NHL To Make Another Offer To NHLPA


The NHL, who has been spinning hard since last week’s “informal” meetings with the NHLPA reps, is reportedly going to make another offer to the players with the hope of saving the season.

NHLPA reps are already saying they will reject it because it will have a cap in it thus fans aren’t too hopeful there will be a resolution. From what we learned from the comments of NHLPA VP Bill Guerin, the players have little understanding of the business of sports and are seemingly willing to go all the way to canceling the season to try to cling on to the system that made them so rich yet made the game so weak.

If the NHL is smart, they will take a page from the NHLPA’s play book and come in with some WOW factor to their bid. This is not only important to the slim possibility of a deal but it is also important in order to show good faith needed to ultimately break the union.

You might expect to see:

– An announcement of when the season would start, how many games and even who plays who. The NHL has gurus working on this complex issue and when shown the game schedule, it might motivate players to lace up.

– A franchise player tag. It allows teams to hang onto players they draft and allows UFAs to make big money. It isn’t as hard a cap as the owners want but it is a BIG concession.

– (crazy idea warning) Offer the players all of their money back for this year. From the 300 million dollar war chest, offer to pay the players for the time they have spent being locked out. You think player wives and or agents wouldn’t go for this?

This is the 11th hour and the owners need to make their best offer. The player’s offer was a lot of sizzle but very little bacon. The owners need both to woo player, their wives, their agents and the PA’s execs back to the ice in a system that works for both sides.