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I read this on a canadian news website which i can’t remember. This text comes from NHL.com but basically states the same thing. That we can now watch FULL NHL games on google (starting from late October) for all 30 teams! It’s easy and simple…the only negative is that its on a 2-3day delay (due to TV rights) but i say thats a small price to pay for all the leagues games on google.


NEW YORK — NHL Interactive Cyber Enterprises (ICE), the digital arm of the National Hockey League (NHL), today announced a multi-year deal to provide NHL video content to Google Video. The NHL will provide in-season full-length games on delay to Google Video at http://video.google.com/nhl.html. Google also will receive select NHL classic games.

In addition to the game content, the NHL also will work with Google to allow certain NHL themed user-generated content on http://video.google.com/nhl.html. This is the first time Google Video has worked with a major professional sports league in such a manner.

To celebrate its 89th season and this increased access to video content, the NHL will be offering its content for free — without ads — for the first two weeks of November.

“When web users are searching for diverse video content, Google Video is the first place they go, just as NHL.com is the first place hockey fans go when they want NHL video,” said Keith Ritter, President of NHL ICE. “The combination of our content and Google’s massive reach is a terrific pairing, and we’re excited to add fan-generated content to the mix.”

The NHL seems to heading in the right direction…first this, then you tube….seems like they are going in a certain direction….whats next, myspace?

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  1. mtl_prince says:

    so now there on yahoo(was that the one they announsed last week). utude, and google. whats next? ask.com?

  2. Cards85 says:

    Well youtube is basically google since they own it now.

  3. Kraut182 says:

    Seems like they pick and chose which games to put up.  The most recent Leaf game is from Oct. 18, but some teams have games from as recently as Nov. 10.

    Either that or its taking a while to get the whole thing up and running.

  4. 92-93 says:

    yeah i made a post about this about 2 weeks ago.

    the youtube thing just happened and the google thing happen weeks ago. The just uploaded the Game 7 between the Kings and Leafs (i was hoping they would upload Game 6 of that series).

    Also, they have the 1967 Game 6 between the Habs and Leafs, and the game against Calgary when Mats got his 500th goal on a SH, OT, hat-trick.

    they don't have every single game though. just a few so far.

  5. ranger_fan says:

    yahoo broadcasts free live games

  6. gg_idiot says:

    Yeah, Google paid out the ass to purchase YouTube like a month ago, I think the Google and Youtube deals with the NHL are interconnected

  7. egreenxc says:

    How do I access that?

  8. pensfan29 says:

    2-3 day delay… please yesterdays news

  9. navajo says:

    Game 6…the night a 14 year old punk cried himself to sleep. lol

  10. ranger_fan says:

    go to sports.yahoo.com then click on the NHL tab and in the middle is free live NHL games brought to you by Versus. They only do one, and tonight is NYR v PIT. to see what they will be airing you need to launch there video player, which I know you can click under NFL and click any link with a video symbol next to it. when that is open go to NHL to watch game highlights or LIVE NHL games gives you a schedule. if you arrive to the NHL page at 707, there will be a visual link that will take you to NYR v PIT tonight

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