No New Meetings in Sight, But Cup Awarded in 2005?

Well, The Season is truely over, and that is the worst, but at the same time could be for the better.
Over the last few weeks, we have gotten a lot of articles that were rumors of a potential deal. And yeah there was a very slim chance in all of those meetings that there would be. No Cup will be awarded, and yes there will not be a season. There is a slim chance that is wrong and I’ll mention it a few paragraphs later… Could a Cup be awarded in 2005?

Before I get to that I would like to tell the members of HTR, there will continue to be rumors (that probably will be posted due to the large amount of hits and posts HTR gets with these rumors) that say there is a meeting with an agreement happening. These stories are getting linked out there so the NHL keeps its fans right on the edge of their seat. They want to reassure the fans that there is indeed hope, when there is nothing. The NHL hopefully will get an impasse. I hate to see replacement players, but the additions of Ovechkin and Crosby could make the NHL a better sport to watch than 10 million dollar players *****in’ about the NHL ripping them off.

Everyone has heard the latest rumor about only 5 of the smaller market teams rejecting that last proposal. THATS BULLCRAP! If it was 5 teams, let’s say the Ducks, Panthers, Nashville, and three other teams. Why wouldn’t the NHL pay these owners their franchise value before the CBA expiring and fold those 5 teams and another. If the two other were Pittsburgh, doubt it with Lemieux in negotiations, so rather Buffalo and Ottawa. Have one of those 5 owners own one of them instead, a team with a bigger heritage, and better value. It had to have been more than 5. I believe its another ploy to make the fans believe a deal is closer than it really is.

Now we have up on Pelle Eklund’s website, which is where most of the recent rumors have been off of:

“I just got a phone call from one of my players saying that there’s a lot of unrest among the NHLPA and there is an unofficial vote flying through the PA it seems as if the rank and file might be broken and players are signing a petition if they agree to the 42.5 million from the owners.”

Folks, that right there is what many people call a fallacy. It is appealing to viewers and while there might be a little truth to it, but there is no chance of it really happen. It’s for a guy to get word out about his site. I do recall reading on his site, because of these flurries of rumours I am up to 200,000 viewers a day. If you’d like to be an optimist and get your hopes crushed, be my guest. There will be some scheduled meetings here and there, with a great deal of them into late August.

Now, here is what I have been told, and it is purely a rumour, but this is what this site is about.

-There will be two seperate drafts in the upcoming year. One, if an impasse is granted, or a deal struck before mid-September will be in January. I was asked when I mentioned this before “How would the order be determined?” Well in 1981, MLB did a split season. That is rumoured to be an option, with some differences. There will be a 40 game season, and a 42 game season. The 40 to start late September, with a shorted playoffs, best of 5 perhaps a few rounds, and the Cup AWARDED before January 1st. Then there would be another shortened “season”, that would start around 2/1/06 and it would be like the 1994-1995 season. This a slim option, but I guess anything is possible.

I don’t think the NHL can do that to help forget about the 2004-2005 season being cancelled, but then again, I don’t think the current offsides, and other rules make sense.