No Goalies Safe this Trade Deadline

By the sounds of things the trade deadline this year may involve a lot of trades involving goaltenders. Goaltenders such as Martin Biron, Dominik Hasek, Curtis Joseph, Dwayne Roloson, Manny Fernandez, Mike Dunham, Jeff Hackett, Sean Burke, Nikolai Khabibuilin, Trevor Kidd and Olaf Kolzig have been rumored to be on the move.Teams that will probably spending their most time seeking for help between the pipes will probably include Atlanta, Colorado, the Rangers, possibly the Islanders, Philadelphia, St. Louis and maybe even Boston.

Colorado, the Rangers and Philadelphia will most likely be the teams spending most of their time wheeling and dealing to find the best goaltender available. Although Colorado fans feel David Aebischer could lead them to the Stanley cup this year I feel they still need a bonified number 2 goalie if Aebischer runs into troubles. Phillipe Sauve should be a great goalie someday but just not this year. Colorado would be taking a risk if they had these two youngsters as their goaltenders for the playoffs. Although Rangers GM Glen Sather has made it clear that his team will be looking for defenceman during the trade deadline you have to wonder if they actually trust Mike Dunham between the pipes. Bobby Clarke has said publicly that he will not be looking for a goalie on deadline day. I feel that is a lie. How could you trust a goalie who has never started a playoff game to lead you to the Stanley cup. If Bobby Clarke had brains he would go out and find the best goalie he could.

Possible candidates to be dealt to the Colorado Avalanche include Khabibuilin, Kolzig or Burke if Colorado is looking for a starter. If Colorado is looking just for a backup however possible candidates would probably be Roloson, Fernandez or Kidd.

As for New york they will probably be looking for a number 1 goalie. Possible candidates for NY include Hasek, Joseph, Burke, Kolzig and Khabibuilin. As for what will happen to Mike Dunham, he may end up playing for teams such as Atlanta, Boston, possibly Colorado as a backup, St. Louis or Washington.

The most likely candidates to land in Philly may be Kolzig, Dunham, Burke, or possibly Biron. If Philly were to try to pick up Kolzig they would probably have to give up a player such as Michael Handzus and possibly Jeff Hackett. If they wanted to land Dunham they would have to give up Handzus and a defenceman. If they wanted Burke he would probably be the cheapest, most likely draft picks and prospects would have to be given up. As for the long shot Biron Philly would have to give up some young players and possibly Handzus.

The most expensive goaltenders available would be Joseph, Hasek and Khabilbuilin. These goaltenders will either stay where they are or be involved in some blockbuster deals. If a team like Colorado wanted these goalies they would have to probably give up Tanguay and Skoula. Philly would have to give up a player such as Recchi or Roenick if they wanted CUJO or Hasek and give up Handzus and prspects for The Bulin wall. NY would have to give up players such as Petr Nedved and Matthew Barnaby.

Goalies better start packing up their bags because it doesn’t seem like anyone is safe this trade deadline. Well gotta go, Rumor with you later

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  1. cgolding says:

    chances of the flyers and rangers trading… and that trade including handzus are on the order of zero.

    handzus is definitely on the watch list… he simply doesn’t fit in the big scheme of things… but you never know… comrie playing wing right now.


  2. RichterFan says:

    I think the Rangers will trade for a goalie. Possibly a package deal that will also give them a defensemen. If they happen to lose Nedved in the process then it will be worth it.

  3. eagle29 says:

    Biron and Kolzig are rumored every year.Roloson will not go to colorado cheap or as a back-up because he is an all-star goalie(this year anyway).

  4. TRaPT1307 says:

    Is the trade value really that high for cujo now? It was just three weeks ago that the wings could maybe get a 7th rounder for him and now Recchi or Roenick. JR for Hasek! I would do that in a miliseconed! LOL

  5. Primis says:

    According to some recent articles in the News/Free Press, the way Wings execs are talking Hasek is now officially the odd man out, barring a miraculous come back from the “dreaded career-threatening groin problems”.

    It looks like the Wings’ front office finally has awoken from the drunken stupor that they’ve been in the for the past several months.

    The only real candidates I see for being moved right now (that would be desired commodities) are Hasek, Kolzig (it’s Washington, EVERYTHING is for sale! “80% off!! You buy!!!”), Roman Turek in Calgary, and Burke.

    — Primis.

  6. Spektor says:

    What happened to Tom Barasshole? Two years ago he was part of the triple team tandem in Carolina and now he’s driving a bus??

  7. nocuphere says:

    I think you can erase Biron’s name off that list. Apparently even if the Sabres fall out of contention he is the only untouchable. Although this is coming from a buddy of mine in Rochester.

  8. wheresthesoda says:

    it matters who the goalie is. in most cases it would be a good trade, nedved has been a streaky scorer, very inconsistent.

  9. wingedim says:

    Interesting to see Kidd’s name thrown out like that. This is the first I’ve heard of this one. To be honest with you I wouldn’t be too heartbroken if he was dealt. I think it’s time to let Tellqvist have a legitimate shot and get some solid time in as full time back up. If the Leafs could get a ‘rent a goalie’ for the playoffs in return with some solid experience that would be better, but I’m afraid we’d only get a bag of puck for Kidder.

  10. wheresthesoda says:

    i would like the rangers to try to pick up sean burke or cujo. th rangers should definetly not trade lindros. the lines the rangers had last night are good for the rest of the year i think.





    all of the lines played real good.

    i rather see a 2nd rond draft pick instead of a guy like barnaby in the deal.

    hopefully sather could just get another steal

  11. wayne2 says:

    Signed with Pittsburgh and retired if i`m not


  12. KCMDux88 says:

    why would boston want any of those goalies, i think they are pretty satisfied with raycroft, besides boston never spends any money

  13. TheDuk says:

    Everyone in the league should understand by now that Colorado will not trade for a starting keeper. Lacroix doesn’t want Bulin, Cujo, Burke, Kolzig, or the oft injured slinky-spined Hasek. If he did, the Avs would have one of them by now.

    The only rumor I’ve heard that makes some sense is the Avs might look to Dafoe as a backup, most likely ridding themselves of perennial whipping boy Martin Skoula in trade.

    Tanguay isn’t going anywhere for a backup and, knowing Lacroix’s previous dealings, the Avs would end up with Cujo if they traded Tanguay alone.

  14. koho says:

    How is Roloson a back-up? He is on the All star team as a starter and have you even looked at his numbers…..can I have some of those drugs?

  15. koho says:

    In addition, why would the Flyers trade for Dunham a goalie who NY doesn’t even want as their starter. Also, your trade bait for these goalies is way over the market value it would take to land some of these has-beens. This article was poorly thought out.

  16. koho says:

    By starter I mean he is playing in the all-star game as opposed to watching…I phrased my rant wrong my apologies.

  17. nocuphere says:

    Somebody say drugs??????

  18. nocuphere says:

    Handzus is a leaf killer. I hate the big bastard. I don’t get to see the flyers that much. Only when they’re embarrassing my Leafs. He looks decent though. Whats his problem?

  19. UsedandAbused says:

    I really don’t think the trade value for those goalies is that high.. Cmon Roenick or Recchi for Cujo or Hasek? Neither of those goalies are in their primes, and besides what good are they to the Flyers if they don’t have Roenick and Recchi. I think Detriot will unload one of those goalies for CHEAP, so they can get rid of their dam salaries. The only goalie I can see being worth much would be Khabibulin.

  20. defenestrate says:

    “If Bobby Clarke had brains….” – doesn’t every rumor that involves the Flyers have that for a qualifier?

    In fact, if the Philadelphia organization had any brains at all, you’d have Forsberg right now instead of us! Hahahahahahha…………

    Btw, is “bonified” the result of being cooked on a bonfire? Just Curious….

    _ _ _ _

  21. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Not really a problem, as much as he’s the most expendable. If Lapointe comes back from his depression-fest, and with Comrie now on the team, AND with Sharp seeming to catch Clark and Hitchcock’s eye, that leaves Handzus out of the loop. I personally love Handzus, but if it’s for a better goalie, I say let him go.

  22. Beckfan5 says:

    If they trade Dedved then whos going to center the two busts, Kovaloaf and Hlavac?

  23. Beckfan5 says:

    First of all, Burke is like 38 years old and gets injured every season. Plus he hasnt won a playoff round since 88′. Second, Cujo isint going any where with way hes played and w/ Haseks injury. Detriots payed all that money so far to the two of them, why trade him now. They aint saving anything.

    And last night is one game w/ those line combos. Dont get too excited yet. Like Holik said, they played one of the worst teams in the league.

  24. Beckfan5 says:

    I think the culinary term for that would be “bonifried”.

  25. kidhenry1 says:

    I don’t think the ranger$ could trade Lindros if they tried. Especially now that he’s an agitator again, his risk for injury is much higher now, and no team wants to bother with that.

    Plus, Sather could just get another steal? He got a good deal on Jagr. Can you name any other deals that have worked out for Sather? His Broadway career doesn’t seem that littered with “steals” to me.

  26. BayStBully says:

    How can you say that Hasek is likely to move when he’s the “odd-man out” in Detroit because of his groin problems? You don’t think other teams are aware of this? Hasek will stay put. You know how embarrassing it would be for Detroit to trade Hasek and keep Joseph? It would be like they caused all this turmoil to be back at square one. Both will stay put, Hasek will retire after this year, and join the ranks of people who should’ve stayed retired, but decided to tarnish their illustrious careers by not knowing when to bow out.

  27. BayStBully says:

    What’s everyone’s problem with Kidd? He’s played well this year when he’s been called upon. Keep him around, let Tellqvist become more experienced in St. John’s. Why mess around with the future?

  28. BayStBully says:

    Haha like Detroit would trade ANYONE to the Avalanche, never mind a star goaltender. They’re arch-rivals. That would be like the Yankees sending Jeter to the Red Sox to shore them up for the ALCS. Detroit would rather pay the $8 mil and play Colorado without them having a legit #1 goalie.

  29. kidhenry1 says:

    It’s my personal opinion that the Flyers will end up with Sean Burke, and then try and re-evaluate their goalie situation in the offseason. Hackett and Esche just can’t do it for this team through the playoffs.

    A similar issue arises for the Islanders, who you mentioned as a possible bidder for a goalie, but beggars can’t be choosers, and because the Isles are looking to save some money (thank you Jason Wiemer) it’s gonna be a Slick Rick DiPietro-Garth Snow hybrid for the rest of the season.

    I personally think that the ranger$ will end up with the Nikolai Khabibuilin at the deadline. The bolts don’t want him, his price will go down when they realize what they can get for him. A high draft pick, Nedved and some cheap role players (if the rangers have any) should do the trick.

    Biron is certainly not untouchable, Miller will have that job by next season (if there is a next season.)

    Most teams will stand pat, though, because most goalies have high salaries that no owner wants to pay come lockout time. Expect no more deals than usual to get done.

  30. BayStBully says:

    Who are you to talk, if the Av’s/Nordiques had any brains, you’d have Sundin instead of us lol

  31. TheDuk says:

    Huh… I don’t recall anyone mentioning a trade between Colorado and Detroit.

  32. ILiveOnBroadStreet says:

    correct, wanted to retire as a Pen.

  33. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    Colorado aint making any goalie moves unless its dirt cheap, Aebischer is solid.

  34. defenestrate says:

    Seems to have worked out okay – how many Cups do you have since that deal?

  35. defenestrate says:

    Thank you, Dr. Lecter.

  36. NHLman says:

    I would like to see the Bulin Wall come to MSG, but if you have to give up Nedved… who’s replacing him? That could possibly give Lundmark a chance to center a line although a line of

    Hlavac-Lundmark-Kovalev doesn’t seem to fit. And then Wiseman or Moore could be called up to replace Lundmark’s spot on the Holik line. However, I think we might be able to do good with Markkanen as #1. I think acquiring a big defensman would help more and I don’t mean to fill a spot I mean to upgrade either Poti, Mironov, or Malahkov, preferably Poti. Candidates for this…? Possibly Richard Matvichuk, Brad Stuart, Jason Smith, Mattias Norstrom, Brendan Witt, or Branislav Mezei (although he’s currently injured).

    So hypothetically Poti and Hlavac/Barnaby for Jason Smith, or Witt, etc.

  37. GretzNYR99 says:

    Bure, Kovalev, hell Lindros was a steal, being that Hlavac has sucked and Brendl was a bust to begin with due to a lack of work ethic, leaving Johnsson as the only one to do anything of significance.

    Good morning, Vietnam!

  38. GretzNYR99 says:

    Kovalev will end up going for him as his contract ends this year, and is mostly paid off. Tampa’s good at center, they don’t want or need Nedved. Lecavalier, Richards/Stillman, Andreychuk, Taylor… Nedved will only disrupt things. He’s a soft center who can make great plays and has the best wrist shot in the league, if not one of. Tampa’s got the perfect balance of skill and depth, Nedved only makes them worse at center. Kovalev would fit in because Tampa needs scorers on the wing, Modin will never become the sum of his parts, because he’s got a 10 cent head complimenting million dollar talent. I could see Kovalev and Dunham going for Khabibulin and a defenseman. Sarich, maybe? Hell, Sydor? I know they just got him, but something could happen. Kubina? He’s been shopped around before.

    I don’t know, only time will tell.

  39. AfroCon says:

    and what? Roenick and Recchi are in their prime?

  40. Primis says:

    How can you say that Hasek is likely to move when he’s the “odd-man out” in Detroit because of his groin problems?

    I can probably say that because any time in the last month that I’ve seen someone from the Wings’ front office interviewed, whether on FoxSports Detroit, or in the News or Free Press, they’ve flat-out said “Hasek needs to come back and play really well to make us change our goaltending situation”.

    Guess what that means? That means the Wings are fairly happy with the play of Legace and Cujo, and that Hasek and his weak-ass groin are now officially expendable.

    And no, Hasek won’t retire. If he had the sense to know when to leave he wouldn’t have come back in the first place. So he won’t retire.

    The Wings know this. And while letting him walk gets rid of him, they’d rather trade him now if they could to get something for him. And right now there are some GM’s out there just crazy enough to bite (Sather, Clarke, etc).

    — Primis.

  41. GretzNYR99 says:

    Brad Stuart isn’t going anywhere, he anchors San Jose’s defense. He’s one of their franchise players. Norstrom the same, too valuable. I could see Matvichuk, Witt, or Smith being a Ranger.

  42. the_expert_44 says:


    bure got hurt and barely played, kovalev has been awful and brendl was traded for kapanen anyway, and johnsson is better than lindros.

    i guess dunham and his 850 sv. % was a steal as well?

  43. the_expert_44 says:

    “possible the islanders”

    why would they get a goalie when they have their goalie of the future plus a veteran to back him up?

    and they wont take salary…

  44. RichterFan says:

    don’t know maybe Lundmark. They have to make room for when Laculture(spelling) comes back from his concussion.

  45. DohCanada says:

    I’m no fan of either the Wings or Flyers, and they’re among the last teams I’d want to see win the Cup… and this isn’t likely to happen, BUT wouldn’t it be friggin’ awesome if the Wings dealt Hasek or Cujo to the Flyers and then they met in the final! So long as Cujo came out on the winning end, it would rock!

  46. nocuphere says:

    Isn’t Smith out for the remainder of the year??

  47. montrealbruinsfan says:

    Exactly!!! I am sick and tired of some homers who think they know everything about hockey say the Bruins need any help in goal. Raycroft is going to win the Calder this year and looks to be the Bruins goalie of the near future until Toivonen is ready (he’s even more awesome!!). So unlike the past few seasons the Bruins are VERY healthy in goal and don’t need Dunham, Cujo, Hasek, Khabibulin or anyone else!!! Enough with these stupid rumours.


  48. Beckfan5 says:

    I guess you dont watch too many games, hes been back.

  49. Beckfan5 says:

    Not as many as Ozolinsh(sp).

  50. Pavel_Bure_NYR says:

    I can see the Rangers doing this trade w/ edmonton.

    Nedved, Hlavac & 2nd Round Pick


    Smyth and Brewer

    Brewer and Smyth are in their last years and Lowe might consider bringing Nedved and Hlavac in those 2 to compliment Dvorak.

    They could then shop for Khabibulin, dealing Tom Poti and a 1st and 3rd rounder for Khabibulin, Cory Sarich and a 5th Rounder

    Those would work for all teams involved.

    They could then deal Dunham to Boston for Hal Gill

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