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Just a Thought

What do leafs need after gettin Raycroft…

If you look at the free agent market.. theres number of players tht are available which leafs can pick up..

Toronto Trades Gone Unrepported

I’ve been watching the results come in from the draft on As a Toronto fan I’ve been paying attention to their picks (all of which seem to be unknown, brutal Europeans besides their first round pick…I’d say they wasted the rest of them). However, it seems two of their picks, which had marked down as being Toronto’s picks until the draftee was posted, ended up being exchanged to different teams. Searching through all the hockey news sites I can’t see any report of a trade having taken place. As well, I there does not appear to be any draft picks from the teams in question going back to Toronto.

Leafs Close To Aquiring Pronger!?

The Toronto Star is reporting that the Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers are closing in on a deal which should involve Chris Pronger and Tomas Kaberle!

Lidstrom to leafs, luongo possibly on way too?

Rumours in Toronto and Sweden are that Mats Sundins long time friend Niklas Lidstrom is agreed in principle to a one-year one million dollar contract. This does sound hard to believe, but Lidstrom knows that Sundin wants to win a cup and wants to do it with the Leafs, so Lidstrom is offering out a hand. Also, reports out of florida are that mike keenan is seriously considering Toronto’s latest offer of Pogge, Harrison, Suglobov and a 2nd rounder for Gary Roberts and Roberto Luongo. Keenan is looking at more youth movement and thinks Pogge is NHL ready and roberts and luongo will help Toronto with their cup run next year. These transactions will hopefully be made more public by weeks end.

Legace to the Leafs?

Now this is a Leaf rumor alot of people can be-Leaf

How will The 2007 Maple Leafs Look?

Not to beat a dead horse, but we’ve all heard many times how Toronto will be one of the busiest teams in the NHL this summer. They missed the mark last season and now JFJ will be busy making key personel decisions and deciding who to keep, who to let go and who to sign as UFA’s.

Tellqvist comes back as a Leaf!

According to, Mikael Tellqvist signed a one year contract. No financial details disclosed as of yet!

I think this is a good move since the Leafs are in a rebuilding mode. They probably won’t make it to the playoffs anyways so might as well try to develop young goaltenders.

What would it take to get Gary Roberts back????

I know I said no more Leaf articles till October, but watching the Canes win using one thing the Leafs lack hugely, that they used to excell at hugely, really angers me.

Lindros Resigned?

Barb Digiulio on the FAN590 indicated that the Leafs and Eric Lindros may have a tentative 1 yr deal for $700K

There is no mention on any site of this actually happening.

Maple Leafs Sign Chris Harrington

Before you all say “who!?!”, here is some info on him.

He was the captain of the University of Minnesota Golden Gopher (NCAA).

Harrington, a 23-year-old native of St. Cloud, Minnesota, played in 40 games for the Golden Gophers this past season, and earned a career-high 36 points (three goals, 33 assists). Harrington was Minnesota’s team captain in his fourth and final season at the school.

Harrington won a national championship with the Golden Gophers and was a WCHA All-Rookie selection in the 2002-03 season. In 129 career games at Minnesota, Harrington earned 109 points (14 goals, 95 assists) along with 264 career penalty minutes.

Harrington’s father, John, played on the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team, which won the gold medal.

Source –

He is by all rights a solid defenceman, and since he is being signed and not drafted, there is really no downside to this deal.

Possibilities for The Leafs this summer…

I am not here to tell you what the leafs are going to do this summer because pretty much no one out there can predict what such an unpredictable organization is going to do over a summer coming off a disappointing year. I am going to tell you in this article some of the more likely possibilities that actually make sense unlike the ones other people like to ramble on about but have no chance of happening in a life time.

summer deals for leafs?

A couple of weeks ago the leafs had fired Quinn as the head coach. Now Ferguson decided that the leafs wanted Maurice to be the coach and now he is. This was the right move and I think Paul Maurice would be a great coach. Now the leafs had been struggling with injury problems and players being retards and losing.

Plan For Next Year

This past season was a bust, but the Leafs did find

out some good things from this. The first is that a

teammust go with speed not power. The second is money can’t buy a team, they must develop their

own players.

Paul Maurice not the next Leafs coach?

Well, I’ll keep this short and to the point, for those who may not yet know…

Clarke Slams Leafs!

The Philadelphia Flyers GM was pretty angry about the firing of Leafs head coach Pat Quinn…

Very interesting interview with Jim Devallano

Thurday evening, late, the Fan590 in Toronto was doing an interview with Jim Devallano.

It was extremely interesting to listen to what he had to say about the Leafs and JFJ, having been there before when Detroit was an awful team in the early 80’s.

Former Leafs' Owner Steve Stavro Passes Away

Former 13 year owner of his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs Steve Stavro has passed away at the age of 78 of an apparant heart attack.


First off let me say this, If JFJ is serious about keeping his job and “bringing the cup home,” let me tell you he better do some serious moves and he better complete them too.

Domi, Lindros issues

The Toronto star has reported that Leafs GM JFJ is expected to buy out Tie Domi for 1 million dollars and Re-sign Lindros to a one year deal worth 0.75 Million dollars.

Should The Mighty Quinn Fall?

The last time the Leafs missed the playoffs was the 1997 season, that year the Leafs had Mike Murphy start the year as coach only to have him replaced mid season by Nick Beverly on an interim basis. The following summer news came down that the Toronto Maple Leafs had hired Pat Quinn as new coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. In ’98 Quinn stepped a board the media juggernaut that is Toronto and guided a team of unknowns and misfits captained by the only sure shot NHL caliber offensive player the team had at the time in Mats Sundin. Two things were certain on that team Mats Sundin was a great player and goaltending was strong behind Curtis Joseph.