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Justin Schultz Could Sign With The Edmonton Oilers

Justin Schultz, the mobile, puck-moving defenseman taken by the Anaheim Ducks in the second round of 2008, is in an interesting position. With his college season over, he’s welcome to sign with the team that drafted him, and by all accounts they’d love to get him under contract, and have him play for them in the NHL for the rest of this season.

Coyotes’ solution remains a puzzle: Seattle, Quebec City or status quo?

The good people of Quebec will pay approximately $400-million for an arena to be built by 2015, in the hope that the National Hockey League will see fit to repatriate the Nordiques after all these years. And the Phoenix Coyotes, a franchise that has bled away in limbo for nearly three years, is the best bet.

Gomez llikely to be bought out by the Habs

Habs Scott Gomez reportedly aiming to return to Devils after this season; tells friends he’ll be bought out after season, says P Brisebois!/L_A_theRiver/status/181961044808306689

Radulov on his way to Nashville

In the plaine going to new york then Nashville. )))

Nashville Predators on Alexander Radulov: 'cautiously optimistic'

Predators General Manager David Poile said that he was “cautiously optimistic” that wayward forward Alexander Radulov could return to the team soon.

But he also said there was “no new information” regarding Radulov, who bolted the NHL in 2008 for the Kontinental Hockey League in his native Russia.

Rink Wrap: Burke needs to land a big one

The honeymoon is over for Maple Leafs president and GM Brian Burke.

While his decision to fire Ron Wilson as coach and replace him with Randy Carlyle was viewed as a good move in NHL circles, the most important summer of Burke’s career at the helm of the Leafs certainly lies ahead.

Nashville trying to bring Radulov back?

Understandably, Nashville has persistantly tried to lure Radulov back and the KHL often responds with more $ to keep him.!/DarrenDreger/statuses/177917883383431170


At first blush, it does not appear that the free agent market contains many potential goaltending saviours this summer, if any at all. Here is the list of the more prominent potential UFAs among goaltenders, including their 2011-12 cap hits:

Mock Draft 2012

I havent written my own story for a while and this is just for fun cuz i was bored.. but I decided to do my own mock draft for this junes upcoming draft… its including the latest standings so it wont be accurate in the end but what I think each teams needs.


Habs need help

The season isn’t over yet but the Montreal Canadiens have come to accept that a playoffs spot is clearly out of reach. Now the Habs have to start planning for this summer entry draft and next season.

The top priority on the Habs list would be adding some offensive dept to their line-up as they are set in net and at the blue line, It sure looks like the habs have an under average d-core at the moment but they have an above average prospect d-core that should be moving up very soon, guys like Tinordi, Beaulieu, Ellis, Patteryn, Dietz and Nygren should all be in Hamilton next season, not to mention Benett and Didier who shouldn’t be far behind.