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Leaf News

According to the leafs are close to resigning Darcy Tucker and also it is strongly believed that Gary Roberts will be returning to Toronto before the trade deadline.

The Season is over, we should gut MLSE

Finally the Maple Leafs play a team that isn’t completely inept, and Andrew Rayflop shows his true colors,a nd proves that this is not a playoff team. I for one think that MLSE should be gutted for all the bullshit that’s filled with him.

JFJ = ME! :)

John Ferguson Jr. in 2003-2004 aquired Owen Nolan(Later Signed with the Coyotes), and Brian Leetch(Later Signed with the Bruins) by trading Draft Picks, Prospects and Future Considerations. In 2005-2006 aquired Alexander Suglobov(Later Put on Waivers), and Luke Richardson(Later Signed with the Lightning), also he fired Pat Quinn,and Rick Lee. WOW!

I have an idea, FIRE JFJ

Ever Since the Hiring of JFJ, the leafs haven’t done as well as they used to, (i.E the long term signings with NTCs). So pretty much as some would say signing Tucker is a horrible idea, sure he scores goals, and has heart, but hes no skater, he has no shot, no hands. With the money spent on signing him we could get some “up to date players”(ie DATSYUK, if he remains unsigned). My philosophy is players who are locked up with NTCs, and long term deals WILL NOT try as hard as players who are pending UFAs or have short term contracts, has anyone ever noticed that?

Realistically Who could they get?

I hear people saying this and that about who the Leafs should trade for, but in reality a lot of teams are not willing to give up anyone even if the trade goes in their favour. If the Leafs do give up big name players they won’t get what they deserve in return.

This sums up what it's like as a Leaf fan….

I’m posting this more as a fun topic, I am not “crying” or “whining” it was simply an email I received and thought it was “oh so true” and worthy of posting on this Maple Leafs board. But I’m sure many anti-Leaf fans will (as always) be on here ready to bash….kinda makes you wonder why they’re checking the “Leafs Rumor” Board though.

Petition To Re-Build!

I have started a petition to MLSE for the Toronto Maple Leafs To Re-Build before it is to late! I am not sure if the demon Richard Peddy will look at it but I cannot take the same crap every year.

Leafs at Deadline

I think its safe to say that the Leafs are not going to trade both Sundin and Tucker, blow up the team and a get a high draft pick this summer, Although thats what they should do, it just isn’t going to happen. I’m not ruling out the possibility if Tucker bring traded though. That being said, here is what I think the Leafs should to try and make a cup run this season.

Referees biased towards the Leafs?

A friend of mine hates the Leafs and is always talking about how Hockey night in Canada kisses their @@@ and how the Refs let them get away with Murder, I have always blown it off, but after watching today’s Rangers game I think he may be on to something.

Realistic moves for Leafs

The Leafs look like a playoff fringe team again and its going to look this way for a while if we dont change anything quick i no i might get bashed for saying we should trade sundin but look at the clark trade way back when . 

Leafs at the Deadline

There are a number of rumors that are flying around the leafs this time of year (like always). First off JFJ is a below average GM with below average talent.

At last years draft the Ducks would of taken a Stajan or Steen and a 1st round pick for Giguere as Bryzgalov was at that point going to be the number one guy. They overpaid for Kubina because they didn’t want him going to Ottawa or any other main rival.

As for there defence core. Kaberle is by far the best defensman on that team, Kubina is playing good enough to keep him out of the press as being trade bait. McCabe is just terrible, everyone thinks he is great because of his numbers, anyone can have those numbers by playing as much PP time as he gets. McCabe 5 on 5 is one of the worst in the league just like Jason Allison and look where he is now.

Leafs Defence: Why The Criticism?

One game after the all-star break and I look back on the start of the season and ask myself, why are fans so hard on our defence group? …

Leafs Need To Re-Build!!!!

For the past 40 years us Leafs fans have not been able to witness a Stanley Cup parade down young street, we have had terrible ownership in the form of Harold Ballard, and some controversies. When MLSE took over their goal was one thing, and that was to make money! It was not to put a contender on the ice, it was to make to ONLY make the playoffs!

The Leafs have two very desirable assets who will be UFA’s this year in the form of Mats Sundin and Darcy Tucker. Darcy Tucker is at his highest value right now and unless we don’t do something with him now, JFJ will probably give him a 5-year/30 million dollar contract! Do you want that? He has to go, and he has to go this year!