and guess what he still is a glorified BACK UP. You are not gettin Khabibulin because he is not available (as well why the hell would lightning want two good goalies), you are not getting Cujo because he is off the market (once again you could have had him but screwed it up). You are not getting Kolzig for nothing either, Get it through you heads you are not getting anything better than Burke and yes it is a HUGE improvement from the circus you have now.

  24. cgolding says:

    circus? esche has been playing awesome all season long. and he was burke’s backup 2 years ago, but that was 2 years ago. esche is only 26 at that, which is a baby for NHL goaltending age standards, he deserves a shot at some point… and he’s quite possibly a front-runner for US starter in the World Cup if he comes back from his injuries playing well to the end of the regular season as well as playoffs.

    sure, we could have had cujo back when, but we didn’t get him. is it really worth it to dwell on it now? i didn’t like the beezer move then, and it definitely wasn’t a good call in hindsight, but that’s life and clarke was banking on the young goalies in the system(boucher, oullet) possibly stepping in at the end of beezer’s tenure. oullet was traded, lets not rehash that, and boucher burned all bridges in philly and pretty much needed to be moved. checko was a pain in the ass, but played well enough in the regular season to warrant another look… just in case.

    now back to cujo, and this season. does it strike you as odd that NO ONE took cujo when they could have had him? the guy is over priced, and not as good as he once was. he has proven over the course of his career that he can only go so far in the playoffs before it falls apart, and that is nothing new for flyers goaltenders. cujo isn’t even doing all that great statistically for detroit.

    so… problem avoided? esche is 16-6-5 with a 1.91 gaa and a .920 svp… he got hurt… it wasn’t a problem until he got hurt… how do you avoid him getting hurt? well, now that we’re past the ‘problem’ with your ‘problem’ thesis… and the fact that we are so far removed from the beezer/cujo decision it is stupid to even bring it up when discussing the possible burke acquisition. lets move forward… the flyers have announced, and rightly so, that esche is their playoff goalie. i’m sick and tired of everyone bemoaning the flyers goaltending situation, because esche has been established as a good goalie prospect from the beginning. the guy has played internationally, and he has done nothing to disappoint since coming here. at some point you have to find out if he can be your ‘guy’ and this is as good a year as any… people forget that a rookie martin brodeur took the devils to the conf. finals… i’m sure someone going into that playoff season suggested that they should trade for an upgrade before the playoffs.

    at some point, as an organization, you have to find out if your boys can put up or shut up… even if you are one of the contenders. finding stop gaps and keeping guys watching for the sidelines ends up screwing you with possibly unnecessary trades that deplete your system, and ruining possibly promising players by not letting them play. because nothing has been proven more often in all of sports than, ‘nothing is certain,’ regardless of who you put out there.

    nevermind the bullox,


  25. Lint07 says:

    Bob McKenzie says:

    Burke deal not done yet


    Really, there’s not a lot more to report than there was 24 hours ago on the Sean Burke trade front. Except for the fact that a lot of people are reporting this as a done deal. It is not a done deal and it is premature to say that.

    Do we expect that Sean Burke will be going to the Philadelphia Flyers from the Phoenix Coyotes? Absolutely. It’s certainly looking that way and it could happen in the next 24 to 48 hours, but to suggest that it’s done right now is to suggest that you don’t know all the complexities involved.

    There’s Jeff Hackett’s future; what can be determined there? He’s got a contract next season for $3-million. Who’s going to be on the hook for that? There are some permutations there to be dealt with.

    As for Sean Burke’s contract for next year, there’s some talk that may be re-worked more to the Philadelphia Flyers’ liking.

    Finally, what will go back in return? Well, everybody is saying that it’s going to be Mike Comrie, but in order for that to happen Phoenix would have to give up more than Sean Burke; they’d have to give up one of their young prospects. It could be a guy like Branko Radivojevic, Ben Eager or Jeff Taffe coming back the other way.

    Things are not yet carved in stone, though we fully expect that they will be – leaving the New York Rangers on the outside looking in for a goaltender, if it’s to happen, which is why the Rangers are talking to the Minnesota Wild about Manny Fernandez.

  26. matteo says:

    I need to get this off of my chest as someone who has backed Clarkie so many times in the past. This would be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s toe….I mean back. All I have to say is that if Clarkie gives up Comrie for a 37 yr old back up goalie then Clarkie has to go. I could see Comrie for Burke and Radivojevic MAYBE. Radivojevic is a top 6 winger, 23 yrs old and has good size. However, I don’t want Burke, not even a little, especially not as a back-up goalie. We could definitely get more than him for Comrie somoewhere else.

    Let the Rangers have Burke. I would rather lose in the playoffs with what we have than get another rental goalie that can’t even start for his own team.

    I don’t care if people consider Burke an upgrade, or if they are good friends…the bottom line is he is not a viable long-term solution….I am not even sure he is a good short term solution.

    I am tired of recycling goalies that were here before and trading away youth for nothing….ie. Oates. I am getting frustrated now. The only hope I have is that Hitchcock has some say about a deal this stupid and can drill some common sense into whoever’s head is actually coming up with this trade.

    God I hope this doesn’t go through.

  27. cgolding says:

    amen. let esche face the fire… and stop canabalizing young talent… especially before the cba death of hockey as we know it occurs.

    nevermind the bullox,


  28. big_booty says:

    Couldn’t have said it better.

    Not only are they going after damaged goods, they’re using a pretty hefty bargaining chip.

    I hope the Rangers overpay.

  29. afanofthelakings says:

    Calm down, it’s just a rumor, but I’m sure it will happend. Clarke will get rid off Hackett and get a good goalie, maybe it could be : Burke VS Cormie and Hackett.

    But the biggest name that is to move is Robert Lang.

    The two teams, that have the most chances to get him is the Detroit Red Wings and the Los Angeles Kings

    Also I have a question ??? Is Espen Knutsen still a free agent ???? Columbus have taken his contract early this season ? He’s a good player, why doesn’t he sign with a new team ???

  30. gojiclan says:

    OK six yeasr ago, maye cujo would have been a better pick than the beezer, but now its swix years later. How many championships has cujo won in that timeline? no more than what philly has won. Cujo is a good goaltender, no question about it. But if he is so good, how come he could never help his team with the cup at any point? you cant tell me toronto wsnt a good team in front of him when he played there. From what i can remember, he would fall appart during the playoffs, sometimes he would get so flustered he would single handedly cost them games sometimes, with stupid penalties and getting lost in the moment. Now in detroit he hasnt done that much either. I know people keep telling me it wasnt all his fault when detroit couldnt score last year, but still great goaltenders win in spite of that.

    clarke didnt want scujo six years ago because he probably saw that cujo wasnt a great playoff performer. My guewss is he went with the veteran who had playoff experience and even got a nothing team like florida to the cup finals three years before taht. He probably didnt take cujo when he was on vaivers this year because 8 million dollars for a shakey goalie is hardly a deal. * million in itself is a big chunk of payroll no matter what position it is, especially if they dont play next year. nobody else was banging down the doors for him either, so you cant say clarkes an idiot, cuase there are 18 other GMs i n the league who are just as supid i suppose, so 29 out of 30 GMs must be moronic if they dont want this guy…

  31. gojiclan says:

    cujo is a goal goalie, but i have never really seen anything from him that indicates he is good enough to take a team to the cup and win it. You say detroit didtn help him last year, but how did guigere win when his team wasnt producing that much either. From what i can remember there were more 1-1 ties and 2-2 ties in thier playof run that it would take sometimes 3 overtimes to settle it. Thats good goaltending, good goalies find ways to win in spite of their teams production. Hasek was god when it came to that. Cujo didnt do that in detroit, he didnt do that in toronto, dont rell me toronto wasnt a good team at the time either. They were good, they had potential. Cujo sometimes gets lost in the moment and looses his temper and focus on the game, sometimes costing the team a win. thats not good for anybody.

    could cujo steal games for detorit last year? i dunno why he couldnt. if guigerre could do it, why couldnt he? if mike vernon could do it at the tail end of his carreer why cant cujo? cujo just isnt a teriffic playoff goaltender, doesnt mean hes a bad goalie in general. i wouldnt risk 8 million and possible young talent for him though, thats all im saying

  32. wingedim says:

    Columbus did buy out Knutsen earlier this year, but I don’t think anyone wants to pick him up right now as he didn’t really produce while he was playing earlier in the season and unfortunately I think he’s still dealing with the ‘incident’ and can’t let go of it right now.

  33. Aetherial says:

    IT is probably what the market will bear for Burke. Who knows what other teams are offering.

  34. MAniac29 says:

    No, no, you’d have to pick one or the other. It’s not that they had both to get rid of. They would be in essence trading Woywitka and a pick for Burke. As was stated above…see what we mean?

  35. GretzNYR99 says:

    Where did you hear the Rangers talking to Minnesota about Fernandez from? I’d like to hear more.

  36. Lint07 says:

    ”bob mckenzie”

    this was just a copy & paste from his column

  37. GretzNYR99 says:

    Oh shit, I didn’t even read that all.

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