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Banning IP's

I will make this very clear.

Out of Shape Heatley?

Reports in the Ottawa Sun newspaper indicate that Dany heatley physical tests are below average..

Who is the Best Left Winger in Hockey?

As good as the Right Wingers are in the NHL, the Left Wingers are no slouches either. Here is the top 10 Left Wingers in the NHL

1. Markus Naslund – arguably one of the best scorers in the league. He has a wonderful shot, great hands and terrific hockey sense. Yeah everyone can harp on him not doing a whole lot in the playoffs but he is one of the league’s best players. On the rush he may be the most dangerous. His great speed can break teams apart. playing on perhaps the best line in hockey certainly helps the cause.

Canucks goalie situation + Cooke Situation

The Canucks have an interesting situation going into the start of training camp. The have a fan favourite and world class agitator who is threatening at holding out. They have an absolute dogfight for the 6th spot on defence and they have three goalies, all who will want to play in the NHL. I think it is time we break this down.

A Crosby Update – 3 Assists in Intra-Squad Game

PITTSBURGH (CP) – Sidney Crosby had three assists, two of them beauties, to make his mark in the first intrasquad game of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ training camp.

Flyers sign Brian Savage

According to the Philadelphia Flyers website, the Flyers have signed Brian Savage today to one one year deal.

The signing came today after Sami Kapanen would need surgery to fix his rotator cuff.

Here is the article.

Another one bites the dust!

Flyers fans have been rather quiet since making fun of Leaf fans about new commers with injury problems, Eric Lindros, and Jason Allison, only to learn that their new commers, Derian Hatcher, and Petr Forsberg have gone down with injuries, and now, yet another Flyers is set to have surgery.

The Worst Referee?

Enough with the player rankings, who do think is the worst referee? Give a name and a reason.

First teen with Habs since the 80's? / Goalie Rumors.

2-in-1 Habs article from 2 members.

Guillaume Latendresse has been turning heads since he first put the Habs jersey on in the rookie camp, leading all players with 6 points in 4 games along with fast skating and bonecrunching hits. He may be a longshot to crack the lineup but so far, the kid looks VERY good….

2005-06 HTR Hockey Pool: UPDATE!

Come inside to get an update on the official 2005-06 HTR Hockey Pool…

Leafs Practice gets chippy?

According to the Toronto Sun the Leafs practice got a little chippy between 4 different players after some hits that some of the teammates didn’t really appreciate.

Who's the Best Right Winger in Hockey?

Oh those were the days seeing Kurri bury passes from 99, or Bossy flying down the wing blowing shots pass goalies, or seeing Guy Lafleur flying hair and all gliding around the ice effortlessly. Those were some of the greatest Right Wingers in the game. But today there is some good ones in their own right. Here is the top 10.

Oilers' Smyth signs two-year deal

As reported by

“The 29-year-old, who will earn $3.5 million a season, was already in camp with the Oilers because he had a basic agreement on a one-year deal while his agent Don Meehan and GM Kevin Lowe tried to hammer out something with more term.