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what the thrashers need to have a good future

There are many rumors talking about trading Kovalchuk of the Atlanta thrashers, to me that is a mistake. Even though some nights he is on and off, he is still an amazing player who yes could bring back alot with a trade, but there you loose kovalchuk.

The worst of the worst

There are tons of contracts, and trades around the league coming back to haunt teams. Which ones? Let’s discuss.

Something has to be done

The sharks are sitting top the western division by about 5 points but their recent play as been nothing more then pathetic. Ever since JR went down, they’ve been playing mediocre hockey. Therefore something needs to be done. I feel we have 4 main issues. They are

My Evaluation On The Leafs Roster

This is an evaluation that who I think will get traded and who will stay in Toronto:

Vesa Toskala- He gets paid $4M, he’s not showing he’s worth that right now. He’s not a goaltender who can steal games for the Leafs, he will most likely be traded.

Curtis Joseph- Rumors are he could retire, I dont think he will. He will probably play 1 more year with the Leafs and then retire.

Get Ready Get Set – Winter Classic 09 is here

Happy New Year – The 2008/2009 Winter classic happens today in the windy city. In this post have your say about the winter classic … what are your thoughts about it … and predict what you think the score will be.

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