NHL's Proposal not good enough?

Story from TSN talks about some of the “propsals” that the league put forth to the PA.


Just my own summary of the article.

The article talks about some of what the players disliked about the “proposal”. The first part was somewhat complicated when you actually have to put it to use. An individual team cap, and a 54% NHL cap. The cap also went from 38 to 42 for each team.

The NHL also proved that they read the news, with their suggestion of player caps, at 6 million. Was this not a J.R. suggestion earlier in the lockout, and the NHLPA doesn’t like it, wonder if they still like J.R.

The third point was about arbitration. The NHL proposed that team and player could both go to arbitration, But that a player could only recieve a maximum raise of 25%.

I can’t understand the NHLPA, they could have at least taken the time to work with the ideas put forth instead of seeing the word CAP in big bright red letters and just tossing the ideas out. Right now the league is probably at the point where an impasse is the only solution. The NHL has restructured the idea of a cap into many different ways of implementaion, the NHLP has offered a one time rollback. Looking at it from the outside you can see the NHL has changed, moved, restructured their proposals each time, they have even taken the PA’s proposal, changed it, and added a cap. The PA gave the NHL the discount of 24% to keep things status quo, and to continue to use a system that has been failing for quite some time.

So far the NHLPA has only said NO NO NO, so which side appears to have tried harder.

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  1. rojoke says:

    The 25% limit on increased salary over the previous year is not abad idea, but I would go a little further than that. I would place a limit on how much the player can ask for, and if the team gets the option to file, then they also have a limit on how much they can seek.

    For example, a player making more than the league average cannot seek more than 150% of his last contract. Players making less than the league average cannot ask for more than 200% of his last contract. Similarly, teams cannot offer less than 75% of a player’s last contract if they made over the league average, and 80% if they less.

    So for a $4 million player, the numbers would look like this: player can seek up to $6 million, team can offer no less than $3 million.

    For a player making $1.5 million, it would go maximum of $3 million, minimum of $1.3 million.

    And it would be an either-or option, not somewhere in the middle. If the player proves his case, he gets what he asked for.

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