No New Meetings in Sight, But Cup Awarded in 2005?

Well, The Season is truely over, and that is the worst, but at the same time could be for the better.
Over the last few weeks, we have gotten a lot of articles that were rumors of a potential deal. And yeah there was a very slim chance in all of those meetings that there would be. No Cup will be awarded, and yes there will not be a season. There is a slim chance that is wrong and I’ll mention it a few paragraphs later… Could a Cup be awarded in 2005?

Before I get to that I would like to tell the members of HTR, there will continue to be rumors (that probably will be posted due to the large amount of hits and posts HTR gets with these rumors) that say there is a meeting with an agreement happening. These stories are getting linked out there so the NHL keeps its fans right on the edge of their seat. They want to reassure the fans that there is indeed hope, when there is nothing. The NHL hopefully will get an impasse. I hate to see replacement players, but the additions of Ovechkin and Crosby could make the NHL a better sport to watch than 10 million dollar players *****in’ about the NHL ripping them off.

Everyone has heard the latest rumor about only 5 of the smaller market teams rejecting that last proposal. THATS BULLCRAP! If it was 5 teams, let’s say the Ducks, Panthers, Nashville, and three other teams. Why wouldn’t the NHL pay these owners their franchise value before the CBA expiring and fold those 5 teams and another. If the two other were Pittsburgh, doubt it with Lemieux in negotiations, so rather Buffalo and Ottawa. Have one of those 5 owners own one of them instead, a team with a bigger heritage, and better value. It had to have been more than 5. I believe its another ploy to make the fans believe a deal is closer than it really is.

Now we have up on Pelle Eklund’s website, which is where most of the recent rumors have been off of:

“I just got a phone call from one of my players saying that there’s a lot of unrest among the NHLPA and there is an unofficial vote flying through the PA it seems as if the rank and file might be broken and players are signing a petition if they agree to the 42.5 million from the owners.”

Folks, that right there is what many people call a fallacy. It is appealing to viewers and while there might be a little truth to it, but there is no chance of it really happen. It’s for a guy to get word out about his site. I do recall reading on his site, because of these flurries of rumours I am up to 200,000 viewers a day. If you’d like to be an optimist and get your hopes crushed, be my guest. There will be some scheduled meetings here and there, with a great deal of them into late August.

Now, here is what I have been told, and it is purely a rumour, but this is what this site is about.

-There will be two seperate drafts in the upcoming year. One, if an impasse is granted, or a deal struck before mid-September will be in January. I was asked when I mentioned this before “How would the order be determined?” Well in 1981, MLB did a split season. That is rumoured to be an option, with some differences. There will be a 40 game season, and a 42 game season. The 40 to start late September, with a shorted playoffs, best of 5 perhaps a few rounds, and the Cup AWARDED before January 1st. Then there would be another shortened “season”, that would start around 2/1/06 and it would be like the 1994-1995 season. This a slim option, but I guess anything is possible.

I don’t think the NHL can do that to help forget about the 2004-2005 season being cancelled, but then again, I don’t think the current offsides, and other rules make sense.

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  1. kicksave856 says:

    Let’s hope that the NHL doesn’t split any possible season next year into 2 parts. That will only further trivialize the league. It will also serve as a reminder of this mess we are enduring right now.

    I don’t have any better idea, but if they ever get this figured out, I would hope they wouldn’t keep reminding people that it happened.

    And is the idea that they would award the Cup twice in one “hockey year”? Like once in the winter of 2005 and once in the spring of 2006? I would absolutely hate that. Let’s hope they come up with something much better than that.

    And I agree with you (and I am a Flyer fan!) about the blogs and whatnot. Some of them may really just be optimistic hangers on, but some are clearly just trying to keep people clicking their link. I’ll keep reading them, but I already decided that they couldn’t be taken seriously.

    Even when the reports of an “agreement in principal” were on respected news sites and TV networks, I couldn’t really believe it. I was writing emails to a friend of mine to keep her abreast of the goings on (which sounds like more than the NHLPA does for its players), and when I had to copy and paste the “agreement in principal” part, sure I was excited to see it, but I ended the email with “I’ll believe it when I see it”. We already know that we are dealing with idiots on both sides here. No matter what these bastards say, I won’t believe they are dropping a puck until one hits the ice.

  2. ranger_fan says:

    I don’t see how the league could get any worse. I also don’t know how it is on the Cup, but if it says winner in 2004 is Lightning instead of 2003-2004 winner is the Lightning, it could help people forget???

  3. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Bloggers are a new element of online media. as proven by the Dan Rather (BS) scandle, they are becoming increasingly important however it is essential to understand that they are NOT journalists in the traditional sense.

    Eklund, to his credit, never claims to be a pro writer and proves it with his vast misspellings. Its one thing to goof up spellings when you are ranting on HTR however when you have 200,000 people per day on your site it is another thing. Take it from me, I own 2 web publications in the home theater business – that is some SERIOUS traffic if it can be substantiated.

    The bloger provides often a first look at something that might become breaking news. I ALWAYS preface what I have to say that comes from the bloger with conditional words.

    In the event of what happened Saturday – the Hockey News, ESPN’s best hockey writer, ESPN News, ESPN Radio, and – gave the ‘deal immenant” rumor far more teeth. Ranger_Fan took it on himself to rip me for bad sources. You know what buddy – it doesn’t get much better than that list. Forget Eklund. Add in the crediblity the Wayne and Mario bring to the table along with comments leading to the NHL wanting to have a season by Bettman and Daly saying “I would love to have the problem of having a season” and you have credibility – NO MATTER HOW negitive Rangers_Fan wants to be or life his 8-years-in-a-row-without-making playoff exisitance. The fact is – the sources were solid. The problem was – they were not telling the truth. In publishing, it happens.

    I am sorry if people felt I misled them with what I wrote about – I would NEVER do that to you guys. I was in SHOCK at what happened Tuesday thinking it was impossible. Saturday seem to make sense and with 4 excellent soruces, the commish and VP of the NHL plus Wayne and Mario in town – it sure looked like a deal. Clearly it wasn’t.

    Eklund is reporting all sorts of stuff. Not sure what to belive any more.

    What I can’t seem to understand is how in 3 days, the season went from playable to unplayable. Can someone in the press ask Bill daly that question.

    Also – ask the players how they thing ANY future deal gets better than 42.5 million. My guess is – they break the union (if they haven’t already) and start over with an impasse. the idea of 2 drafts is plausable and even reasonable. I would guess the next cap is at 32 million with all non-minor-league 2way contracts void. And they deserve it. The kids will make more money when hockey comes back and all of the high priced players will be taking 50 to 60% pay cuts. And you can thank your boy Bob Goodenow for those.

  4. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I just finished reading Phil Sheridan’s article about the NHL’s 2nd embarassment in 4 days and pulled this little nugget.

    “Not when the Westminster dog show, shown on the USA Network, gets better ratings than last year’s Stanley Cup Finals.”

    I knew about arean Football and have heard Poker (a trend, mind you) does well on TV but a DOG SHOW. Holy crap.

  5. ranger_fan says:

    Well I am glad that you spoke nothing about my article. Did you happen to see the article’s author, instead of just ripping at me. I never would have ripped the source name you provided had you been ripping me. I never even consider it if Bettman wasn’t going to be present. But no other insults, I am flattered.

    Once again, rub in the 8 in a row, Ill rub the 30 in a row. That one is going no where quick, but at least you aren’t a Canadien Fan, where they basically took all of the talent in the NHL for the first 50 plus years. Isn’t it something that after the talent that they drafted first overall EVERY YEAR retired, they have won once since. Once in 25 years, which is the average amount of teams. They seem so average don’t they, and if one disses them, 24 Cups Baby. They are worse than Yankee Fans, and are less successful than the Phillies.

    As far as you actually talking about the game, the union is very dumb. They will never get 35 + million a year. OH HAIL GOODENOW, who wins the Boner of the Year award

  6. ranger_fan says:

    Not only that, but WWE RAW, which was on USA, now on Spike! I could see MXC, or the Sports Illistrated Swim Suit

  7. habsoverserver says:

    FFILA – they were never close. This was all a sham to show the NLRB that they were negotiating.

    The difference between a blogger and a journalist is that a journalist will only use a trusted source. A blogger can use anything. In Eklund’s case, he clearly chose to believe only the positives and refused to report any of the negative sources.

    It could be that he did this to keep his site popular. I don’t know. Maybe he was just overly optimistic.

    But I don’t understand why you continued to use his site after he was wrong at least six times in two months in calling the end of the lockout.

    It is not clear to me if Goodenow will continue to have a role in negotiations.

  8. ranger_fan says:

    They will never be close either. It is really a shame how that last one made it to ESPN. Obviously there was some emotion by sources. I pray for an impasse. There will never be hockey without it.

    The thing that gets me is the fact that the cap wasn’t the only thing. There are a lot more issues. Eklund stated a month ago that the cap was resolved. That’s when I new he was definately full of crap.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    “All I know is football teams split $85 million per year (the 2005 cap figure) for 53 players and everybody is happy. And in hockey, with no appreciable TV money to think of, the players association doesn’t think it’s fair to have almost an exactly equal per-player cost, with a $42.5-million cap number for half the number of players. Odd to me. Think of that: The NHLPA won’t take a cap of half what the NFL’s cap is — even though its roster size is half what the NFL roster is. I do think the one demand the league fell down on was the floor; it’s unfair to have one team be able to spend significantly less than the cap. The league should have been able to force its teams to have a floor close to the $42.5 million.”

    from Peter King at

    And keep in mind – NFL contracts can be torn up at any time.

  10. kicksave856 says:

    the league fell down on the floor. awesome.

  11. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    In HD on ABC –

    Linette’s kids playing street hockey inside their living room – Desporate Hosuewives reaches 26,000,000 households and they are talking about the Stanley Cup.

    What an amazing waste

  12. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    The players will come back crawling to the owners.

    The question is – is the game so damaged that it can never recover.

  13. rojoke says:

    Everyone has heard the latest rumor about only 5 of the smaller market teams rejecting that last proposal. THATS BULLCRAP!

    If they were the only teams to reject the deal, then it is crap. Since September, even before that, we have been told that Bettman only needs eight teams to say no to reject a deal.

    Why wouldn’t the NHL pay these owners their franchise value before the CBA expiring and fold those 5 teams and another.

    Probably because they don’t wanna fork out the money to do it, which they have insisted they don’t have in the first place. Plus, they would have to get the okay from the PA to fold a team, just like MLB had to do when they tried to fold the Twins and Expos a few years ago. Plus they probably don’t want to fold any teams just to get the deal done. Plus they are probably legally unable to fold any team arbitrarily. Plus it’s just a stupid idea that people are clinging to because they think it will instantly solve the league’s on-ice problems.

  14. Aetherial says:

    There were far more credible sources than the blogger claiming that a deal would be done on Saturday.

    He is an amusement. I like the “inside info”, “conspiracy theory” kind of feel to the whole idea.

    … but I don’t take what he says seriously. I won’t take ANYTHING, rhetoric or reported, seriously until they come out and sign a deal…

    I stopped being fooled about 6 weeks ago and have been skeptical ever since… maybe I should get a button 😉

  15. Aetherial says:

    Actually, the dog Show got a 2.1 and the Stanely cup finals a 2.2

    The dog show was not actually higher but geeze it does sort of sound depressing doesn’t it.

  16. Aetherial says:

    If the floor is anywhere near the 42.5 million then the players will be earning the same overall % aas before. The owners would have completely caved and NOTHING would be fixed.

  17. Aetherial says:

    OK, the 5 teams thing is a load of horsesh*t. It makes NO sense whatsoever.

    What we know about the agreement among the board of governors is that Bettman needs 8 owners and him to put the kybosh on a deal.

    What I have heard from players, and even some media is whining, b*tching, moaning and complining that 8 small market teams have killed the NHL season.

    WHOA.. hold on there.

    First, I 5 makes no sense and even 8 I question. If 22 owners wanted this deal and only 8 didn’t… I imagine something could be done.

    Also, and most importantly, the people doing all the complaining know NOTHING. They don’t know it is 8. Maybe it is all 30 against this deal? Maybe 7 or 8 wealthy teams want this deal and the other 22 don’t? NOBODY knows, nobody has published anything like a vote from the owners (or players fot that matter).

    Also remember, the last offer had no floor level. Whose to say that the poorer teams did not like it at all. Maybe some of them were in favor and some richer teams weren’t?

    There is also this little item of Revenge and payback to be considered. The owners don’t like Goodenow or the union (just like the players hate Bettman).

    The owners were not amused by the last CBA or the constant squeezing of players for every cent on every negotiation… the involvement of the union pressuring agents, contract hold-outs, rookie hold-outs etc.

    The were especially not amused when they approached the union every year for the last 5 years telling them that they could not go on like this and the union’s repsonse was “screw you”

    You better believe there are more than a couple owners, who *could* make money, who want this union shattered. They want it ALL back from the players. They have had enough.

    So to say that Nashville, Carolina, Florida, Anaheim etc. ruined the season is ignorant at best.

    Until I see a player vote or an owner vote… I won’t believe anything about the union being broken or weak teams holding the rich teams back.

  18. ranger_fan says:

    They are bad hockey cities, but not ruining the season

  19. Destroyah says:

    My problem with this lockout is two-fold:

    1. The players have to realize that yes, they are entitled to a piece of the pie, there is only so much pie to go around. And I agree with Peter King from S.I.: The NHLPA would have a salary cap of 42.5 million, which is around half of the NFL, for less that half the players ( say around 25 on the NHL roster). That would average 1.7 million a player. That is around $100,000 more than the NFL average ( 85 million for 53 players.) Granted the NFL TV contract and other business outlets help the NFL owners out, player wise you never hear any player really *****ing and complaining. I wise the NHLPA would realize that this could be the best deal they will get for a long time. Take it now.

    2. Now the owners. I don’t understand why the owners cannot budge off the 42.5 salary cap offer, even for a couple of million more. As far as I know they is no minimal limit as to how much you can spend with this offer. So, if you don’t want to spend 42.5 million, then don’t. But don’t start complaining when the fans do not come to the games when you put out a product worthy of the minor leagues. The owners act like littles kids complaining to their parents at the toy store. “Mommy, Billy has that, I want one too!” Start acting like adults.

    I just hope that this gets settled , because the longer out of sight, the longer out of mind.

  20. rojoke says:

    It’s not unusual for in a partnership agreement for any type of business to require more than a simple majority of the partners in certain major decisions, such as a liquidation of assets, admission of new partners, merger with another entity. The fact that Bettman only needs eight partner votes to quash a deal is highly probable, and given what happened in 1994, quite likely. If I’m not mistaken, it wasn’t Bettman’s idea to go with the eight votes, it was the owners themselves.

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