NHL Fighters

I don’t know if you realised, but there were a lot of fights during the preseason games.

Love it or not, fights will always be part of hockey…

But who are they NHL fighters (GOONS) ????

Anaheim : Kip Brennan, not sure ?

Atlanta : Eric Boulton, Garnet Exelby

Boston : PJ Stock, I don’t know if he has a contract this year

Buffalo : Andrew Peters

Calgary : Chis Simon, Darren McCarthy(maybe)

Carolina : Jim *****mins, Gordie Dwyer

Chicago : Matthew Barnaby

Colorado : Ian Lapperiere, Peter Worrell (he’s not signed yet)

Columbus : Jody Shelley

Dallas : I really don’t know

Detroit : Jiri Fischer, Dan LaCouture

Edmonton : Georges Laraque

Florida : Eric Cairns

Los Angeles : Sean Avery, Ken Belanger (leads preseason in penalty minutes)

Minnesota : Matt Johnson

Montreal : Raitis Ivanans, Peter Vandermeer

Nashville : Jordin Tootoo, Darcy Hordichuk

New Jersey : Darren Langdon, Kryztof Oliwa

NY Islanders : Eric Godard

NY Rangers : Dairius Kasparaitis, Dale Purinton

Ottawa : Brian McGrattan (graet rookie)

Philadelphia : Donald Brashear

Phoenix : Chris McAllister, Sean O’Donnell

Pittsburgh : Andre Roy, Ryan VaddenBussche

St Louis : Reed Low, Mike Danton

San Jose : Scott Thornton

Tampa Bay : I really don’t know

Toronto : The king of all goons ; TIE DOMI

Vancouver : Wade Brookbank

Washington : Stephen Peat

What do you think of this list ??? Add players if it miss someone, delete players if you think he dosent fit in this list….

And now for my top 5 of the NHL fighters :

1- Tie Domi, of course

2- Donald Braesher

3- Jody Shelley

4- Sean Avery

5- Brian McGrattan

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  1. TheCrosbyShow says:

    Domi isnt the king of all goons anymore,he’s more like an icon.PJ Stock doesnt play in the NHL anymore due to an injury.

    One “goon” that will turn some heads this year will be Raitis Ivanans of the Montreal Canadiens.He’s so strong…

  2. garyroberts7 says:

    Georges Laraques is probably the strongest.

  3. afanofthelakings says:

    Thanks for the info, I didn’t know if Stock has a contract, so who’s Boston’s goon ???

  4. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Todd Fedoruk’s gonna get some attention on Anaheim. He always threw down on Broad Street

  5. Komisarek says:

    Ivanans is 6’4, 263 pounds…all muscle ! I saw him fight in Ottawa, he’s a great fighter.

  6. propiro98 says:

    I agree Tie Domi is no longer a good fighter he is now an icon, i also agree with Georges Laraques being the strongest….no one wants to fight this guy anymore

  7. Slavik says:

    common domi???? It’s been a while since I have seen Brash fight but that guy could take anyone on in his days in vancouver. As well What about scott Parker that guy was dominant, He still plays with san jose right?? Peter Worrell doesn’t have a contract, but he could dish out an ass kicking, and then of course Laraque, I figure those guys are people you need to give special mention to they are some of the elites out there.

  8. afanofthelakings says:

    Yeah, and just think that Habs got him for (not even an AHL player) Sylvain Blouin !

  9. afanofthelakings says:


  10. FlyersFanForever says:

    I know that Mark Recchi (aka “The Recch’in Ball) isn’t really a fighter but what do you all think about him as fighter? I’ve seen him destroy other players in his occassional fight every now and then. He throws haymakers like crazy when he really gets pissed off. Being a flyers fan I have to go with Brashier. I’ve never seen him lose, even with Vancouver. The man is a beast. The NHL should post the winners and losers of fights somewhere in the stats. Outside of Flyerdome I have to agree with George Laraque. He lays waste 99.999999999999% of the time he drops the gloves. Absolutely amazing.

  11. PTack says:

    Domi has slowed down, but he’s still one of the best. He wasnt fighting much last year because he had a hurt hand or something, plus the old factor.

  12. CaptainInsano says:

    Tie Domi isn’t even the clear-cut toughest fighter on his own team, nevermind the entire league. Lately, Wade Belak fights the larger lads, and Tie just chills unless someone starts something with him or takes liberties with a teammate. He doesn’t go looking for as much fights as used to, and he shouldn’t have to.


    1. Laraque, Georges: The guy is as strong as they get.

    2. Brashear, Donald: Yes he hugs a lot and semi-turtles when he’s about to take the worst of it, but he doesn’t lose many scraps. His patented flurry of left-handed rabbit-punches have left more than a few opponents dazed.

    3. Parker, Scott: Another mammoth of a player, Parker has knockout power.

    4. Worrell, Peter: We might not see him on a regular basis this year, but this giant knows how to use his size and strength.

    5. Johnson, Matt: Can throw haymakers with the best of them. Has knocked out many.

    6. Simon, Chris: This lefty throws absolute bombs. I don’t think anyone can “trade” punches better than him, as many of the other heavy-weights go for the dodge/tie-up approach. Has a decent scoring touch to boot, so he doesn’t need to fight as much these days.

    7. Wade Belak: A fearless, well-rounded fighter, he has the size and strength to fight the giants of the league, and the craftiness to pummel shiftier fighters. Master of punching an opponent with the same hand he’s holding the opponent’s jersey with.

    8. Domi, Tie: Not the biggest guy in the world, but his head and fists are seemingly made of stone. At his best when he gets his opponent in a “spin-cycle”.

    9. Shelley, Jody: Gets in a ton of scraps and has the size/strength to back it up.

    10. Honourable mentions: Fedoruk, Lessard, Cairns, Roy, Godard, Low, Peat, Chara, Downey etc. etc.

  13. wingerxxx says:

    I think that you can safely scratch Mike Danton off of that list. Worrell, last I heard, is actually in the Rangers system now. Don’t know how he ended up there.

  14. CaptainInsano says:

    Also, Avery is not a heavyweight by any means. He is a light-weight pest, at best. For starters, he is only 5’10”, 185 lbs., but honestly, look at who he’s been fighting:


    No one who takes on Mike Johnson, Daryl Sydor, or Martin Gelinas is a heavyweight in my books.

  15. penswincup says:

    Only if you consider “turtling” as a form of fighting!

  16. mcpickl says:

    PJ Stock is retired due to injuries.

  17. TheCrosbyShow says:

    I know it will sound funny to some people out there, but Zednik (from Montreal)is also one of those guys that becomes beasts when they fight.

    Ive seen him fight two times,once against Andre Roy (He owned him so bad Roy never knew what hit him) and he also fought against the Islander’s goon (dont remember his name but damn when Zednik decides to hit…watch out he hits to kill…)

    But those guys prefer to play hockey instead of being the “Big boys”…and thats great.

  18. SabresFan220 says:

    The Sabres also have Sean Mcmorrow in the system. He was just waived down to Rochester, but he seems like as fiesty a fighter as Andrew Peters to me. You also forgot Zdeno Chara in Ottawa, how on earth can you forget the biggest player in the league?

  19. SabresFan220 says:

    And looking at the Dallas Stars roster, their potencial enforcers are most likely Steve Ott, Bill Guerin (I can’t remember if he was bought out or not), Jason Arnott, or Jon Klemm. Although none of those players are known fighters, I think all of them would be willing to drop the gloves with anyone in the right situation.

  20. dcz28 says:

    For Ottawa Chara has to be in there and so does Neil, Lance Ward if called up can dish it out and Mike Fisher is not affraid to drop the gloves either…as for McGrattan he seems to be a great fighter but still need to fight the top guys to prove he belongs in the top 5

    For the Wings Lacouture has been cut, Lilja might fight but i have never seen him fight yet so i don’t know if he is good and i would add Shanahan although he does not fight much anymore he can still mix it up if he has to

    I think #1 right now would have to be Laraque and as for Domi he is not the fighter he use to be and should not be in the top 5 anymore (has he even fought in the pre-season?)

    One fight i would love to see would be Chara and Laraque go at it although i dont think the Sens would want him to risk getting hurt since he is more than just a fighter but it would make for a battle of the Titans

  21. Mur says:

    Dairius Kasparaitis is not much of a fighter. He very rarely gets into fights. He is one of the best checkers in the league and does a lot of face washing but leaves the scrappin to the bigger guys on the team..

  22. CaptainInsano says:

    I’ve seen Lilja in a couple scraps:

    -Jovanovski one-punched him to the ice

    -Pretty even bout with Shayne Corson but edge to Corson

    Not a heavyweight.

  23. CaptainInsano says:

    Jarome Iginla could single-handedly beat the snot out of all those guys.

  24. gtweb says:

    Wade Brookbank, the guy is insane, did you see him bust open that Flames player (sorry forgot the name) in the game Saturday? damn….

  25. skinny13 says:

    Darcy Tucker for toronto i think is one guy that shoudl be reconized, he puts his all into everything on the ice, he might not score alot but he skayes 100 percent and when he’s in a fight he gives 100 percent, he ha s one bigggg heart and can take punishment. Just thought her should be reconized.

  26. skinny13 says:

    Nathan Parrot – T.O.

  27. therapist says:

    Anaheim: Burnett

    Boston: Doull

  28. gohabs73 says:

    haha! i’ll always remember Zednik’s fight against Chris Drury a few years ago! Drury had baddly slashed Marcel Hossa right off the faceoff and Zednik got a huge revenge! Drury still wonders what happened that night! 🙂

    i think it’s much more fun to see the real hockey players fight against each others than to see the domis and brashears get 10 times more PIM than points…

  29. Neely4Life says:

    Laraque, there is no one better than him. Hands down, easily the best fighter in the league. And he can score a bit. Domi isnt on top anymore, and i dont think he was ever the best. Maybe top 3 at one point, but not any more.

  30. dcz28 says:

    The thing about the Wings though is they have not had a real heavyweight since Kocur and Probert…McCarty use to do it but he wasn’t a real heavyweight but could still hold his own…if the Wings decide during the season they need a tough guy they can pick one up since they are not hard to find or expensive

  31. Leaf_fans_can_blow_me says:

    Tie Domi? With the “talent” that Toronto has acquired, he could be a second line winger. No more fights for Domi, he’s gonna be a sniper now!

    How sad is that, Domi a sniper.

  32. Scruffy05 says:

    I agree… Most everybody BB fights is out for the period gettting patched up. People on the East just don’t see him enough.

  33. habswinthecup-again says:

    Raitis Ivanans destroyed McGrattan the other night, not only defeating him but securing his own job over Vandermeer.

  34. hockeyhead says:

    colton orr is the new beast in boston….

    the pj stock crew is done.

  35. hockeyhead says:

    doull is not even on the baby bruins roster.

    colton orr is the enforcer. scatchard, thornton and if they sign boynton can all throw hands.

  36. quick_stick says:

    It’s very helpful that your name lets people beware that your comments will be bias and stupid even before they scroll down to read them.

    Be nice to see a guy like Domi beat the crap out of you, but such an endeavour take all day, considering you’re so full of it.

  37. TheCrosbyShow says:

    Here’s an interresting comment from George Larraque.I found it on the RDS web site :

    Je vais en profiter pour rĂ©pondre aux gens qui pensent que je m’entraĂźne hors glace comme un boxeur. Je vous dirai que c’est totalement diffĂ©rent. Sur glace, on se bat sur des patins et on peut retenir le chandail de l’autre joueur, ce qui est impossible sur un ring de boxe.

    Sur glace, tout est une question d’Ă©quilibre. Si vous ne tenez pas le chandail de l’autre joueur, vos coups n’auront pratiquement aucune force. La boxe nuit plus que d’autre chose au hockey. Il faut donc surtout axer notre entraĂźnement pour renforcer nos jambes. Sur le bench press, je suis long d’ĂȘtre celui qui soulĂšve le plus. Pour moi, toute la puissance repose dans les jambes et non pas dans les bras. Il y en a beaucoup qui aiment aller au gym pour faire des muscles et se regarder dans le miroir. En ce qui me concerne, ça ne me sert pas.

    De toute façon, pour jouer au hockey, il faut se servir de nos jambes pour patiner. Il faut savoir ĂȘtre musclĂ© Ă  la bonne place.

    Its in french but what it mainly says is that George doesnt have any special boxing abilities. Success in fight is a matter of balance.In order to improve your balance you need to train your legs and make em strong.It has nothin to do with strenght of arms.

    So it makes lot of sense to me. Why was Domi so successful in his early years? He’s small(helps balance),tough and has incredible balance.

  38. TMLsundin says:

    Domi doesn’t fight anymore.. he tought Wade Belak how to fight at this level, and now he does the work. Changing of the guard.

  39. robinson19 says:

    Stock was forced into retirement dur to an eye injury. I disagree with Domi and Avery being on your list, Domi’s a figurehead, and he’s picked up too many dirty whiny tricks from the likes of Tucker and Corson (did you see his 2 minutes for diving in a preseason game against the habs), and Avery’s a mouth and not much more. Number one should be Worrell but I think he’s in the minors now, watch out for the newly minted heaviest man ever to put on a Habs jersey, 265 lb Latvian Raitis Ivanans.

  40. flyersfan_92 says:

    I agree dude, Recchi when he drops the gloves is great i actually enjoy when the smaller guys go at it, because when they fight they are angry.

  41. flyersfan_92 says:

    If Lindros is Healthy and wants to fight he’s got to be top ten, maybe even top 5 the man can do damage with his fists.

  42. robinson19 says:

    This reminds me, kind of unrelated, but remember the rock’em sock’em episode showing Denis Savard with his shirt off and his dukes up circling around and around backwards without actually fighting? That was hilarious. That said, Zednik certainly can destroy when he’s pissed; I’ve seen him up close with a T-shirt on and his pipes are about 18 inches….

  43. skinny13 says:

    domi is still a fighter and always will be, pretty soon he will be 2nd all time in penalty minutes!

  44. Canadiangold316 says:

    LOL, when pigs fly!

  45. Leaf_fans_can_blow_me says:

    Domi, why would i be scared of that little ankle biter? If the guy took a swing, I’d just knee him in the head. The guy only comes up to my waist.

  46. Canadiangold316 says:

    *sigh* both players don’t even play for those teams anymore

    Anaheim- Fedoruk and Brennan

    Boston – Colton Orr

    Dallas- Garrett Burnett

    Phoenix – Doug Doull

  47. Kevils77 says:

    Let’s face it Chris Simon is the heavy weight champion of the league and is feared by all.

  48. Canadiangold316 says:

    Top 5 fighters of 2005-2006

    1) Gerorges Laraque – Though it seems that this guy has been around forever, he hasn’t… just that nobody wants to fight this man anymore, unless its some young stud trying to make a name for himself.

    2) Donald Brashear – I hate this guy… alot! but he is very good at what he does.. his fights are not exciting by any means because all he really does his bearhug his opponent and slap him a few times with the left hand but he always seems to come out victorious

    3) Tie Domi – Yes he’s on his last years and legs for that matter but he can beat anyone and I mean anyone! he proved it in the past and he still continues to prove it.. its just the skeptics and young pukes that haven’t seemed to get it thru their skulls yet

    4) Chris Simon and Scott (The Sheriff) Parker – Both of these hulks can go toe -toe with ya and knock you back to next week or better yet your infant state of mind… gu gu gah gah! where’sh the shin… bin… ref!!??

    5) Chris McAllister – Good to see this behometh back in the NHL.. hopefully he sticks… this guys has been one of my favorites for a very long time but hasn’t really got to make a name for himself, now that gretz and company need a enforcer for them fragile coyotes, you’ll see this dude shine.. and by that I mean giving anyone willing to drop’em with him a real shiner!

    honorable mentions

    Todd Fedoruk- always willing to fight and will fight anyone… doesnt always come out victorious but he is a great fighter by all means

    Colton Orr – Bostons young stallion, given a season or two to grow accustomed to the NHL fighters he will be one of the best I gaurantee you.. he was the best in the WHL and he will continue.. you heard it here first all!

    Darcy Hordichuk – Darcy is a hell’va fighter, he is willing and wanting to fight every night if given the nod, but unfortantaley his knuckles must heal for a few days, if he had his way he’d shed his skin and hit ya with his bare bone fist’s!

    Ken Belanger – Look for the kings to pass the crown onto him this season.. he will be very busy reestablishing himself as one of the best fighters agian… great to see him back!

    Raitis Ivanans – This guy is like a Zedeno Chara on skates, as big as a redwood and as tough as titanium .. look for this big behometh to rise up the rankings if given a regular shift every now and then.. better yet sticking with the canadians squad

    Eric Godard

    Andrew Peters

    Garrett Burnett – His stare will make you tremble

    Peter Worrell – no NHL contract

    Dale Purinton – spends more time suspended or benched

    Brian McGratton – Needs more seasoning

    Andre Roy

    Reed Low

    Wade Brookbank

    Jody Shelley

    Eric Cairns

    Matt Johnson- no NHL contract

    Ryan Vandenbussche – Knockout southpaw fighter!

    Alot of potential fighters not listed due to time restrictions (work time is approaching). Here is my list for my favorites.. look for these dudes to flourish in the next year or two:

    ArenaMonsters futue picks and mega favorites:

    1) Colton Orr

    2) Darcy Hordichuk

    3) Chris Simon

    4) Tie Domi

    God bless and cheers!

  49. wheresthesoda says:

    can anybody say SANDY McCARTHY???

    he can do just as much damage, probably more then everybody on this list

  50. Canadiangold316 says:

    Great minds think alike!! great list dude!!

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