NHL games outdoors? Hmmmmmmm

I was running through a Google Search and just “accidently” ran across this while searching for something else. I find this rather interesting. What do you think?
NHL May Hold Outdoor Game


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EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) — NHL hockey might turn a little bit colder.

The NHL is evaluating a proposal that could see the Edmonton Oilers play the Calgary Flames in an outdoor game in 2004.

League spokesman Frank Brown said the NHL is considering the idea of staging the game in 60,000-seat Commonwealth Stadium, but it is still far from becoming a reality.

“There’s no possible way that we are in anything more than an evaluation process right now,” Brown said. “There are a lot of things to be considered.”

Edmonton Mayor Bill Smith said the proposal has received tentative approval from both the league and the players’ association and the city is now in the process of working out a lease with the Oilers.

Smith said it could turn out to be a six-year event, with one game held in November each year.

The Oilers would be responsible for the logistics, including setting up the ice surface at the football stadium, Smith said.

If approved, the outdoor game would be a first for the modern NHL but not for hockey.

Last October, Michigan State played Michigan in a college game that drew a record 74,554 spectators to Michigan State’s football stadium.

The 3-3 tie was played in windy conditions with the temperature slightly above freezing.

In 1991, the Los Angeles Kings played the New York Rangers in an exhibition game outside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The first outdoor game in NHL history took place in evening temperatures in the mid-80s.

Weather will be a big consideration in allowing the game in Edmonton, Brown said. Commonwealth Stadium — home to the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos — can be blustery in late fall, and the temperature is below freezing most nights.

The stadium has been home to several high-profile sporting events, including the world track and field championships and the FIFA under-19 women’s soccer championship.

The CFL’s Grey Cup will be held there in November.