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Any Questions now?

Coming into the season the only question people had regarding the Flyers was their goaltending. Does anyone want to question it now? Yes, the Flyers have had their normal slow start to the season. They have been carried by Simon Gagne through the first third of the season. And of course they have been hammered with injuries early. The only question going into the season was how the goaltenders would play.

With Cechmanek coming off of a Vezina caliber season, and Boucher trying to re-claim the starting role after a disappointing sophmore showing there was good reason to question the net-minders. Roman hasn’t played quite as strong as last year but is getting back to last years form. Before going down with a hamstring injury Brian Boucher outplayed Roman and regained the starting job. As a team the Flyers have given up 59 goals in 28 games. The next best team is Colorado with 61 goals against. Despite both slow starts, goaltending has kept both teams above .500. Does anyone think that there is a problem with the Flyers goaltending now?

To Go, or Not to Go?

Starting to get impatient with GM Dudley, looks like he knows didley about anything. Here is a rumor saying Lecavalier will be traded, and another one saying he won’t, by two different sources on the same day.

Barber coaches Flyers hours after wife dies.

Bill Barber coacher the Philadelphia Flyers to a 5-1 win Saturday only hours after his wife Jill lost her battle with lung cancer.

Forgive me if this question is innapropriate, but I feel it should be asked… Isn’t that just wrong? His wife just died and he’s coaching a hockey game. I understand people grieve differently, but in grand scheme of things is hockey that important compared to loosing your wife? Do you think it was innapropriate of Barber to coach right after his wife had died?

Hey Vinny…Uncle Louie and His Buddies Want Ya; Lecavalier Rumors

It’s all about Vinny this month. GM Dudley finally admitted that Vinny wants out. Is it the best thing to do? How many teams are involved? Since so many articles were submitted on Vinny, I posted all of them on here. Also, Selanne rumor, Guerin rumor, and Bertuzzi rumor included!

A Silly Season (Part 2, Players)

The Silly Season review continues, this time I will look at the suprises of this year. I will start with the top 10 point scorers:

Please Explain, Officials Beat the Rangers Once Again

Rangers lost this game against the Leafs. Toronto played pretty well, magically scoring 6 goals, and without a doubt did the Rangers get beat. But, do explain me why the NHL has people with little brain in the NHL.

Atlantic Division (3/8) Season Review

Since a full NHL league review was just too much info all at once, and very hard to write it all in 2 days, the Season’s Reviews will be broke down into Divisions, starting with the Atlantic Division of the East.

I received help from MantaRay on this review, my thanks to him. Enjoy!

Sabre trades?

Chris Gratton is not very happy in Buffalo and I think by this time next week, he’ll be traded. Currently the New York Rangers are gong to make a pitch, no one isyet going for Kozlov though. If you have not heard, Slava Kozlov quoted” I am not happy in Buffalo and would seriously considore a trade”! Personelly, I would like to trade the first player that plays poorley! People, do not stick up for Miro Satan! The guy hangs on to the puck to long, and I just can’t stnd him in a Sabre uniform!

Satan is just the player for bait! JamesPatrick quotd last week” I heard from the front office that very soon, some trades may come”! That explainswhy the Sabs are playing great! One tip for the hawks, send Passmore to Norfolk, and sign a goalie!

Top Ten Players This Year

The following is a list of ten of the most dominant players to emerge this year in the NHL.

Women's Hockey – Man-Sized Rivalry

Could you imagine seeing two hated rivals battling it out for the Stanley Cup every year for the past 7 or 8 seasons? If it were possible, to see Toronto and Montreal, or Philly and the Rangers, or Edmonton and Calgary every May (or June) for so many consecutive years? Could you imagine how intense a rivalry those games would become? Well, for the past decade, one such rivalry that has been overshadowed and overlooked might finally be starting to gain the attention it deserves.

YOU!!! the typical NHL fan… (Part 2: Detroit-N.Y.R)

Oh yes… ROUND 2

Before we get started I forgot to add the term: “Poetic Justice” to one particular Avalanche fan. Last year when this fan taunted Steve Sullivan he got what was coming to him. Same game, puck in the head. WOW! he so deserved it… on with round 2….


Unofficial, and not an official source, but an employee of the Colorado Avalanche (not the janitor), informed me that Peter Forsberg will practice with the team by the end of this week. Forsberg is planning to return to the line-up by Januray 3, 2002 against the New York Rangers.

Do Not believe in this 100%, but keep your eyes open.

Stats and Stories

Some quick stories and observations as well as the continuing look at who’s performing and who’s not. There are more than a few underachievers this year, some who haven’t been pointed out yet.

Trade Rumors

Trade Rumors, the most interesting topic we all love yet never believe in them. Kariya to the Rangers? Selanne running away from Sharks? Leafs interested in Lapointe!!!!! *Ahem* no…not Martin Lapointe, Claude Lapointe.

Slava to be a Canadien !

After being benched for the entire game against New York on monday night , Slava Kozlov has asked for a trade.


Hockey commentator and Author Al Strachen recently said that the Montreal Canadiens are still interested in him from the last years off -season , when they were trying to acuire him before he was traded to Buffalo for Dominik Hasek .

He said that the Canadien are willing to part with Souray and Dackell.

Possible Trade :

To Buffalo : Sheldon Souray , Andreas Dackell

To Montreal : Slava Kozlov , Dmitri Kalinin.

Oilers Seek Gomez

Oilers are looking at Scott Gomez to add some attack.

The deal could be Poti for Gomez straight up.


However, Oil should toss in Rem Murray and a draft and try to pick up a good young player in the deep NJ system, as well.


Pavel Bure’s Florida tenure could be nearing an end. The Russian Rocket hasn’t been able to balance Duane Sutter’s defensive sysytem with offensive opportunities. Now Bure is out with a concussion. The frustration level from teammates is becoming evident, as a few have called out the team’s best player, Bure, for not playing a complete effective game. If the Panthers aren’t going to compete for the Cup this year or next year, why pay Bure 10 million dollars? His departure isn’t imminent and the fans still like Bure but it is a situation worth watching. 

Elias on the move?

Last week, reported that Patrik Elias will ask for 7.5 million dollars next season through arbitration.  As everyone knows, the Devils aren’t as loose with money as some other teams are, and are reluctant to give another player, Bobby Holik, the 4 million he is asking for.  After recently signing Scott Stevens and Martin Broduer to huge contracts, it may not be out of the question to witness a blockbuster deal before July 1st next summer, possibly on draft day.  Look for 3 major suitors for Elias’ services: Detroit, Colorado, and Montreal.  Detroit would be esctatic to get a playmaker like Elias while he is still young.  Of course, who would they trade for him?  It would take alot to pry him away from the Devils.  Colorado could offer Alex Tanguay, Martin Skoula, and a 4th round draft pick, but they would only go after Elias if Forsberg does not return.  Montreal seems to be the best suitor for Elias.  They will undoubtedly have a top 5 draft pick, along with the current players they have, they can send a few 2nd line forwards along with the pick, and possibly, a little cash.  This is all talk right now, but if Elias is not resigned before the summer, nor is he traded before the deadline, don’t expect him to be in a Devil’s uniform next year unless they dump a lot of salaries in order to keep him, and I just don’t see that happening.

Ok You Little Hockey Fans! Who Is the Hockey NERD!? IT's TRIVIA!

Yes, you can be a hockey nerd! Hehe, nah, just kidding guys! Show who has the best knowledge. In order to make this fair, HTR members will only have until 7:00 pm on Monday to answer these Trivia Questions. The prize ISSSS…….well….heh, sorry it’s nothing, but you can climb up the latter to show the others who is a hockey god. Let the challenge begin!

What A Steal!!!

I’ve seen all the Montréal Canadiens games so far this year and I gotta say that what I have seen tonight against the Washington Capitals, was the best hockey from Montréal I’ve seen IN YEARS